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for two countertenors, choir and strings

A work in progress by Marco Rosano in collaboration with Andreas Scholl

This Requiem is the natural successor to Rosano's Stabat Mater in his exploration of the emotions inherent in sacred music. Its melodic lines are developed from the monody of the Stabat Mater, evolving to poliphonic vocal counterpoint.

In the clip below we hear Andreas Scholl singing multiple parts, from tenor to countertenor, from soloist to choirs. Multitrack recording techniques give us a 'choir' of Andreas Scholl in an unrepeatable vocal creation.

The choice of the Latin language for this Messa da Requiem helps to go deep in the balance between creation and modus in a work whose primary function is liturgical, as part of an ancient religious ritual.

As in the Stabat Mater, Marco Rosano acknowledges the invaluable contribution of Andreas Scholl in the development of this "light" musical work which represents a spiritual quest through sound into profound emotion.

Marco Rosano