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            Stabat Mater

A new Stabat Mater composed for Andreas Scholl by Marco Rosano

Download it


Full score, orchestral parts only or countertenor part only

This modern Stabat Mater for voice, violin, viola, cello and organ stands in the 'Baroque' tradition of basso continuo and has been composed especially for the voice of Andreas Scholl. 

Andreas Scholl gave the work its first complete performance on
22 February 2008 at City Recital Hall, Angel Place, Sydney, Australia, with the Australian Brandenburg Orchestra under Paul Dyer. This is a video clip of ths world premier.

Andreas Scholl and Marco Rosano in Sydney for the premier, February 2008.

Marco Rosano website

Organist-composer Marco Rosano hopes his Stabat Mater Project may encourage collaboration among musicians working in different genres, creating a bridge between contemporary and Baroque-idiom music and bringing new audiences to both.

Other Stabat Mater recordings by Andreas Scholl

A Vivaldi: Stabat Mater
Ensemble 415, Chiara Banchini. 1995 Harmonia Mundi HMC 901571
Awards: Gramophone 1995, Diapason d'Or 1995, 4f Telerama 1995, 10 Repertoire 1995

G B Pergolesi: Stabat Mater
  With Barbara Bonney and Les Talents Lyriques directed by Christophe Rousset. 1999 Decca 4661342 OH
Gramophone: 'Technically accomplished and expressively refined performances.' 

About the Stabat Mater

The Stabat Mater is popularly thought to have been written by the 15th century Franciscan friar, Jacopone da Todi, although it is also ascribed to the 12th century Innocent III and may even have been written as early as the 7th century by St Gregory the Great.  In any event, it was extremely well-known throughout Europe by the 15th Century.  More than 400 composers, from Josquin des Prés to Stanford, have set it to music, attracted by its epic and lyric character.

Click here for musical and historical background on the Stabat Mater

as set by Marco Rosano 
from the 'Analecta' version
Direct Latin to English
xxx TEXT
Traditional English version
Stabat Mater dolorosa
Juxta Crucem lacrimosa
Dum pendebat Filius. 
Stood the sorrowful Mother beside the cross weeping, where hung her Son
At the cross, her station keeping, 
Stood the mournful Mother weeping,
Close to Jesus to the last.
Cujus animam gementem
Contristatam et dolentem
Pertransivit gladius. 
Through whose soul weeping, compassionate and grieving, passed a sword.
Through her heart, His sorrow sharing,
All His bitter anguish bearing, 
Now at length the sword had pass'd.
O quam tristis et afflicta 
Fuit illa benedicta 
Mater Unigeniti ! 
O how sad and afflicted was that blessed Mother of the Only-begotten! 
Oh, how sad and sore distress'd
Was that Mother highly blest 
Of the sole-begotten One !
Quem moerebat et dolebat 
Et tremebat dum videbat
Nati poenas incliti. 
Who mourned and grieved and trembled when she saw the torment of her glorious child.
Christ above in torment hangs.
She beneath beholds the pangs 
Of her dying glorious Son.
Quis est homo qui non fleret 
Matrem Christi si videret 
In tanto supplicio? 
Who is the person who would not weep the Mother of Christ seeing, in such agony?
Is there one who would not weep,
Whelm'd in miseries so deep
Christ's dear Mother to behold ?
Quis non posset contristari
Christi Matrem contemplari
Dolentem cum Filio?
Who could not grieve with the Mother of Christ, seeing her suffering with her Son? 
Can the human heart refrain 
From partaking in her pain,
In that Mother's pain untold?
Pro peccatis suae gentis
Vidit Jesum in tormentis
Et flagellis subditum. 
For the sins of his people she saw Jesus in torment and to the scourge subjected.
Bruis'd, derided, curs'd, defil'd
She beheld her tender child
All with bloody scourges rent.
Vidit suum dulcem natum
Moriendo desolatum
Dum emisit spiritum.
She saw her sweet child dying abandoned as He gave up His spirit.
For the sins of His own nation
Saw Him hang in desolation
Till His spirit forth He sent.
Eia Mater, fons amoris, 
Me sentire vim doloris 
Fac, ut tecum lugeam. 
Oh Mother, fountain of love, make me feel the power of sorrow, make it that I may grieve with you.
O thou Mother! fount of love! 
Touch my spirit from above.
Make my heart with thine accord.
Fac, ut ardeat cor meum 
In amando Christum Deum, 
Ut sibi complaceam. 
Make that burns my heart burn in loving Christ God, that Him I may please.
Make me feel as thou hast felt.
Make my soul to glow and melt
With the love of Christ our Lord.
Sancta Mater, istud agas, 
Crucifixi fige plagas
Cordi meo valide
Holy Mother, do this: of the Crucified one fix the wounds in my heart securely
Holy Mother! pierce me through.
In my heart each wound renew
Of my Saviour crucified.
Tui nati vulnerati 
Tam dignati pro me pati 
Poenas rnecum divide. 
Of your wounded child, who thus deigned for me to suffer, the pain may I share.
Let me share with thee His painxx
Who for all my sins was slain, 
Who for me in torments died.
Fac me vere tecum flere 
Crucifixo condolere
Donec ego vixero. 
Make me truly with you weep, with the Crucified sorrow, as long as I live.
Let me mingle tears with thee, 
Mourning Him who mourn'd for me
All the days that I may live.
Juxta Crucem tecum stare
Et me tibi sociare 
In planctu desidero. 
Beside the Cross with you to stand and you accompany in your weeping, I desire.
By the cross with thee to stay, 
There with thee to weep and pray
Is all I ask of thee to give.
Virgo virginum praeclara
Mihi jam non sis amara:
Fac me tecum plangere. 
Virgin of virgins chosen, with me be not bitter; make it that I with you weep.
Virgin of all virgins best
Listen to my fond request
Let me share thy grief divine.
Fac, ut portem Christi mortem
Passionis fac consortem
Et plagas recolere. 
Let me I carry Christ's death and suffering, share his Passion, and His wounds remember.
Let me, to my latest breath
In my body bear the death
Of that dying Son of thine.
Fac me plagis vulnerari
Cruce hac inebriari
Ob cruore Filii. 
Let me be wounded with his wounds, inebriated by this Cross, because of the love of the Son. 
Wounded with His every wound, 
Steep my soul till it hath swoon'd 
In His very blood away.
Inflammatus et accensus
Per te, Virgo, sim defensus
In die judicii. 
Inflamed and afire, by you, Virgin, let me defended by you, Virgin, on the day of judgement.
Be to me, O Virgin, nigh
Lest in flames I burn and die
In His awful Judgment day.
Fac me cruce custodiri
Morte Christi praemuniri
Confoveri gratia.
Let me be guarded by the Cross, by Christ's death armed, and cherished by His grace.
May the Cross forever guard me,
May the death of Christ protect me 
Ever cherished by His grace.
Quando corpus morietur
Fac ut animae donetur
Paradisi gloria. 
When the body dies, grant that to my soul is given the glory of paradise.
While my body here decays 
May my soul Thy goodness praise
Safe in Paradise with Thee.
Amen.  Amen.



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Carleen Sarno, USA

7 March 2013

Thank you A Scholl Society for your unceasing dedication! And a BIG Thank you to "The Voice"~ Mr.Scholl, et.al. Well worth the wait!!! A big thank you for your interpretation of Vivaldi Stabat Mater: Divine!


Carmine, Italy

14 June 2012

I would like to say a big thank you for your interpretation of Vivaldi Stabat Mater: divine!


Anne Maria Archbold, Ireland

29 August 2012

Simply stunning! Beautiful from the first note to the last. A work to be very proud of indeed. Andreas, you are a gem, a grace and blessing in an often grim world. Many many thanks.


Julio E Revollo, Costa Rica

5 June 2012

Thank you for this music. Beautiful !!!!


Sugarpie Rabbit, USA

June 2012

I am thrilled not only to have been able to see/hear this performance but, *not*least*, to discover a website philosophy (here) that values human appreciation (consciousness-of) *ABOVE* security-rigamarole and dollars-made-in-the-process. I wish more people could be so encouraged, and at a far earlier stage in their web-experience than mine (=year 13). Thank you.


Gonder Pranger, Netherlands

9 May 2011

I recently discovered the Stabat Mater from Marco Rosano and sung by Andreas Scholl and downloaded it. It has not left my CD-player and I play it all the time. The music is so beautiful and fits Andreas voice so well that it moves me every time again. It is another pearl in my CD-collection of Andreas! Thank you very much!


Marie-Jo Doncker, France

11 November 2010

J'ai hâte d'aller écouter cette oeuvre en concert en france et en général d'avoir le plaisir d'écouter andréas sur scéne. A bientôt le CD?


Pauline Sims, Spain

7 November 2010

Absolutely fabulous, I have just listened to the exerpt on youtube and it touches the soul with it's beauty. I will purchase the Stabat Mater very soon.


Inga Schedlbauer, Germany

29 October 2010

I have listened to Quam Tristis about a dozen times now and it moves me everytime... absolutly brilliant.


Naomi Bousso, Israel

22 October 2010

Looking forward to the CD.


Cynthia Schleicher, United States

16 July 2010

Andreas Scholl is one of my favorite vocal artists. The Rosano Stabat Mater clip was profoundly beautiful and moving for me. Thank you for posting it.


Nancy Noble, United States

14 June 2010

I would like to buy this cd or dvd when it becomes available.


Carmen Reale, Germany

14 May 2010

This is so beautiful ! So perfect for your absolutely wonderful voice ! Hope very much that there will be a recording and then please let me know. Thank you and Greetings.

Paulo Roberto, Brazil

12 May 2010

This singer is amazing... I'm tenor... and falsetist... he is my example of countertenor... congratulations to his voice...


Thomas Anthony Pio, USA

7 April 2010

This music is holy. It's as though one is standing in the presence of our Blessed Mother herself.

Thomas Hirtz, Germany

1 April 2010

This clip is just fantastic, Andreas Scholl has a wonderful voice.
I had the honour to take guitar lessons 30years ago by Karl Ernst Schroeder, who has recorded many music with Andreas Scholl, he died too early in 2003. Please let me know when this record is ready to buy. Greetings from Germany


Christoph, Switzerland

18 March 2010

Congratulations, a wonderful piece!


Krystian, Poland

30 December 2009

I'm not a specialist for classic music but this voice is wonderfull and transfer me and my feelings in another world. Andreas You are great!


Patricia Martinez, Argentina

4 December 2009

Hi, Congratulations for the music. I am composer and early music singer. I would like to have a copy of the score if you would like to send me. Anyway, thanks and congratulations again! Cheers.


Todd Gardner, USA

10 November 2009

That was just exquisite. Molto Bravo!!!!!


Anne Kane, UK

27 October 2009



Rudi Romeri, Turkey

21 August 2009

Really wonderful! It fits "his" voice wonderfully. I would love to sing this stabat mater if the scores are available.


Rodney Stanson, UK

5 August 2009

This is so haunting I just keep going back to it to play. Please tell me if has been recorded. Thank you.


Marc Perrey, France

15 July 2009

Absolument magnifique, un régal, bravo et merci au compositeur et à l'interprète, Bravo, Bravo, Bravo...... comment récupérer le CD, j'achète.


James Bouse, USA

21 June 2009

Beautiful work sung with extraordinary skill and sensitivity


Rune Meijer, Denmark

10 June 2009

Thank you for the beautiful clip. I keep listening to it and checked back to hear if there was any news of a recording.


Daphne Poerio, USA

5 May 2009

Please let me know when this comes out on CD. This shook my faith in all its forms. Truly a wonderful work of art that I can listen to forever... This is my favorite type of music!


Elisa, Brazil

26 April 2009

What a voice!!! The music is beautiful and touching. Thank you so much for the pleasure of listening to it.
Where can I buy it? Thank you for giving me the oppotrunity of listening to you Andreas and to your music Marco.


Angeline van Achterberg, Netherlands

17 April 2009

Perfect!  I play this clip at least once a day.  Can't wait for the CD to be recorded and released.


Diana Jeuda, UK

16 April 2009



Dr Grace Lappin, USA

11 April 2009

Please notify me when the CD and/or DVD are available. This is an incredible recording. Thank you.


Francesca, Italy

20 March 2009

Èper me la miglior voce contemporaneache interpreta produzioni specie del periodo barocco che io adoro e considero il più ricco ed espressivo per tutto ciò che lo riguarda. Grazie a Rosano (italiano!) che gli aggiunge il valore che nel mio paese non gli è riconosciuto. Amo la voce del controtenore che in Italia non è apprezzata forse perchè si è assorbiti dall'ascolto di altri registri e artisti che io getterei in pattumiera. Soffro perchè Andreas non canta nei teatri Italiani però io lo cerco dappertutto perchè la sua voce mi salva l'anima e ravviva in me l'amore per la musica barocca che io considero il migliore antidepressivo attuale perchè va dritta al cuore e mi consente di vivere la mia quotidianità elevandola.Non posso esprimere in modi migliori ciò che sento.


Marie Anne Steenhuizen, Netherlands

16 March 2009

Very very beautiful!


John Graney, Spain

9 March 2009

I have only recently discovered the existence of the singing level of countertenor and Andreas is one of the best I have heard. One is left in a state of rest and peace after listening to him sing.
Thank you.


Ludmila Novï, Czech Republic

7 March 2009

Your Stabat Mater is so sensational, beautiful and well written & sung...!


Robert Carignan, USA

7 March 2009

Love it! Please record!


Yenifer Andrade Lopez, Mexico

5 March 2009

Dear Andreas Scholl and Marco Rosano,
I enchant east site, as far as New Stabat Mater in D Minor, enchant myself, could not believe all those sensations that I am caused, reason why I only have left to say thanks. Please avísame when it leaves the CD.


Marine Augustin-Normand, Canada

26 February 2009

When will this magnanime work be released. It is just Divine. I thank you in advance for your answer.
Best regards.


Patricia Munro Conway, Canada

21 February 2009

Superb union of modern and baroque "sounds". The pure, ethereal quality of Andreas' voice manfests the longing of the holy supplicant brought to life by Marco Rosano's wonderful score. I can't wait for the DVD to be released! Thank you so much for the preview.


Nancy Oliver-Fierro, Spain

7 January 2009

Quelle voix de miel, magnifique.


Germán, Argentina

13 December 2008

Es Genial... exquisito y sutil.. gracias.


Mamylette, France

10 December 2008

Merci pour ce merveilleux moment passé en compagnie de cette voix magnifique et la musique, elles m'apportent un doux instant de paix, chose si rare en ces temps perturbés.


Bulent U, Turkey

24 October 2008

Magnificent..breathtaking..thank you so much... brgds.


Alexandra van Steen, Netherlands

21 September 2008

Dear Andrea Scholl andMarco Rosano,
I watched a footbaalmatch and came across this site. Never have I seen the movements of the men more beautifull and I was inclined to close my eyes. Can't wait untill this cd is available! please let me know.


Lorelise B, Switzerland

13 September 2008

Superb. Each time that I'm hearing this abstract, I keep singing it in my head for hours thereafter...  Thank you to both of you.


Caroline R, France

12 September 2008

Absolument magnifique !


Ricardo Carvalho, Portugal

25 August 2008

Superb. Just superb...


Ian C Weekes, Barbados

2 August 2008

Superb. Beautiful and soothing voice, very expressive. I like the smoothness of legato phrases. I am a countertenor and alway enjoy listening to Andreas. Please let me know when the CD will be available. Excellent!


Benedikt Van Nieuwenhove,Belgium

29 July 2008

Dear both,
Wonderful composition and oustandingly performed. Looking forward to the complete recording. All the best, Benedikt.


David L, USA

18 July 2008

The sensitivity with which Mr Rosano has set this text, and the exceptional delivery by all of the musicians, including the hauntingly crystalline Mr Scholl, makes one wonder why more modern composers do not attempt to bridge the stylistic demands of the Baroque with modern musical accomplishments. In addition to the recording of such a fine work, I know I am not alone in wondering when the score itself will become available for others of us to attempt to recreate this beeautiful music!


Jerval Peixoto, Brazil

14 July 2008

I'm hearing the angel`s voices... thanks.


Paul Massart, Belgium

27 June 2008



Sasja van Ginkel, Nertherlands

17 June 2008

 I'd like to know when the Stabat Mater is recorded and in the shop.


Timo Manninen, Finland

13 June 2008



Carole Palmer, France

7 June 2008

Pas assez de mots existent pour dire combien j'aime la voix d'Andréas Scholl et toutes les émotions joie larmes devant tant de beauté de pureté mon avis est plus que favorable bravo et merci.

Julia Byriel, Germany

2 June 2008

So wunderschoen, mir fehlen die Worte!


Wilson Wong, Hong Kong

30 May 2008



Jean Lennox, Germany

30 May 2008

Absolutely beautiful. I already love your Pergolesi recording and definitely want this.


Nina de-Sainte-Croix, Australia

21 May 2008

Angels weep for joy at the collaboration between these two outstanding musicians. I send a thousand blessings to Marco and Andreas for the gift of O Quam Tristis.


Diana, Australia

19 May 2008

Loved it :)


Kevin CH, UK

15 May 2008

I found this clip excellent and would like to know when the recording is available. Many thanks.


Brechtje Muller, Netherlands

14 April 2008

What a beautiful clip of the new Stabat Mater by Marco Rosano! I am very fond of Andreas Scholl (contert and CD).  Once, when he was in Amsterdam for a TV-program, he was announced as "the Rolls Royce among the countertenors"! I am looking out for the Stabat Mater CD.
With kind regards.


Bo Johansen, Denmark

12 April 2008

Please, please let me know when this is recorded and is avalable in stores !! It is divine !


Serge Dubrocard, France

11 April 2008

Since I heard this clip on this web site, I think 2 years ago, I'm waiting for this record. Great song :)


Barbara Ross, Australia

7 April 2008

Please let me know when this is available on disc.


Vala, France

22 March 2008

Juste un petit mot pour dire que votre voix pure image même de la perfection est un modèl pour tous les contre-ténors. J'ai 15 ans et je voulais savoir si ma voix avait encore le temp de chager.


Ruby Arias, USA

21 March 2008

I can't remember the last time I've heard something so beautiful. I'm sure God is very pleased.


Malgorzata, Poland

9 March 2008

I love it! Beautiful, wonderful! Thank you, Andreas!


Georgina Sweetnam, Ireland

6 March 2008

I heard this in Angel Place in Sydney on February 26, 2008, and both my cousin and I loved the work. Please let me know when the recording is available and congratulations.


Door-Elske Cazemier, Netherlands

2 March 2008

Continue singing please!!!!


Jake Ryan, Australia

28 February 2008

Absolutely LOVE this piece... very moving! The whole work together sounds just like sitting at the cross on Good Friday.


Dee Morgan, USA

27 February 2008

It has been a long wait and I am excited to know it won't be so long now. Blessings to you all! Greetings from Oklahoma USA.


John Brind, UK

20 February 2008

Please let me know when this new Stabat Mater is released.


Mark Taylor, Australia

20 February 2008

Please email me when project is recorded - thank you.


Guillermo Martin, Colombia

17 February 2008

Devoción, creo que es lo que genera esta nueva version de Stabat Mater, parece que contemplaramos en persona a la Mujer Dolorosa, de cuyo corazón brotan estas notas de amor y de dolor.


Keith Povall, UK

13 February 2008

OUTSTANDING - I want, nay I demand a CD NOW ! Please, please please grant my wish.


Francesca, Italy

7 February 2008

La mia anima si fonde nel cerchio di musica e voce Pergolesi/Scholl, arriva a sfiorare emozioni che se narrate pochi capirebbero e non vi è bisogno didire null'altro: ascoltare e il cuore si apre alla sublime emozione dell'infinito pacifico benessere.


Ryan Thomas King, USA

7 February 2008

Mr Rosano, your Stabat Mater is more than just a beautiful composition, but a haunting tribute to great minds before you, some of whom you have clearly surpassed. I look forward to watching your career bloom and would like to know where I can hear more of your music, as well as what other projects you are to be involved in during the near future.


Dali, USA

6 February 2008

Another masterpiece of his! Love both of his Stabat Mater and it's pretty clear that I'll love this too. Can't wait it to be released!!  Thank you for this great site, by the way!


Edgar Roberts, USA

22 January 2008

I love the passage you have provided here, and would like to know when it will become available for sale. Please let me know. Thank you.


Sotiris, Greece

3 January 2008

Very sensitive! It reminds me of Vivaldi's Stabat Mater.


Nancy Spera, USA

3 December 2007

Breathtaking. Would like to buy three copies ASAP. Pleass let me know the minute it is out, if possible and where I can buy it. I wish I could see this in person. Thank you so much for the demo. Nancy and my Guardian Angel.


Christophe Cusset, France

16 November 2007

This clip of that new Stabat Mater is very lovely, both barock and contemporary : Andreas' voice is always so magic. I'd like to know when it is recorded and when the music will be published.


Theo Ronden, Netherlands

15 November 2007

I'm still waiting for the great news when I can buy the CD?


Beverley W, New Zealand

23 October 2007

Just superb - sends shivers up my spine.


Samantha, USA

22 October 2007

I really enjoyed this demo. Thanks for your efforts and please release this soon :)


Julia, USA

30 September 2007



Osaca Lennon, Gaviota Valiente, El Salvador

4 September 2007

The wonderful of classic music, resume in this song; God is with our mother Maria.


C M Hutson, USA

21 July 2007

Exquisite! Simply exquisite.


Mike Mirelez, USA

12 July 2007

Finally! In my small part of the world where music seems meaningless with no heart, comes an angel's voice to prove me wrong and give me hope. "THANK GOD 4 THE INTERNET!!"


Julia Jackson, Australia

4 July 2007

Breathtakingly beautiful.


Nicholas, USA

10 June 2007

I love the song and the whole experiment altogether! I am very inspired as a songwriter, aspiring engineer/producer, and synth enthusiast.


Vanja, Slovenia

31 May 2007

Beautiful!!! Would listen to it again and again! The voice and the melody are perfect together!


Roos, Netherlands

25 May 2007

I am not into classic music or something but this song really gets to me every time I hear it.  Many thanks.


Violeta, USA

11 May 2007

When I first heard this, not knowing much about opera or musicians either, my heart felt the voice and the voice I heard was magnificent. I really have enjoyed this piece. Do hope to hear the entire work. God bless.


Roger Grund, Netherlands

11 May 2007

Wonderful. I was not familiar with the Stabat Mater, but this is the real thing. Perfect.


Anna Wehnert, Germany

10 May 2007

I like it very much, and I hope it will be recorded soon! I miss it in my selection of Stabat Mater.


Catie, USA

9 May 2007

Great! I really love it!


Violeta Hernandez-Torres, USA

7 May 2007

I love it!


Kei Miyakita, UK

8 April 2007

I have never known such fantastic artist as Andreas Scholl, who gives a piece life!


Jo Fox, USA

6 April 2007

It's beautiful.


Jaycie, USA

6 April 2007



Mary Pat Cashman, USA

2 April 2007

Very moving. Please let me know when I can purchase this particular CD plus any other of the Stabat Mater CD's. You are true artists. Thank you.


Carlos Ramos, Venezuela

31 March 2007

Very Good, I love....


Frank Specker, Germany

28 March 2007

Wirklich wunderschön!!! Wann kann man das komplette Werk hören?  Gruß.


Helen Hancox, UK

26 March 2007

Really enjoyed listening to this - I'd love to know when it's recorded.  Auntie Helen.


Therese Aycho, Canada

24 March 2007

Absolutely beautiful! I love the piece, the voice, the instruments. I will be purchasing your sacred music CD's. Thank you and god bless.


Frances Morgan, USA

14 March 2007

Thank you for the most beautiful piece I have ever heard. This is inspiring and healing. Also, man thanks for sharing the Latin text and translations.


Karen, USA

12 March 2007

I heard this on Fr. Roderick's Daily Breakfast. Please, please, I must purchase a copy of this beautiful piece of music. It is GORGEOUS! Thank you so much!


Ole Kristian Valle, Albania

12 March 2007

I love this piece.I heard about it on the Daily Breakfast on www.sqpn.com


Evelyn Nicholson, UK

9 March 2007

Really beautiful. Father Roderick played a clip this morning-very evocative and sad.Hope there are some more lively moments in the whole things as well.


Robert Margouleff, USA

7 February 2007

Sublime... beautiful.


Jack Feith, Netherlands

31 January 2007

The Stabat Mater, composed by Mr. Rosano and sung by Andreas Scholl is very beautiful. I hope it will be released soon. Congratulations on this effort!


Gino, Netherlands

31 January 2007

Beautiful song, performed perfectly by Andreas and heavenly composed like old masters by Marco. It triggers many emotions.


Natalia, Russia

18 January 2007

Only the God's Love is eternal, does not cool down... Thank you for the beautiful music, Mr Rosano and Mr Scholl.


Rose Sanders, UK

16 December 2007



Kerem, Turkey

23 October 2006

I always want to be a countertenor. but there is Turkey. It's impossible in turkey. Stabat Mater ... It's wonderful.


Thomas Meyer, Switzerland

22 October 2006

Sounds nicely . Scholls voice comes out at his best.


Nathan Chu, Taiwan

20 October 2006

I love it very much. Hope to you complete the whole works soon.


Alex Souto-Maior, Switzerland

15 October 2006

Very nice! Yes, please let me know when it's recorded.


Daniel Hangebrauk, Germany

15 October 2006

I like that clip and the beautiful voice of Andreas Scholl.


Lacrimosa, Germany

11 October 2006



Saguilar, USA

11 October 2006

A very haunting, yet soothing light


Eleni Droukopoulou, Greece

24 September 2006

It is wonderful !!!!


Hady Mouallem, Netherlands

28 August 2006

Extraordinary beautiful composition/recording.  Please let me know when the cd comes out, preferably in SACD!!


Paula, USA

23 August 2006

Hauntingly beautiful ...heavenly!! ... when will it be released???


Florence Laméra, France

23 August 2006

This is simply wonderful ! Thank you so much for the great pleasure we have to hear you. We hope to see you in Paris in October for Julius Caesar. Best regards Florence et Patrick (Gannat - France)


Alba Rodón, Spain

21 August 2006

Congratulations for your work!It's fantastic!I would buy all parts of your composition!I'm waiting for your answer.Thank you.


Kathryn Livermore, USA

21 August 2006

One of the most beautiful passages of music I have ever heard -- both in terms of the composition and the singing. My husband and I saw and heard Mr. Scholl in Rodelinda at the Met in May, and were overwhelmed by the beauty of his voice. We would very much like to know when this music is recorded. Sincerely, KL


Juan Golom, Guatemala

14 August 2006

Excelente interpretación, conmueve y nos permite entrar en el sentimiento porpio que inspiro hace siglos el Stabat Mater.


Comment deleted at poster's request


Flavio, Peru

27 July 2006

Hola, por favor podrian dejarme la copia de esta o estas canciones de este maravilloso contratenor. Soy aficionado al canto .pertenezco al coro de la basilica de Sn Fancisco de Lima. Gracias!


Martine Cazassus, France

2 July 2006

I hope this treasure of pure Beauty and Poetry will be soon available on CD. This Stabat Mater is really the meeting of two souls.THANK YOU


Antonio Rizzelli, Italy

16 June 2006

Your Stabat really respects the feeling and sensations that the writing gives. Also Andreas Scholl's voice completes this music at the best! Beautiful...


Louis Runhaar, Netherlands

14 June 2006

A friend told me about this demo. It's wonderfull! Keep me updated!


Julia, USA

28 May 2006

Very beautiful!!!


John Chmura

11 May 2006

Absolutely fabulous! I think I like this even better than recording of Pergolesi's Stabat Mater that Scholl did.



8 May 2006

Please make haste recording that cd! This sounds great.


Robert Cross, UK

4 May 2006

Sounds beautiful, I can't wait until it is available!!


Christoph Geck, Germany

4 May 2006

Eine ganz wunderbare Musik für eine begnadete Stimme.Hoffentlich dauert es nicht zu lange bis sie auf CD erscheint.Ein neuer Höhepunkt im Reigen der vielen wunderbaren Einspielungen von Andres Scholl.Weiter so-wir brauchen das um uns von den Strapazen des Alltags dabei erholen zu können!


Marianne Sollmann, Germany

3 May 2006

Eine wunderbare Musik, eine wie immer wunderbare Stimme, ich bin gespannt, wann man diese Musik als CD kaufen kann oder öffentlich hören kann. Hoffentlich bald. Herzliche Grüße.


Rosemary Peters, USA

18 April 2006

Beautiful, haunting, poignant setting of this haunting, poignant poem. thank you.


Lieuwe de Jong, Netherlands

16 April 2006

Dear Mr Rosano,
I've heard the demo of your Stabat Mater and I was very excited. And now I wonder where I can buy the whole piece (on CD DVD etc.). It is not very clear with me. I`m looking forward to your response.


Marinus de Jong, Netherlands

14 April 2006

I'm quite impressed by this piece of music. It is beautiful in its simpleness I would say. I would be glad to hear when it is recorded, and would most certainly like to have a copy.


Arthur Anderson, France

13 April 2006

Merci pour ce MERVEILLEUX MOMENT de BONHEUR qui réjouit MON ÂME.


Mark Crayton, USA

13 April 2006

Bravi tutti! Stunning work... Kudos to all! Andreas, you sound beautiful. Marco, this music is heavenly. I am very moved and very impressed. I hope it is a huge success for you both.


Boris Crépeau, Canada

13 April 2006

Very touching. This music is a powerful and beautiful addition to the history of music. I Sincerly hope that the rest of it will be made available soon.


Ralph Stone, Australia

9 April 2006

Such beautiful work: I was moved very deeply.


Mauro Schindler, Switzerland

7 April 2006

I just wanted to tell you that this clip of your Stabat Mater project is GREAT. Please let me know when I can buy the CD.


Donna Mark, USA

30 March 2006

Hello Mr Rosano,
Is there any update on this beautiful Stabat Mater as to when it may be completed? Many people are anxiously awaiting this absolute masterpiece. I listen to this clip several time a day, every day since I first heard it - an addiction that I can live with! Thanks so much...


Debra, USA

29 March 2006

No words can describe his voice or the deep emotions while listening. I cry every time. Its purely magical.


Donna, USA

29 March 2006

Listened again and again since my last post. Nothing this beautiful can be of this earth. I am convinced, without a doubt, that Marco and Scholl are gifts sent from Heaven to remind us...of truth and purpose. This is beautiful beyond imagination and there are just no words to describe it.


Donna Mark, USA

28 March 2006

PLEASE tell me when this will be available! It is the most hauntingly beautiful song, and so is his voice of course, that it gives me chills. This is the music I LIVE FOR!


Bèr Mennink, Netherlands

28 March 2006

I can really appreciate the way this part of Stabat Mater is done. I wish all good energy


Daniel, USA

24 March 2006

Love it - Hope to find a recording without the synthesized parts soon!


Leena, Finland

21 March 2006

I can't say anything but this music was very beautiful. Koskettavaa.


Elaine Thompson, UK

18 March 2006

ANYTHING by Andreas Scholl is magical, riveting, heart-stopping, exquisite - WONDERFUL!!


Ester, Bermuda

9 March 2006

This beautiful piece became my favorite. Thank you.


Isabel Sohn-Frank, Germany

7 March 2006

It´s a beautiful little piece that has the chance to go in many directions... I´d love to hear the whole thing...


Daniel Penny, Luxembourg

15 February 2006

Another beautiful and moving piece sung by one of the finest voices I have ever come across.. Thank-you so much for making this avaialble.. As always I'm looking forward to the next Andreas Scholl release! BRAVO!


Miranda, Canada

9 February 2006

What a beautiful and moving piece of music. I look forward to both the recording and the score being available. Thank you.


Christina Demos, USA

8 February 2006

Would love to know when the score and CD will be available...Please let me know...Thanks.


Vincent Orroi, Belgium

7 February 2006

In my opinion, this music is "the shortest way to the heart". Thanks for such a beautiful composition and divinely voice.


Lis Thomsen, Denmark

30 January 2006

It is a wonderful piece of music. Andreas sings divinely. I will definitely buy the CD, when it is released. Please let me know when.


Carvalho, Brazil

29 January 2006

Very, very beautiful.


Christina Demos, USA

26 January 2006

I would absolutely love to know when this is recorded, and I would also know if the parts are available at all. If they are, if you would let me know the price and all. Thank you so much...It is absolutely gorgeous.


Jenny Howarth, UK

4 January 2006

I was so surprised to find your website and this beautiful clip. I am rather new to the delights of Andreas Scholl's voice and am hoping to still find a ticket for the London concert in June.


Rae Livingstone, UK

25 December 2005

Absolutely sublime!


Theo Ronden, Netherlands
10 December 2005

I cannot find the right words to express my feelings, it touched my heart in a way as it was never before.


S M J van Dijk, Netherlands

10 December 2005

My computer does not give me the facilities to hear the composition. Nevertheless I like to know whether the Stabat Mater is or will be recorded. (I collect all Stabat-Mater-recordings). Thank you


Dunja geb. Bibo, USA

10 December 2005

Andreas Scholl... ein Kinderfreund aus Kiedrich! Was eine wunderbare Stimme und diese Musik: zweifellos goettlich! God bless!


Adrian Cleaton, UK

5 December 2005

This is a beautiful track: beautifully written and sung. I have listened to it over and over, and it never fails to move me deeply. I look forward to the recording of the whole work being made available.


Timothy Thomas, USA

4 December 2005

To find an unreleased clip like this, and downloadable, too - well, that's a highlight of my day, for certain!


Iris, Switzerland

27 November 2005

Diese wunderbare Musik, gesungen von einem wunderbaren Sänger, bewegt mich - vielen Dank!


Olivier Daudier, France

20 November 2005

This Stabat Mater touched my Soul, Andreas Scholl's voice is in complete harmony with Marco Rosano's composition. Highly impressive...


David James, United Kingdom

19 November 2005

We liked it very much and look forward to hearing the recording. David and Dorothee.


Paula Hung, United Kingdom

8 November 2005

I have told everyone I know about this demo. Please DO let me know when it is out. Thank you ~


C Berger, Netherlands

6 November 2005

Please let me now when this will be recorded. Beautiful !!!!!!


Birgit Voigt, Netherlands

22 October 2005

Ich habe eine Stabat Mater Aufnahme von Andreas Scholl und Barbara Bonney gehoert und mich in die Musik verliebt. Bis zum naechsten Klick im Netz war es dann nicht weit.  Was fuer eine Stimme!!!


Tom O Drisceoil, Ireland

16 October 2005

Absolutely captivating from what I can hear. Can't wait to hear the complete work.


Helder Fernandes, France

2 October 2005

Simply amazing....Thanks for this so pure moment of serenity.


Telma Quiroga, Mexico

28 September 2005

Thank God for this voice.


Michael Burke, United Kingdom

17 September 2005

Tell me when you can buy it!!


Christopher Marble, USA

16 September 2005

This is an amazing composition and performance. Not many pieces of music can evoke an emotional response as this did.


Zoe, United Kingdom

15 September 2005

This is utterly stunning. Andreas' voice is pure honey anyway, but this... words fail me, which is quite something for a writer to admit!


Pauline Sims, Spain

11 September 2005 

What a wonderful sound.  The music and the voice are both so moving. I look forward to the recording being available.


Alison Gould, Australia

20 August 2005

Beautiful! Please let me know when it is recorded!


S Kooijman, Netherlands

1 August 2005

Deze muziek is prachtig, vooral samen met de mooie stem van Andreas Scholl. Is er ook bladmuziek van O quam tristis et afflicta. Wanneer het Stabat Mater op CD is wil ik graag een van de eersten zijn, ik zoek al meer dan een half jaar naar deze prachtige muziek. Met vriendelijke groet.


Anne Rochlitz, Germany

17 June 2005

Hallo! I would be very pleased to hear, when the new Stabat Mater is recorded. Thank you very much.


Joseph, France

31 May 2005

A very original piece, an amazing mixing of modern harmonies and baroque style, which is the appropriate music for Andreas Scholl's perfect voice!  For both of you, Marco and Andreas, Bravo!

Gavin Bowtell, United Kingdom

21 May 2005

I think this is brilliant. I'm not a musician and have very little technical and musicological knowledge, but responded to this as if it were a religious experience - and encounter with the Transcendent. It is poignant and is a piece of music that demands full silent attention and creates a well of stillness within the listener. Please let me know when I can buy it.


Rianna, Ireland

9 May 2005

This is sublime. I've just recently discovered the Stabat Mater (Pergolesi version) and the voice of Andreas Scholl and am avidly pursuing both (figuratively speaking).


Bernadett Fodor, Hungary

8 May 2005

Dear Marco and Andreas, This music is magical, beautiful, great ... :) It is a fantastic present for my heart, my soul and my ears. Thank you very much!I am studying as a singer.I am happy to hear your music. Thank you... B.F.


Kelly, United Kingdom

2 May 2005

Beautiful and very moving.


Jacob Stone, United Kingdom

18 April 2005

A truly magnificent work, that really evokes a feeling of tranquillity, I was shaken to the core of my soul on first hearing it, and have listened to it nearly continuously for a day, and still manage to be taken away by it. Please, Please, Please, when will this be released?


Frances Hancock, United Kingdom

14 April 2005

At last I can hear this without buffering. What a fantastic piece, beautifully sung. When will the recording be available? It's at the top of my CD shopping list!


*webmaster: Please watch this site for new information.

Francisco, Venezuela

10 March 2005

It is the first time I hear Andreas' voice and I have to admit that is one of the most sublime things I have ever heard.


Issman el Hairache, France

10 March 2005

Beautiful...magnifico...j'adore... bravo!!!!!! et merci.


Khadidja, UK

8 March 2005



Gabriele Riedel, Austria

8 March 2005

Dies ist eine unendlich liebevolle, das Herz berührende Musik, zum Leben erweckt durch die klaren, heiß strömenden Quellwasser der begnadeten Stimme Andreas Scholls. Mit tief dankbaren Grüssen.


Patrick Carr, UK

7 March 2005

Beautiful. When can I get the full recording?*


*webmaster:  Please watch this site for new information.

Tim Galloway, USA

7 March 2005

Absolutely transcendant... Any ideas when more will be available
and any word on the score's publishing date*? Sounds like it would be a wonderful work to feature on my recital if it's available any time soon :-)


*webmaster: the score is registered but not yet published. Please watch this site for new information.

Sara Haugland, USA

20 February 2005

Excellent expression - I enjoy how the voice moves with the music accompanying it.  Why
* simply this section of the poem and not the happy ending that goes with the sadness of its beginnings?  My favorite part is that "unigeniti" is repeated - adds that extra emphasis. Well done.


* webmaster: this MP3 is a very small part of Rosano's composition, which sets the whole poem: click here

Saer, United States

18 February 2005



Johanna, Finland

17 February 2005

Kaunista. Itkettävää.
  I'm overawed by this miraculous music.


David, USA

12 February 2005

I love it!!!


Jacques Hertrich, France

31 January 2005

Je viens seulement de me connecter à internet et, par le plus grand des hasards, la première musique que je découvre est ce triste et beau stabat mater. Je vous écrit toute l'émotion ressentie à l'écoute de la profondeur de ce chant. Quelle belle rencontre que celle d'un compositeur sensuel et intelligent avec la perfection d'une voix inimitable.Mes plus vifs remerciements n'ont d'égal que mes félicitations! Mille bravos!


Angel Irujo, Peru

16 December 2004

Great Scholl.


Eva, Czech Republic

10 December 2004

Beautiful, beautiful.


Frances Wright, Canada

16 November 2004

Loved it, I am a huge fan of Andreas Scholl - he could sing the phone book and still sound good. But this is much better!


Tom O Drisceoil, Ireland

26 October  2004

Marco Rosano's new Stabat Mater is a piece that, judging from the O Quam Tristis, is one of delicacy, beauty and profound melody in the baroque tradition. Can't wait for the complete piece to be released on CD!


Solveig Hill, United Kingdom

16 October 2004

The recording is outstanding!!!!!!


Vera Hallam, England

11 October 2004

Lovely, can't wait!


Mike Farina, United States

29 September 2004

Thank you for the lovely music.


Pascu, Romania

9 July 2004



Wouter Velle, Belgium

18 June 2004

Andreas and Marco, Thanks for such a wonderfullness. It touches my heart with unbroken light. I'm practicing counter-tenor scores. If it's possible to obtain scores of this Stabat Mater, please send a mail.I hope I find the CD allready. Greetings, Wouter


Duncan Horn, United Kingdom

30 May 2004

Haunting, beautiful, magnificent, words cannot do justice to the sound. Andreas' voice soars over the notes, growing, fading, tearing at the heart. The strings accompany him as a joined body, they are as one. Composer and artists are to be congratulated on a wonderful work. The music opens doors of thought and contemplation, perfect for the end of the day. The disappearance of the voice is like the disappearance of the light, darkness, nothingness is left, only the shadows and memories as the music echoes inside the head.


dra Lema, Argentina

30 April 2004

Maravillosa obra. Excelente interpreción a mi parecer por el mejor contratenor.


Annemarie Mast, Netherlands

11 April 2004

Dear Andreas and Marco, The music touches my heart. It is almost to beautiful to listen to. In het Nederlands (want dat begrijpt Andreas): het stuk raakt mij in mijn hart, het is bijna pijnlijk om naar te luisteren. Groeten.


Arjen Dijkstra, Netherlands

11 April 2004

Beautifully sung and played!


Ingela Hjulfors Berg, Sweden

10 April 2004

Supreme! I loved it from the first tone.


Reeba, Hong Kong

7 April 2004

The voice is beautiful! Excellently expressed!


Paul Schaefer, United States

15 March 2004

The Stabat Mater setting by Marco Rosano is gorgeous music, gorgeously performed.  I just came back from a performance of music for unaccompanied chorus by 20th century Philadelphia composers, much of it sacred. The choral ensemble is called Schola Nova, and it superbly conducted by Dr. Tim McDonnell. Harold Boatrite's pieces were the clear high point for me, though all of the works were exquisite. The musical performance was stunning. This composition by Marco Rosano is exquisite, as well. Rosano harkens back to Vivaldi's style, and in places recaptures the magic of Vivaldi's melody in his own Stabat Mater -- but he does this in a very interesting way, with fully independent part-writing, and beautiful melodies. Vivaldi is not imitated. His musical spirit is evoked, and a dialogue between Rosano and Vivaldi ensues. And Andreas Scholl interprets it with incredible mastery. One cannot speak of his voice alone, whose pure tonal quality reminds me of finely burnished cherry wood. One must speak of his musical intelligence as well, because it shines through in every choice he makes in phrasing and expressivity.  I look forward to hearing it performed with acoustic instruments, as well as to hearing the rest of the composition. The recording presented here suffers only somewhat because the the expressivity of synthesized strings is limited, though I must admit, these synthesized strings sound good.


Sabrina Imparato, Italy

10 March 2004

I think it is wonderful! And well singed! Compliments.


Lukas Sainitzer, Austria

29 February 2004

We - my wife and I - like this clip very much, we congratulate the composer for this beautiful opus and we want to buy the recording as soon as it will appear. Please let us know, when the CD is available! Thanks L.S. and U.S.


Name withheld by request, England

27 February 2004

From the first note, this piece possesses me, haunts me even.  I find it very intense and because of this I have to listen to it intensely. Everything stops – I don’t want to move – I am pinned to my chair. The phone would be ignored if it rang during this.  I am not Christened and have no religion in my life, although this is something I am beginning to explore and become more open to.  So I come at this not from a religious point of view but as a woman and as a mother.  The combination of this text, this music and the voice of Andreas Scholl cuts right into the very heart of me.  I feel and I see the agony.  I’m often moved to tears by it.  Such powerful, emotional writing. Thank you.


Joshua, Philippines

3 February 2004

I have heard many versions of Stabat Mater and this one is one of a kind. It's magnificent!


E.A.T, Netherlands

13 January 2004

Addictive. Giving us the essence of the music.


Anne Lothe, Denmark

10 January 2004

The new Stabat Mater -- Quik - quik, find someone to record it !  I love it - thank you Marco, it´s fantastic and very beautiful - and - Andreas´s voice is the perfect choice.


Su Goral, Canada

7 December 2003

I am eagerly waiting for Marco Rosano's new Stabat Mater to be recorded & released.


Magdalena Grysinska, Poland

1 December 2003

Music of Stabat Mater is easy to foresee (my computer is "slowthinking" so the music interrupted very often and I had to guess which note will be next) but its very beautiful. I mean: I had hard weekend but now I see it wasn't so bad. That is what I want to hear in music!


Jacek, Poland

13 June 2003

You asked for the opinion of the Stabat Mater demo mp3 - it is just more than beautiful.


Judith Ross, USA

February 2003

I am very impressed with your musical composition of the new Stabat Mater. Where can I purchase a copy of it?  (Webmaster's note: It's not recorded yet.) Thank you for sharing this special gift of inspiration with us.  Sincerely, 


Gabriel, Uruguay

8 January 2003

... this new Stabat Mater is very good, it fits on your voice extraordinarily.


ndreasotoveres@... Belgium

28 November 2002

My most sincere congratulations to the composer, as this Stabat Mater is one of the most beautiful ones I have ever heard.  I consider it as a second skin for Andreas' voice as it suits him so fantastically well.  Once again: congratulations!!


K R Thorne, USA

11 November 2002

I love the new Stabat Mater!  It suits Andreas' voice so well; even the demo recording's accompaniment was lovely.  I can hardly wait for the official recording!


Naomi Powell, UK

November 2002

We are very honoured to have this chance to listen to music created as a vehicle for Andreas. We often struggle to find words to describe the special qualities of his voice. Here you have a musical expression and appreciation of the beauty and purity of his voice, his control and subtlety of phrasing. It has a peaceful, almost hypnotic appeal. I also was reminded of Cum dederit and of the Taizé chants. Heartbreakingly beautiful in its simplicity.  With many thanks and best wishes for the success of your project.


Taeko Sugiyama, Japan

8 November 2002

I have listened to new Stabat Mater many times and my first impression is just beautiful ! and not only beautiful but also ...  I do not understand how I may express this sense in English :-(   Anyway I can't wait to hear the rest of the new Stabat Mater. Thank you, Mr Rosano and Mr Scholl.


Peter, Canada

7 November 2002

I think Mr Rosano has done a fine job of setting the words and I would love to hear the rest of the work. It evokes the same feelings in me as when I listen to the same work by Vivaldi, although I am sure that the final version will probably be quite different. Have you any idea how long the the entire composition is and how one would get a copy of the score?  I would like to perform it.


Bernadette Kazuko, Japan

7 November 2002

Thank you very much for a very wonderful present for today. I hear new Stabat Mater many times very beautifully. We wish to express our gratitude to Mr Marco Rosano who composes for the voice of Andreas.


Edward Verhaeghe, Belgium

November 2002

I listened carefully to your demo and composition, and here are my two cents, just because you requested feedback. I love the minimalistic beginning... just Andreas and one instrument... I think this approach is the strong point of the song... the more instruments you add, the more accessible it is going to sound, but maybe the less 'authentic' and intimate.  The beginning of the song reminds me of Albinoni's adagio g-moll of course. VERY NICE, and the vocals are incredibly strong and sincere.  All in all a very nice surprise.  Thanks so much and please keep us posted !


Nadine Fäller, Germany 

7 November 2002

Oh, such a lovely surprise finding THAT after arriving back from a trip with the choir. Thank you very much for thinking of us, Marco (and Andreas) !  :-)   My first impression: Oh yes, I DO like it!  I've listened to it several times now.  Perfect adaptation to Andreas' strengths! Very nice, soft, elegiac sounds... how I love such!  It reminds a bit of Albinoni - mixed up with Cum dederit maybe ;-) ...  and in terms of the intimate mood in the beginning... it's just giving me goose-bumps!  A great pendant to the Stabat Mater I've recently "had to" listen to, in the conservatory: most of the pieces sung in C-D-E chords - something that I can do without very easily! 


Sue Loder, England

7 November 2002

How wonderful to hear new music being composed for Andreas; this is how so much great music came into being in the past - written for particular gifted singers and it's such a shame that this great tradition isn't carried on so much these days.   So thank you to Marco Rosano,  and I wish you the best of luck in the development of project.  Certainly very accessible and immediately attractive to the ear and plays to Andreas' great strengths.  It sounds promising and I have to say that it was so good to hear Andreas sing something new!!   Good luck to all involved.


Sheila Jackson, UK

November 2002

It is beautiful.


Hedwig Priimagi, Estonia

6 November 2002

It's playing for the third time now... haunting!  I love the peaceful flowing of the phrases... I think it's beautiful.


Maria Luisa Leiria, Portugal

6 November 2002

If this only the demo version, the final one HAS to be a success. Thank you Mr Rosano and Mr Scholl.


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