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Maddalena ai Piedi di Cristo
by Antonio Caldara

1996           2001


Gramophone, Diapason d'Or, 4f Telerama, 10 Repertoire, Edison Classical Music Award

Clip info: La ragione s'un'alma conseglia: Amor Celeste encouraging Maddalena

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La ragione, s'un'alma conseglia,
nel seno risveglia un nobile ardir.
E lusinga fallace d'Amore 
non puņ di gran core lo spirto sopir.              
When Reason counsels a soul,
it awakes in the breast a noble audacity.
And the treacherous charm of Love cannot 
lull a great heart's spirit back to sleep again.

The recording

Original release 1996: Harmonia Mundi HMC905221
e-issued 2001 at budget price on HMX2905221 ... but without libretto.
2004: It has now been re-released with the original catalogue number and WITH libretto.

The libretto

The text is given below as a service to those who were unlucky enough to buy the version without it.

Libretto copyright © 1996 Harmonia Mundi France.

The Andreas Scholl Society derives no profit from providing this service to Baroque music lovers.

Thanks to Sally and Sjef for formatting the texts for the web.

LIBRETTO in English

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LIBRETTO in Italian, English, German, French

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