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Don't play the notes.  Play the meaning of the notes. 
Pablo Casals

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Matias Frandsen, Argentina

2 May 2014

Excelente músico. Su voz bellísima. Esperemos una vez verlo en Argentina. Saludos!!!


Dulce Folgado Peixoto, Portugal

18 February 2014

Listening to White as Lilies performed by Andreas... I never find this kind of music because it always finds me... this song


Rio Henry, Canada

4 January 2014

Are there any plans to record a Scholl/Jaroussky CD ? what I have heard of their duets on YouTube is heartbreakingly beautiful. There should be a proper record of this stunning collaboration. Thx, Rio Henry



10 November 2013

Happy birthday dear Andreas :) @)---->--------


Claudia, Spain

9 November 2013

Muchas felicidades Sr. Scholl !!!!!!  Brindo por Ud. y por su voz sublime que acompaña todos mis días.


Rebecca, Netherlands

30 October 2013

'Ynight - Classical in Club "Dark Soul"'  - Dowland never 'sounded' so rockabilly - thank you Andreas, again a sympathetic initiative to bring early music to the masses :)  It seems you sing with ever more gusto these days...


Seongae, South Korea

11 October 2013

Nowadays I am in very hard time. But with your songs, I can get rest. Thank you for your being here and there. Because I have big exam, I could not go to your concert on Sept. Someday I hope I can meet you in the concert. ^^


Margareta Borg, Finland

16 July 2013

Thank You for singing so beautifully. You are the Best. Ombra mai fu in the Youtube takes me to the cloud nine every time.
"The Best of..." will be my first Andreas Scholl CD. :)


Soni, Germany

6 July 2013

Was für eine Meisterschaft - und eine musikalische Offenbarung! Don´t stop the music ...


Jay Goodall, Australia

14 April 2013

I first heard the voice on the car radio about fifteen years ago, singing Ombra Mai Fu. I pulled the car up at the first opportunity to just listen. Never done that before, or since. He's not only one of the great singers of our time, but also one of the great musicians. I love the intelligence he brings to framing of words, cadences - and the sheer melodic power of his Bach singing.


Kristina Andström, Finland

10 March 2013

Greetings from wintry Finland! I wonder if it would be possible to product a new 'The countertenors'. I so would like to hear the 'Barcarole' of J. Offenbach sung by the countertenors. It would maybe be a bit 'drag' but I think it would be lovely. I have almost been able to hear it in my head for a long time. And what about the 'Duetto buffo di due gatti'!


Elena González, Spain

7 February 2013

Nothing more heart-moving than listening to that unique and special voice. Thanks for sharing your art.


Giacomo, Italy

5 January 2013

I love you, Mr Scholl!!!!You are fantastic!!


Rosalinda Ramos, Mexico

31 December 2012

Dear Andreas, May the New Year bring you and your wife and all your loved ones all kinds of blessings and happiness.And thank you once again for the blessing you are to me! Love, Rosalinda Ramos


Jakub Kukla, Czech Republic

27 December 2012

Thank you for this website. It has been very informative. As a singer, I have always been the most comfortable in soprano range, but have always been pushed into signing tenor and baritone. For the past two years I have been struggling with my voice, and have been getting very mixed advice from vocal coaches. This website, along interviews with Alfred Deller, confirm my belief that the "vocal training" that I am being pushed to is in fact hurting me more than it is helping, and I need to go back to just singing the music I love and that feels comfortable. At this point I just hope that I have not done any irreversible damage. Thank you Andreas for being so open and honest with your story. I hope to have the opportunity to hear you in person one day. God bless!


Rosalinda Ramos, Mexico

24 December 2012

Dear Andreas, Thank you for the new world you have opened up for yourself and for us with "Wanderer" God Bless you and your loved one this Christmas and always. Love, Rosalinda Ramos


Alexandra, Germany

10 November 2012

Lieber Herr Scholl, ich wünsche Ihnen alles Liebe, Beste und Gute zum Geburtstag! Viel Glück und Freude und weiterhin wunderbare Momente mit der Musik! Ich gratuliere Ihnen und Ihrer Frau ganz herzlich zur neuen CD, wie immer ein Wunder an Schönheit und musikalischem Ausdruck!


Jill, UK

10 November 2012

A very happy birthday, Andreas, from 'Schollers' everywhere.


Claudia, Spain

10 November 2012



Rosalinda Ramos, Mexico

10 November 2012

Dearest Angel, MANY HAPPY RETURNS! God bless you and your loved ones. And thank you for the joy you bring to my life every day. Very best wishes and love.


Nicole & Eric Sorro, France

9 November 2012

Just thank you, Mr Scholl, for the very nice, full of emotion, moment we spent yesterday in Paris - Salle Gaveau. You give us far much more than only music.


Carmine, Italy

14 June 2012

I would like to say a big thank you for your interpretation of Vivaldi Stabat Mater: divine!


Nikos, Greece

14 June 2012



Tyler Olson, USA

14 June 2012

I want to thank you for sharing your music with the world! I am new to the Countertenor world. I recently made the vocal change to Male Soprano! I am enjoying it very much, still learning control and such, but fun! Again thank you for being open about your voice! It gives me strength to push through societies mean words about a man singing so high. Thank you!


Matias, Chile

22 May 2012

The first thing I have to say is thank you, thank you for inspiring me every day I wake up and hear your music. Inspiring me as a future teacher, with dedication as you do when teaching. I would be very glad if you could visit my country here in South America in order to delight us with your magnificent voice. Thanks Again Mr Scholl.


Martha van der Gaag, Netherlands

26 February 2012

Beste Andreas Scholl, de nieuwe CD "Bach cantates met Kammerorchester Basel" gekocht. Prachtig!In het bijbehorende tekstboekje schrijft U over "Bach zingen"en de opnamen van 3 cantates voor alt,met Philippe Herreweghe in 1997. Deze CD met een "discman"om af te spelen brachten mijn zoons toen ik in 2005 6 weken in het ziekenhuis lag. Wat een vreugde en rust heeft deze muziek mij toen gebracht. Herzlichen Dank dafür. Liebe Grüsse...


Alexandra Fàbrega, Germany

8 February 2012

Wie lieb! Vielen Dank!


Ulrike, Germany

2 February 2012

Andreas, I am praying for you. God never forgets you. He's taking care of you - if you let him do ... Precious man!


Harry Schuring, Netherlands

12 January 2012

Het was erg leuk om je te zien bij Pauw en Witteman. Knap hoe je de soms naïeve vragen (bijna genant zelfs) zo rustig beantwoordde. De gast tegenover je had een betere attitude dan macho Jeroen Pauw. Ik vind het heerlijk om een topartiest op tv te zien die wars is van stardom. Sinds we vorig jaar (in Köln/Purcell) als publiek een liedje met je konden meezingen ben ik anders naar je gaan kijken. Ik verheug me op Bach in het Concertgebouw.


Lyubov, USA

6 January 2012

You turned my world around! Your singing is incredible ( it's a voice of soul) thank you.


Christiane, France

2 January 2012

Cher Andreas, Votre chant pur, délicat et profond est un miel pour l'âme. Merci pour ces moments d'infinie douceur. Je vous souhaite tout le bonheur du monde auprès de celles et ceux que vous aimez.


Tuula Fai, USA

31 December 2011

Andreas, you sing the most moving version of Flow, my tears I have ever heard. Thank you!


Rosalinda Ramos, Mexico

30 December 2011

Dearest Angel, Thank you for the Bach Cantatas.They are sublime.May 2012 bring you blessings and joy! Love, Rosalinda Ramos


Andreas Scholl, Germany

24 December 2011

Dear "Schollers" all over the world, I wish you a very happy Christmas. Stay healthy and happy ! I hope to see many of you again next year. - Andreas


Rosalinda Ramos, Mexico

23 December 2011

Dear Andreas,
What a wonderful experience it was to see the HD performance from the Met!It would have been the cherry on top for this year,except that I have already got the Bach Cantatas!!!!Your singing is sublime.The altkantaten are superb,But I have no words for the new one.Only Scholl can top Scholl!The happiest Xmas to you and your loved ones.


Elizabeth Keggi, USA

11 December 2011

Your music brought tears to my eyes as I enjoyed Rodelinda Live in HD. Thank you so much for all your music.


Angela Jackson, UK

4 December 2011

I was lucky enough to be able to see the live broadcast from the New York Met of Rodelinda last night. Absolutely fabulous! What a wonderful performance. I do hope there will be a DVD sometime. Looking forward to the concert at Birmingham Town Hall on 1 February. Thank you for bringing so much pleasure from your magical performances.


Monika, USA

4 December 2011

Dearest Andreas, I am so glad you decided to become a "counter-tenorist" instead of a "counter-terrorist", the career you contemplated as a very young youth, according to your interview at the Met Opera in New York during intermission at the HD performance of Rodelinda. You made the right choice to help save, instead, the life in our souls with your beautiful voice and heartfelt interpretation of all you embrace with your singing. Danke schoen.


Christine, France

4 December 2011

Thank you for your performance yesterday evening in Rodelinda.


Claudia, Spain

10 November 2011

Muchas Felicidades Andreas!!! Los auténticos genios como usted no tienen edad, perduran en el tiempo.


Parco Avoc F. Culang, Philippines

9 November 2011

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR. SCHOLL! I became a huge admirer of yours the moment I heard your singing. I can't seem to find any of your recordings here in the Philippines, but thanks to the internet, I can still enjoy the beauty of your craft. You are truly an amazing artist and you continue to fascinate me everytime I hear your angelic voice. You are a wonderful gift from God. Thank you for sharing your beautiful art to the world. And I hope, maybe someday, you'll come visit the Philippines and your Filipino admirers too. May the blessings of the Lord continue to shower unto you always Mr. Scholl!!! SALAMAT PO and MABUHAY!!!


Rosalinda Ramos, Mexico

9 November 2011

Dear Andreas,
Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag!Many,many happy returns! Thank you for all the beautiful music. "O Solitude" made my year.And "Rodelinda" will be the cherry on top.
God bless you!


Jessica, USA

4 November 2011

This site is wonderful, real nice and fresh content, thought to stop by and appreciate you for the hardwork you guys have done here. Keep up the good work in the future too.


Elizabeth Browning, USA

29 October 2011

Please inform me of upcoming tours.


Note from webmaster:
We do not have the resources to inform people personally.
All the performance information we have is on
the Concerts page.

MIHYANG JAHNG, Republic of Korea

26 October 2011

Hello, Mr.Scholl.
I have one word for you. "You are my King. You are my lord." Have a good day, sir. ^^


Claas Henke, USA

12 October 2011

Great Purcell concert in Los Angeles! I was thinking how cool it would be if I could sing my little boys to sleep like that with "An Evening Hymn"... "O Solitude" also moved me very much, as did many of the other songs. I haven't been so relaxed at any concert before, Andreas's singing is so quiet and unstrained.


Volkan, Turkey

28 September 2011

Do not you think that you are neglecting Istanbul dear Scholl? Please come and give a concert asap :)


Marlena Deckert, Poland

24 August 2011

I'd like to thank Andreas Scholl for his voice and singing, the most important companion of my everyday life :)


Iwona, Poland

5 May 2011

Vielen Dank fÜr Czestochowa (Jasna Góra). Vivaldi phänomenal gesungen. Es war tödlich kalt. Ich bin voller Bewunderung für Ihre Leistung. Ich wünsche Ihnen alles Gute und Gesundheit. Noch einmal vielen Dank.


Hountsje, Netherlands

21 March 2011

I saw Andreas for the first time when he was performing in Bach's Matthew Passion in a church in Naarden in the Netherlands. I'm not sure but I think it was around 1990. Andreas was not famous yet but after hearing him sing Erbarme Dich it felt like the earth changed into heaven. From that moment on I tried to visit all of his concerts in the Netherlands and Belgium and bought all of his cds. What a blessing to have a heavenly voice like that.


Gary Robinson, Australia

16 March 2011

I saw Andreas perform in Perth last night. Wonderfull concert - and was particularly impressed with:
1. His passion for early music and his extensive research and commitment to context; and
2. His generosity of spirit - he was entirely comfortable leaving the stage and his accompanists performing solo pieces. No ego - real connection with the audience.


Rosemary Ewles, United Kingdom

7 March 2011

Just to say what enormous pleasure I'm continuing to experience from Andreas' CD 'Solitude'. Huge congratulations to him, and to the players and production team, for such a fresh and intuitive interpretation of the sound world of our dear Henry Purcell - one of the few great, native composers we can lay claim to in the UK. Thank you!


NOTICE to the lady from Denmark: your private message of 16.2.2011 has been sent to Mr Scholl

Rosemary Ewles, United Kingdom

2 March 2011

Everything you do is really interesting. But I'd like to flag in particular your wonderful 'Solitude' Purcell album. You entirely 'get' Purcell in a way that not all Anglo-Saxon performers do. And I love your Buxtehude! Hey Andreas, you might think Philippe Jaroussky has cornered the market, but, believe me you are the Daddy in all this!


Magdalen, Netherlands

26 February 2011

For years now I enjoy and love the voice of Andreas Scholl; there were and are many fine countertenors, but his voice is different, not only beautiful but it touches and moves me, makes me happy and gives great joy. Last week I went to his concert in Köln, it was the first time I heard him ‘in person’ and it was even more beautiful than I had hoped for. After the concert he signed albums and booklets and I noticed that not only his voice is warm and beautiful but he is as well. I thank Herr Scholl for a wonderful evening and for all his beautiful albums


Iwona, Poland

17 February 2011

Ich bin wegen der Mai Konzert in Czestochowa glücklich. Es ist toll, die Stimme des Herrn hören leben.


Neil Jackson, Australia

14 February 2011

We are all privilaged to be alive and have the opportunity to listen to this great singers voice.


Pleun, Netherlands

30 January 2011

Hello, glad to find this guestbook. In 2007, Buxtehude Festwoche, we visited your concert in the Lübeck Dom. We were really impressed. Since then we are eager to know the extra song. I remember I forgot breathtaking. It is a long time ago, but perhaps you still know? Greetings from Holland.

Sorry, but there is no record of the encore at this performance. - Webmaster

UPDATE: Elke writes: I have a message for Pleun, Netherlands ,who signed the visitorsbook.
The extra song was
Der Liebe Macht herrscht Tag und Nacht by Adam Krieger.
This song is on
this CD.


Iwona, Poland

28 January 2011

 Ich wünsche, dass Sie bei meiner Beerdigung sangen Genius cold song von Purcell oder Bach Agnus Dei… Oder auch nicht, denn ich konnte nicht bis zum Ende sterben… :-)))


Stuart King, UK

24 January 2011

Congratulations on your new CD O Solitude. The music does indeed my cares beguile. Your performance moves me to tears.


John Welham, UK

11 January 2011

Hi there: I am really looking forward to hearing Andreas in concert at the Bridgewater Hall, Manchester on 18th January. I believe that he will also be siging copies of his new Purcell CD after the concert. Hope all goes well.


Gabrielle Noss, France

9 January 2011

J'aime beaucoup votre travail et je suis sous le charme de votre voix.


Rosalinda Ramos, Mexico

31 December 2010

Dearest Angel,
A most happy 2011 to you and your loved ones. May the light of your art continue to brighten up our way!


Florence, France

15 December 2010

I have discovered Andreas Scholl amazing voice with the Bach Cantatas (direction by Christophe Coin). I had the grand pleasure to hear it again at the Théatre des Champs Elysée (Paris) in duo with Philippe Jaroussky on a Purcell programm : I don't think I will ever forget this magical concert ! Thank you so much for this extraodinary moments of pure happiness. It was a priviledge to be there.


Josee Corten, Belgium

12 December 2010

De hemel op aarde bestaat. Wat heb ik genoten in de BOZAR in Brussel!


Hubert, France

12 December 2010

Thank you so much for the wonderful concert in Theatre des Champs Elysées Paris last night. You and Philippe Jaroussky have amazing voices and all the Art of singing.


J H van Liefland, Netherlands

10 December 2010

After posting my comment I found the review of the same program in the Barbican in London. I was slightly puzzled, as my impression of the Brussels concert was quite the opposite. Both singers were at their best, but it was Scholl who, in the end, got the most enthusiastic applause. And rightly so, even though that might be read as a comment on Philippe Jaroussky, which it is not.  Let's hope they continue to perform and record together.


J H van Liefland, Netherlands

10 December 2010

On 9 Dcember 2010 we saw and heard Andreas Scholl perform in Brussels, with Philippe Jaroussky and his group Artaserse. It was a program of Purcell music and it was magic, the best concert I have heard in the last 30 years (and I have heard a lot). I hope that Andreas Scholl and Philippe Jaroussky, who both have such wonderful careers, will manage to find a way to record and perform together regularly. As sublime as they are apart, together they can achieve something that neither will ever be able to do alone.


Alexandra Coghlan, UK

8 December 2010

First London review of Scholl and Jaroussky: http://bit.ly/foGcql


Gunnar Wallschlaeger, USA

3 December 2010

I am new to your music, just purchased one of your albums through Apple. Very nice.


Monique Vivian, Brazil

27 November 2010

Comment allez vous, M. Scholl? Nous toujour espérons de vous voir ici, au Brésil, pour nous montrer votre voix en direct.


Alexandra Fàbrega, Germany
10 November 2010

Alles Gute und Beste zum Geburtstag! Viel Glück und Freude wünsche ich Ihnen für das beginnende Lebensjahr!


Parco, Philippines
10 November 2010

I fell in love with your voice the first time I heard it. It really moved me... I was captivated by its beauty, clarity, and power... I am in the medical field but my heart belongs to music and I would really like to thank you for the joy you're giving my heart and soul everytime I listen to you... May you continue to inspire us with your heaven-sent gift... your lovely singing... I wish you a happy birthday and may God continue to bless you Mr. Scholl! SALAMAT PO and MABUHAY!


Rosalinda Ramos, Mexico
10 November 2010

Dearest Angel,
Many,many happy returns of the day!!!! And thank you for the joy you bring to my life every day.And...could we have more Wolkenstein?


Christel Kollmann, Germany
10 November 2010

Lieber Andreas Scholl,
ich gratuliere Ihnen herzlich zum Geburtstag. Seit gestern erfreue ich mich an Ihrer neuen CD. Bisher kannte ich nicht viel von Henry Purcell, aber ich finde die Songs faszinierend, die Sie für Ihr Album ausgewählt haben. DANKE.


Jill, UK
10 November 2010

Warm greetings on your birthday, Andreas. Have a great day, and may the coming year bring you good things.


Claudia, Spain
9 November 2010

Muchas Felicidades Andreas!!! Es usted Insuperable. Gracias..


Sabine, Austria

1 October 2010

Thank you for two enchanting concerts in Zurich - it's rare to hear you in such intimate settings nowadays and hope your cold has not materialised! I'm sorry I could only stay for one day of the masterclass but I found it tremendously interesting.


Anne, France

28 September 2010

Nul besoin de connaitre la musique pour ressentir l'emotion ...la pureté de la voix, la sobriété de l'interpretation...pour ma part , aucun#e# autre ne vous égale. Je suis touchée par le son autant que par le silence d'une église. MERCI.


Thea Schmacke, Australia

9 September 2010

What a great site to honour a great artist. I love Andreas Scholl's voice and would love to see him live.


Mary, China

16 August 2010

Hello, dear Mr Scholl,
I am a huge fan of yours and I am from China.I love your angelic and pure voice which can always make me feel calm and peaceful.I especially love the Arias for Senesino.Thank you so much for your contribution to singing!


Lyndel Bailey, Jamaica

8 August 2010

I love Andreas Scholl's voice and admire his musicianship. A joy to listen to!


Luciano Landi, Italy

26 July 2010

It's a long time that your voice let my soul fly in that great music. Not a recent work but a news for me: Wayfaring Stranger. Extraordinary! Life is beautiful with your voice!


Karin, Sweden

15 July 2010

I would so like Mr Scholl to record Fairest Isle (and preferably also Down by the salley gardens and more lovely "old" British songs) as he sang it in Albert Hall in 2005, with guitar accompaniment, as well as with the Accademia Bizantina as planned.

The delicacy of such a performance, first this single (and singular) voice with a single instrument, and then an amazingly subdued choir and orchestra, is unsurpassable.


Alfredo Boso, Italy

16 June 2010

It is a honour to have been born on the same day of the most energic countertenor alive. Mr Scholl is one of the best countertenors alive.


Sabeth, Netherlands

14 June 2010

Sehr geehrter Herr Scholl,
Da war ich am 31. Mai im Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, voller Erwartung .... und dann kam die Enttäuschung. Sie waren kaum zu hören und zu verstehen. Seit diesen Abend habe ich viele Aufnahmen von Ihnen gehört, alle 'live'. Die waren allen SUPER!!!! Was was los in Amsterdam?  Alles Liebe und Gute,


Andrea, Italy

8 June 2010

Complimenti per la tua voce ela splendida carriera,spero di potrti vedere dal vivo.


Elizabeth Ochoa, Peru

31 May 2010

Dear Andreas,
Your voice soothes my mind, there are not many words. The beauty is all-encompassing, and you're beautiful in every way. I love listening to "Flow my tears" from your lips. No meeting with delightful countertenor voice. In Peru we have a well-known tenor, Diego Flores. Good for him, but I prefer to listen to you.  I love your voice ...


Irene Holm, Denmark

29 May 2010

Hey Andreas. Saw and heard you in Denmark. When will you be in the Met? Greetings, Irene


Katalin Fehér, Hungary

13 May 2010

Dear Mr. Scholl,
We were in your recital on 11th of May in Budapest. That was really very great experience for us, for me and for my 8 years old daughter, Lili. She was very glad to see and hear you. As I have told you after the recital, I sent the photos of her gift-giving for you to Mr. Cole's e-mail addresse. Thank you for your kindness and for all your work. We wish you much energy to your singing in the future as well! We hope, you'll come again to Budapest. Your voice is the best countertenor voice in the world for us. Thank you again and again...


Zoli, Hungary

11 May 2010

At last the people of Budapest have heard, seen. On it was time for a little visit to our country! We warmly welcome back! (It was a brilliant aria from Giulio Cesare "The encore was even better).


Laura-Jane Seagrave, UK

9 May 2010

You must be pleased at the success of this latest collaboration with Kathleen, Crawford and Shield of Harmony. I'd like to say how relieved and appreciative everyone at the London concert was at your efforts to get to London. Thanks to you all for a great evening.
I'm hoping to get to some of your concerts outside of the UK this year. I hope that your concert with Philippe Jaroussky will be recorded and released as a CD in case I don't get to see it in person. I've waited a long time to see you sing with either him or David Daniels and know it will be amazing.


Jose Antonio, Spain

3 May 2010

Su voz es maravillosa, su forma de cantar enternecedora, su "Dove sei" de Rodelinda, una maravilla que no me canso de escuchar, se podria decir que lo amo señor Scholl????? Usted y su voz son indispensables en mi vida, me la hacen mas llevadera y por eso le estare eternamente agradecido.


Katalin Fehér, Hungary

28 April 2010

Dear Mr. Scholl,
I have a 8 years old daughter, Lili, who's so great fan of You, like me. We have tickets for your concert in Hungary on 11th of May. I want to know if after the concert can we meet with You to give a little gift made by my daughter especially for You. Is it possible, or You want to make your "decrescendo" in your dressing room alone? Thank You very much:
Katalin Fehér and my daughter, Lili.


Laura-Jane Seagrave, UK

27 April 2010

Wolkenstein, the recording and the concert, were superb. Another triumph. I'd also like to thank you for being so generous with your time and talking to us afterwards. Just like you and very much appreciated. I was very touched by the sleevenotes on the Wolkenstein cd about your father and sister and am so very sorry. However, I'm sure they both would have been very proud of you. You are a sincere and lovely person.


Sabeth, Netherlands

26 April 2010

Sehr geehrte Herr Scholl,
Leider war ich noch nie in der Lage Sie 'live' zu hören. Endlich ist es so weit, am 31. Mai in Amsterdam. Wie ich mich freue! Jetzt schon weiss ich das es einen Festtag sein wird. Danke schön für viele Stunden Genuss! Alles Gute.


Sarah, UK

23 April 2010

Congratulations and heartfelt thanks to Andreas Scholl and the Shield of Harmony for struggling through the travel chaos this week and getting to the Barbican Hall in time. It was worth it! What a glorious voice and what a marvellous stage presence Herr Scholl has.


Lyn Dekker, UK

20 April 2010

I just wanted to thank you for making that great effort to appear at the Barbican. I hope the journey wasn't too tiring. You sang beautifully and I hope you will record more with Kathleen,your voices together are wonderful.


Kristina Andström, Finland

2 April 2010

Thank you Andreas,
Your angel voice has been a consolation for me in a great sorrow.


Seul Gi, Republic of Korea

28 March 2010

Beautiful voice.


Rob Voets, Netherlands

23 March 2010

Dear Andreas,
As a true fan of the beautiful music made by Bach I remembered hearing your phenominal voice in the Mattheuspassion for the first time.I was completely flabbergasted... never experienced such a thing before.Your voice really goes right to my heart!! No words can describe enough what your voice does to people... thank you so much!!


Rev. Bernard Paetzold, Canada

23 March 2010

It is a very interesting journey through the career of an exceedingly gifted counter-tenor. Thank you for the privilege.
Andreas Scholl is truly an outstanding artist, whose musical output is nothing short of the fantastic.


Vivian van der Biezen, Aruba, Dutch Caribbean

18 March 2010

Andreas, your voice is a true inspiration. I can feel that your beginnings were in church music, I love that. I am a mezzo soprano, and it is recently that I discovered you and your unique voice on U Tube. I am so glad I did!


Sam Albion, UK

17 March 2010

Found Andreas courtesy of YouTube- not into classical music myself - I'm a prog rock fan, but Andreas' voice is superb! Well done lad! I wonder how long it takes to be this good?


Aye Jailangka, Switzerland

4 March 2010

I saw him on the stage once and it was the best opera I've seen in my whole life. Thank you M. Scholl. PS -  could you sing Happy Birthday for me?


Einsteinway, China

4 March 2010

Always loved to wander in this website. Abundant info. I particularly like the music jokes part. They are true humour. Like many other Schöllers, or Scholl fans, I was also first amazed by Scholl's voice immensely, (that very stunning clear and pure voice, the music was lovely, too. But the voice just stood out, leading to more of my later exploration into Countertenor and the music that I hardly took time to listen to. Soon he's coming to our city on tour, finally, a chance to hear his live concert.

The design of the website is simple, elegant, and gives peopele the feeling of quietness and cool down. I hope to see more of those misc. updates as well. 


Elsa, Austria

25 February 2010

Comments to cesare in Paris... 

Warum müssen Sie gegen PJ antreten wenn Sie nicht bei Stimme sind?


Jacques Schembari, France

22 February 2010

La plus belle voix de contreténor d'Europe, du pur cristal. Merci de tout le bonheur que vous nous apportez!!!


Monique Vivian, Brazil

17 February 2010

We are waiting for you here in Brazil. When you come here to show us the wonders of baroque music?

Zelda Corbin, Australia

10 February 2010

Wonderful. We heard you on TV this week at The Last Night Of The Proms 2005. Where have I been and why haven`t heard of you before Enthralled with your singing. Do you have any DVD`s? If not you should. Congratulations on your beautiful voice. I can`t wait to hear you again.


Tomás, Spain

23 January 2010

Thanks for your voice,when we can see you in Spain?


Allan Chatel, Canada

4 January 2010

What a voice. The first thing I heard was Crystal Tears and it moved me immensely. Continue the fabulous work.


Denis, France

1 January 2010

Merci pour tous les merveilleux moments à votre écoute, notamment avec Bach ! et avec des larmes d'émotion !!!


Elke, Germany

30 December 2009

Wow, was für ein Wolkenstein war das in der Philharmonie - ein mit sehr viel Liebe und Leidenschaft gestalteter Abend.
Ich freue mich schon auf die CD. Wird auf der auch Ihre tiefe Singstimme zu hören sein? Hoffentlich. Alles Gute für 2010 :-)


Annette, Germany

29 December 2009

Sehr geehrter Herr Scholl,
Danke für den schönen Abend in der Kölner Philharmonie am 27.12.2009!!  Was
für ein Glück, Sie einmal aus der Nähe zu erleben. Ihre Stimme und Ihre unverwechselbare Art, Musik zu interpretieren berührt mich seit einigen Jahren immer wieder neu und zutiefst.
Ich wünsche Ihnen für 2010 von Herzen alles Gute und Glück in beruflichen wie persönlichen Dingen.
für Ihre Musik!

Annette Wiese


Sabine, UK

22 December 2009

Dear Andreas - have a great Christmas, you certainly put me into the mood in Zurich! Wishing you and your loved ones all the very best for 2010. Thank you for another year filled with wonderful music!


Nikos Aspros, Brazil

22 December 2009

I couldn't find a recording of you singing Gounod's Ave Maria. If you haven't already, would you record it someday?


Claire Furrer, Switzerland

18 December 2009

Thank you for your beautiful performance at the Fraumünster Church in Zurich. The evening had some magical moments!


Elisabeth, Panama

14 December 2009

Regarding the concert in Rotterdam: Full marks for dedication and courage. However, the performance itself left me puzzled. Someone was apparently not satisfied with the original concert. And I can't imagine why. It was so wonderful.
With kind regards,

Carlos M Aguayo, USA

4 December 2009

I just love Baroque Opera and I have heard Giulio Cesare many times, I have my self 3 productions and yet I have never heard of Mr Scholl, just listened to Se in fiorito and tears rolled down my eyes, hadn't heard a Cesare as heavenly as him. Last night he just became my favorite Countertenor.


Dirk Jan Ketting, Netherlands
27 November 2009

Geachte heer Andreas Scholl
Een reuze eer dat ik u en de uwen de afgelopen dagen heb mogen vervoeren met mijn taxi, ik hoop dat alles naar wens is gegaan
voor het te geven concert in de laurenskerk aanstaande dinsdag wens ik u alvast veel plezier met de uitvoering hiervan en hoop dat ik de generale repetitie mag bijwonen tot morgen 0930 uur
DJ Ketting taxi chauffeur


Angel, Spain

24 November 2009

Dear Sir,
The Karl-Ernst Schröder recostructed WEISS concertant style with Mr. Barto is the best maravillous CD on the world. Please i need the pdf with the tablature recostruction. Scuse me spanish. Thans very much

Anette Gulbrandsen, Norway

12 November 2009

This page is quite nice, I hope all the info is accurate :) I got into classical singing about 7 years ago, after singing in/for bands, using neutral sound-colour. I found out that I am a deep alto/contralto, and there are not many around. I fell in love with baroque, and then I heard Andreas Scholl. I do sing in a church-choir,and it gives me much pleasure, since we often do Gregorian, bBroque and everything in between. Please visit our myspace-account; www.myspace.com/gamleakerkirkekor. I find it very pleasant to listen to Mr.Scholl, and I just saw and heard him perform here in Oslo. It was pure bliss, and I hope I get to meet him/hear him again. He seemed very humble and nice, and was very pleasant. His girlfriend is a lucky woman.
Bless, Anette xxx


Claudia, Spain

9 November 2009

Feliz Cumpleaños Andreas!!!! Eres MAGNIFICO, GENIAL, un autèntico ARTISTA.


Rosalinda Ramos, Mexico

9 November 2009

Dearest Andreas,
Herzlichen Gluckwunsch zum Geburstag!!!!  Thank you for another glorious year of your music.May God bless you as you bless us with your art!


Portia, UK

1 November 2009

I love Andreas Scholl and his music! Could you please give me his email address? I'm 12.

Reinhold Mahler, USA

16 October 2009

I am surprised to see no reaction to your recent concerts at Symphony Hall in Boston. A standing ovation and nobody found the way to your website. Thank you for another memorable concert in Boston, especially for Haendel's Dall’ondoso periglio. By the way we run a Bed and Breakfast in town - whenever you come back we would love to welcome you at Encore B&B (www.encorebandb.com) Das ganze haette ich natuelich auch in deutsch schreiben koennen (kommt mir gerade zum Bewusstsein).


Luis Fernando Mejía, Colombia

27 September 2009

Hi, I just wanted to say thank you for coming to Colombia with Schola Cantorum Basiliensis to teach the masterclasses. Although I wasn't an active singer there, I was an observer in the classes to the singers and it was pretty awesome the way you communicated them your passion for ancient music. Your correction was very kind and under your suggestions the singers become capable of expressing and being free without disregarding what is written in music. Such an experience. All the best wishes in your career.


Pablo Domene, Mexico

24 September 2009

I wanted to let you know that your voice is a great inspiration for me, I'm a countertenor as well, I'm 19 years old and I think your singing is beautifull, and I hope you will come to Mexico someday, or I will see you preform somewhere.


Luca D'Alessandro, Italy

19 September 2009

Hi Great Andreas,
Your voice is sublime, expressive, rich of shades, moving until tears. When I hear you singing I feel Heaven inside my heart and soul...I heard today your Ombra mai fu of Haendel and I cried for joy all the time...  Thank you for giving me these emotions. Your great sensitivity can be read on your face: your eyes are so clear and bright...I think you are not just a great artist but also a lovable person...
Warmest regards from Italy


Katarzyna Maliszewska, Poland

18 September 2009

Dear Andreas,
Thank you for the wonderful concerts in Wroclaw.
Your rendition of the compositions by Oswald von Wolkenstein changed the City Hall into a medieval castle where the poet tells the stories of his adventurous life. The music, though relatively not too wide known, proved that the human emotions remain unchanged throughout the centuries and countries. In medieval times, renessaince, in our millennium, in Germany, England, Scotland, Poland, people experience the same joy and sadness, happy and unrequited love. I'm very happy that I had the opportunity to listen to your singing and to meet you personally after both concerts. You're not only a brilliant singer, but a warm, gentle and kind person, without even a bit of star-like pomposity, that is not so rare among other artists. I'm looking forward to see your concerts again, and I hope I won't have to wait too long.
P.S.: Beauty, since you so much desire became one of my favourite pieces. Thank you – it was an unforgettable moment. :)


E, Poland

15 September 2009

It was so exciting to see you Mr Scholl and hear your voice in Wroclaw. Now... I can die...


Sharkphone, China

6 September 2009

I've heard your voice in the album The Voice. Very beautiful and moving.Your voice has a magical power that can erase all the pain in the world. Thank you for bring us such peaceful world of music.


Francesca, Italy

28 August 2009

Hello Andreas,
I love baroque music, your voice is special. I live in Sardinia, on Sassari (Italy), I want know other of baroque music, I'm italian and I not speak perfectly Inglish, sorry. I love Haendel and his operas, I love Vivaldi, on special way Nisi Dominus, Stabat Mater, Semiramide, Orlando Furioso. I love also Caldara, Senesino and other.
Ciao Andreas, io amo la musica barocca, la tua voce è speciale. Vivo in Sardegna, a Sassari(Italia), voglio sapere altro sulla musica barocca. Sono italiana e non parlo perfettamente l'inglese, scusa.
Important: Se non ti infastidisce potresti contattarmi al mio indirizzo di posta elettronica "eliosmira@alice.it", sempre se leggi il mio messaggio. Credo di essere l'unica nella mia regione a conoscerti, ma conoscerti come pochi. Sono certa che solo tu, non italiano, puoi darmi preziose informazioni o indicazioni sul periodo musicale barocco perchè sento che prendi molto sul serio la musica e la sua storia, so che apprezzi i musicisti Italiani del barocco come un Italiano vero non saprebbe fare.


Maha, France

17 August 2009

Hello Andreas ,
I am big fan of your voice, you are special singer, wonderful style of counter tenor, any way I heard you will give concert with Philippe Jaroussky this year, is this concert will perform again in london and Paris or not, also I wish to give concerts in Lebanon, Dubai, Egypt too also with Philippe Jaroussky.


Beata und Jacek Pietkiewicz. Poland

16 August 2009

Lieber Andreas,
Wir erlauben uns so anzufangen, weil Du bei uns zuhause seit gut einigen (schon neun?) Jahren fast jeden Abend ein Stammgast, ja schon ein  Familienmitglied bist. Zu Deinen CD’s zu gelangen war in Polen nicht einfach. Dank der grossen Freundlichkeit meiner deutschen Kollegin haben wir die CD’s bei amazon.de gekauft, sie hat sie anschliessend dem LKW-Fahrer ins Fahrerhaus gegeben, er hat die CD’s (immer mit Erfolg!) durch die Grenze geschmuggelt und mir ins Buero mitgebracht. Unser grosser Wunsch war immer, Dich live zu erleben. Wir koennten zwar mal ins Ausland zu einem Deiner Konzerte fahren, aber mit drei kleinen Kindern ist es nicht so einfach gerade. Wir glaubten jedoch die ganze Zeit, dass unser Wunsch sich irgendwann verwirklichen wird. Und nun koennen wir bestaetigen: Es stimmt, dass der Glaube die Berge versetzen kann. Diesmal war der Glaube so gross, dass unser Wunsch sich doppelt verwirklichen wird!  Am 6. und 8. September im Breslauer Rathaus wird es der Fall sein. Unsere drei Toechter (5, 8 und 12) gehen natuerlich mit. Die Eintrittskarten bewahren wir schon in dem Safe auf.
Lieber Andreas, wir bedanken uns bei Dir fuer die vielen schoenen Abende bei uns zuhause. Auch nach einem schwierigen Tag im Buero war der Abend dann immer gemuetlich.Wir danken fuer die wunderbare Musik und bitten um mehr. In immer ungeduldiger Erwartung von zwei Breslauer Konzerten
Viele liebe Gruesse aus Breslau.


Emmanuelle, France

9 August 2009

Dear Andreas,
I attended your recital at the Beaune festival in July and I enjoyed discovering the mental world of Wolkenstein with its honest account of humane fragility, joys and sorrows. The duet with Kathleen Dineen on Nu rue mit sorgen was very moving and beautiful like a perfect helix of intertwined sounds and emotions. Thanks again for the beauty of this moment.


Laura Jane Seagrave, UK

4 August 2009

Thanks so much for a wonderful performance at the RAH in Partenope! I was looking forward to it so so much and you and your ensemble of singers did not disappoint! The purity and sweetness of your voice and, as usual, your excellent characterisation was a delight. I'm so sorry that I didn't have the opportunity to congratulate you after the performance and get the chance to ask about your move and future projects. If I can, I'm going to try and see you again asap. Thanks for a great night. I'm seeing a couple of Handel operas in the next month or so and try to get to performances whenever I can - it is thanks to you that my interest grew outside grand opera!
Have much more to say, but better leave it there! Bye.


Elvira Meiboom, Netherlands

1 August 2009

Not only have I got tickets for December in R'dam, but also front row seats for the concert in May 2010 in Amsterdam!
Now don't think please that i'm a Dutch stalker... i'm ehhhh not... really... believe me... haha!


Marianne, Germany

21 June 2009

Leber Andreas Scholl,
Vielen Dank für das "Wolkenstein"-Konzert in Dortmund. Ihr Gesang, das Ensemble, die Atmosphäre in der Reinoldikirche war überirdisch. Ich freue mich auf Ihr Konzert in Köln.


Zilly, Germany

21 June 2009

Ich liebe Ihre Interpretation des Xerxes (Ombra ma fui)! Einfach fantastisch. Danke für diese wundervolle Musik!


Maureen Fox, Ireland

8 June 2009

My daughter sent me the CD from the Metropolita Opera shop NY for my birthday. The best gift I've ever received. I've never heard a voice like that. I was moved to tears. He is wonderful.


Elke, Germany

5 June 2009

Lieber Andreas Scholl,
Ich bin immer noch ganz beeindruckt von dem "Wolkenstein"-Konzert in Dortmund. Ihre Darbietung, das Ensemble, die Atmosphäre in der Reinoldikirche - einfach stimmig und sehr berührend. Vielen Dank für das Signieren des Plakates.


Cansu Gulgor, Turkey

23 May 2009

Dear Andreas, please come to Turkey again! I want to listen to your brilliant voice live!


Monika, USA

20 May 2009

I enjoy Andreas' singing and also reading his interviews. It must be difficult to be a famous artist and put so much of oneself in one's work.  Some critics can be very snide and unfair, and fans get so worked up about their favorite singers or interpretations that some can become very hostile and unpleasant. I imagine it is difficult to be strong enough to take all that, yet remain sensitive so as to be able to convey such varied emotions as Andreas' repertoire requires. But he seems sensible enough to take  everything--the criticism and the adulation--in his stride. I consider him a model of professionalism and good sense. A good person to learn from. Thank you for this website, which allows us to find out about his concert schedule. I've already attended one of his concerts and hope to have the pleasure again in the future.


Elvira Meiboom, Netherlands

15 May 2009

Dear Andreas,
I just wanted to let you know, that I am calling for over an hour now for tickets for your concert in Rotterdam, December first 2009. The whole website is closed and there are over 30 waiting people on the phone! This is terrible.... In 4 years I never missed a concert that you gave in Holland. I hope that it is not sold out yet...


Elina, Russia

28 April 2009

Yekaterinburg... just thank God for your voice ;)


Amanda, USA

28 April 2009

I attended the concert last Sunday at Zellerbach Hall in Berkeley and was thrilled to see you loitering in the courtyard before the show. The performance was wonderful and I especially enjoyed Vivi Tiranno.

Kelsy Dickensen, USA

28 April 2009

Saw you yesterday in Berkeley, it was a million times better than hearing a recording, I guess you were really tired after the show, but we just had to stop you to say hi. :)  Come to Utah next time!!!!


Peter, Barbados

26 April 2009

Andreas voice is out of this universe...:)  He is the real reincarnation of the great Senesino!! Bravo, Bravo, Bravo!!!! Händel would adore you if he could hear you.


Simon, USA

25 April 2009


Please look after your voice. You sound tired on Il Duello Amoroso CD. Love.


Christina Jonas, Australia

21 April 2009

Thank you for continuing to sing for us all to indulge and revel in the splendour of your beautiful tone and the meaning of each note you sing.. Andreas, I am so very much in love with you!


Dominic Harper, UK

9 April 2009

I've been a fan for some years now and have many CDs and seen Andreas once at the Royal Albert Hall and once at the Wigmore Hall, but I now live in Preston rather than London so not many chances to see live. Would love some recordings on vinyl as it is so much better than cd!!
Regards Dominic.


Liuba, Russia

31 March 2009

J'ai au touts les discs, maestro. C'ai ete mon reve voir le concert. Et menteunent j'ai ecoute deux conserts en France. Je n'est pas de mots. Je me suis comblee. C'ai ete genial! Merci beaucoup!


Els, Netherlands

23 March 2009

Dear Andreas,
Thanks for the wonderful concert you gave on March 21 in Amsterdam. Greetings from Els.


Fabrice Cardon, Belgium

11 March 2009

Je vois que pour 2010 premièrement tu nous reviens a Bruxelles et avec Philippe Jaroussky! Trop cool! Et en plus je remarque que tu as un concert a Salsbourg avec mister René Jacobs himself depuis le temps que tes fans attendaient cela..(que j'adore comme chanteur aussi en vieux..; baroqueux que je suis!) plein de succès et soit heureux andreas vraiment!
Fabrice, un grand fan belge.


Marisa, Portugal

10 March 2009

Dear Andreas,
For me you are like a dream! Your voice is extraordinary! Nobody sings Bach like you! Your interpretation is the best! I really love you! Thank you!  Best wishes.


Elaine, United Kingdom

27 February 2009

I have just viewed the new YouTube video of  I Loved a Lass. Thank you so much for raising my spirits - just having listened to the promotional tracks of a friend's daughter who is a pop singer and alas by God can't sing a note. Thanks for putting everything back just as it should be.


Dunja, USA

12 February 2009

Hi Andreas,
Habe mal wieder hier durchgestoebert...You really amaze me! War schoen dich in New York zu sehen... bis im Mai dann!


Nadya, Russia

28 January 2009

Lieber Andreas! Hätte ich an Engeln geglaubt, würde ich denken daß sie genau so singen...Danke!


Christoph Dohrmann, Germany

27 January 2009

In the anniversary year for Handel and Senesino, Andreas Scholl should give some concerts with arias which were especially written for Senesino, as well as concerts in which some of the known differences of historic castrati Senesino/Farinelli/Carestini et aliae can be approached by showing how different singing and ornamentation styles were and can still be! I think Scholl has that in singing coloratura passages and runs which was called "cantar granito" in the 18th century. Best wishes!


Maria la Placa. Spain

21 January 2009

This is my tribute for Andreas Scholl, my work, because he inspires me when I paint. www.marialaplaca.com


Simone Kliegelhöfer, Germany

18 January 2009

Sie haben eine wundervolle Stimme. Sie geht direkt ins Herz und lässt die Seele schweben.


17 January 2009

Dear Andreas,

I will come to your concert in London Barbican on 29 March 09 and i need a favor from you, can you add Filiae Maestae Jerusalem to your repertoire? No matter if you put Locatelli out. Hehe I am just kidding. But think about it... seriously...


Sebastian Koch

14 January 2009

In der Hoffnung, dass Andreas Scholl meine Worte liest: Danke! Danke für die harte Arbeit, für die Proben, die "schlechten Tage", die Du bewältigt hast, danke, dass Du es durchgezogen und uns Deine Stimme bewahrt hast, Du gehörst neben Altbundeskanzler Helmut Schmitt direkt an 2.Stelle derer Menschen, die ich in meinem Leben kennenlernen möchte!!! Wunderbar! Falls Du einen Pianisten brauchst - jeder Zeit!

John, Mexico

8 January 2009

Have you ever consider to come to perform to México? and maybe sing with some Mexican Child Chorus?? That´d be great!!


Nancy, Spain

7 January 2009

Cher Andreas, votre voix m'enchante, me berce et je m'envole. Je suis envoûtée.


Muse-N, Finland

4 January 2009

Dear Andreas!
Your voice is really my beloved voice ... I wish you a best new year to, with a lot of rainbows in the sky.


Sebastian, Australia

4 January 2009

Andreas, please do come to Australia.


Kenyo Rossas, Brazil

30 December 2008

Caro Sr Scholl,


Adewuyi Tope, Nigeria

27 December 2008



Lou, France

26 December 2008

Thank you very much for this website and... the libretto of Maddalena ai piedi di Cristo!


Christmas Day, 2008

Merry Christmas, Andreas, from Schollers everywhere.


Olivia, Romania

24 December 2008

An amazing voice..It's a pleasure to listen to it.


Rosalinda Ramos, Mexico

24 December 2008

Dear Andreas,
Ein frohes und besinnliches Weihnachtsfest!!!!!


Jamie Gale, Spain

8 December 2008

My husband is speechless when listening to your superb voice and always picks out the Vivaldi Stabat Mater CD to relax with.


Elvira, Netherlands

16 November 2008

Hello Andreas!
Yesterday I saw you again in Rotterdam. Amazing how you manage to make every perfomance your best one! And how fun it was to see you next to Yannick.. very busy guy isn't he ;-)  In March I will see you again in Amsterdam. Looking forward to a concert with just you!  Thank you for a lovely evening again!


Rosalinda Ramos, Maxico

10 November 2008

Many happiest returns of your birthday! And a big thank you for:
  • Crystal Tears. Such beautiful music--and the DVD is excellent.
  • The top-notch revamping of Andreas Scholl, Countertenor by Arthouse and which goes so excellently well with the reissue of Kantate.
Suggestion: Could we have a reissue of Giulio Cesare with a Behind the Scenes DVD?
And for Orlando, whose wonderful music I would never have known about, but for you.
God bless you, Angel of Music!


Julia, Lithuania

10 November 2008

Dear Andreas, I wish you a happy birthday and many, many happy returns of the day! You are a wonderful, bright, unbelievably talented person. Thank you for your art, for the joy it brings to us! Wish you all the best on this day and for all your life.


Margareth, Netherlands

10 November 2008

Lieve Andreas,
Gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag en nog heel veel gezonde succesvolle muzikale jaren gewenst.
Dikke kus, Margareth.


Giorgio Marino, Italy

10 November 2008

Oltre ad avere una voce magica ed ungusto interpretivo singolare sei anche un uomo affascinante spero di incontrarti dal vivo e vederti in italia più spesso.


Claudia, Spain

10 November 2008

Deseo que su vida sea tan feliz como lo es la mìa cuando le escucho. Muchas Felicidades ARTISTA!!!


Wilma J Austin, UK

10 November 2008

Dear Andreas,
Wishing you a very happy birthday.Thank you for the immeasurable joy which you enable us to feel,by sharing your exquisitely affecting voice with the world.
With love from Wilma, in Scotland.


10 November 2008

Dear Andreas,

Warmest wishes for a very happy birthday, from Schollers everywhere. Thank you for the wonderful music, and may the coming year bring you everything you wish for, professionally and personally.


Angelina Mikkelsen, Denmark

25 October 2008

Thank you for a breathtaking experience last night as I heard Partenope in Copenhagen. This is my best opera experience ever. During the concert I both cried, laughed and rediscovered the true meaning of splendid opera. I look foreward hearing you again. Sincerely and best wishes for the future.


Hortensia, Spain

16 October 2008

Thanks for your wonderful work. Although I see a man: with big hands, big head, and two meters tall; I hear as if a girl,a friend of mine, echoed my female voice. And I feel deeply understood. Your way of singing lets me to reconcile myself to men, to life, to the world.


Elke, Germany

13 October 2008

Lieber Andreas Scholl,
Die Idee mit den Partenope-Probenvideos ist klasse. Ich freue mich schon auf die DVD mit der Aufführung. Auch das Making of von Crystal Tears ist sehr sehenswert. Ihre natürliche, unkomplizierte Art macht Sie wirklich supersympathisch. Hatte das Glück, dieses Jahr Ihre Konzerte in Dresden zu erleben - fantastisch. Führen Ihre Konzertreisen Sie auch mal wieder nach Norddeutschland? Hamburg zum Beispiel wäre toll :-) Alles Gute für Sie


Fabrice Cardon, Belgium

9 October 2008

Dieu te garde! Bel ange... vivement le 05/12/2008 au BOZAR à Bruxelles! Eternal source light of divine!
Fabrice - un grand fan Belge


Alejandro Galaviz, USA

6 October 2008

Mr Scholl,
You are an inspiration to me to explore the beauty of being a counter tenor and to not be afraid of it. Thank you.


Edward O'Donnell Jr, USA

5 October 2008

I wanted to thank Mr. Scholl for the lovely voice and CDs. My mom (Duck Hee O'Donnell) is a huge fan and will be travelling to see him again in Denmark. She's a talented cello teacher in the Washington D.C. region with over 50 students. She's turned us onto him. :-)


Rita, Italy

26 September 2008

Mr Scholl,
I'd love to have you performing here in Rome. Best wishes.


Andrés Soto, Costa Rica

14  September 2008

Thanks... you´re a like an Angel, when I listen you, your voice carries me out of this world...  your voice is not heard... I live. Thanks, thanks, from my heart...


Nancy Polston's sister, Helen, in San Diego, USA

13 September 2008

Beautiful version of Arirang. Nancy Polston's 70-year old mom wanted you to know that, more importantly, she is a cello teacher and enjoys sharing with her 40+ students her passion for the countertenor voice. They all know about Mr. Scholl and like to tease her about her little crush on him. I am traveling from San Diego and taking my aunt up to Berkeley and meeting my parents there for the April 2009 concert. We are looking forward to it! Look for the two little Korean ladies (my mom and aunt).


Claire, USA

9 September 2008

I just discovered Andreas over the summer, when I searched for Flow, my tears on YouTube. He has an absolutely gorgeous, pure voice, that I try to emulate every day. I hope to see him in California next year. Thank you for maintaining this site!


Tracey Griffin, Australia

4 September 2008

Please come back to Melbourne Australia soon. x


Sybrand, Netherlands

31 August 2008

En stem als een droom.Iets om helemaal stil van te worden.


Erik Ahlfeldt, Sweden

23 August 2008

Dear Herr Scholl!
I´m very ,very happy to have found your voice and music. We have a similar background with singing in boys choir and also started to study counter techniques but hadn´t the real patience to contiuing. Your voice is, for me, very subtle and pregnant in a very wonderful combination. I look forward so much to listen to you, live, in Copenhagen this october. All the best for your future.


Nancy Polston, USA

19 August 2008

My seventy-year-old mother just flew from the United States to see Andreas Scholl sing in Ireland. My father says, "Mission accomplished!" They have already purchased tickets to see him again NEXT year in California. She calls me every week to purchase her more Scholl stuff. I've tried telling her that I have gotten her everything from his discography and there is nothing left. I've even ordered stuff from the UK and had to have it transferred to a US format. Seriously, Andreas, my mom is YOUR biggest fan in the United States! You should consider performing closer to her hometown, like Washington DC. You can remember my mom as the little Korean woman who requested for you to sing the Arirang.


Zoli, Hungary

18 August 2008

Giulio Cesare in Egitto - Dantone shaping given in a performance best Cesare! Bravo Andreas! From Zoli, Budapest!


Anwemago, Austria

17 August 2008

Hallo Herr Scholl,
Ich bin von der Magie der Countertenöre fasziniert; das Verschmelzen von Männlichem und Weiblichem in der Stimme nimmt mich gefangen - ich kann es leider nicht anders beschreiben, das wissen andere wohl besser; ich bedaure sehr, dass ich die Schubertiade heuer in Österreich verpasst habe - so muss ich auf den kommenden Juni warten. Es tut mir gut, Ihrer Stimme zu lauschen! Liebe Grüße aus Salzburg.

Angel Quintana, Spain

6 August 2008

Congratulaions for your wonderfull career!!!  i have just enjoied Buxtehude with Jacobs...  really moving. Hope to listen to you soon in Madrid. Greetings from Angel, member of Orquesta Nacional de España


Filip Holacký, Czech Republic

25 July 2008

Andreas, you are the best singer in the world. Now I listen only you and your performances of Handel's operas and other beautiful music. I love your pop. You are really GOD ;)  But why do you not come to Czech Republic? :(  You have a lot of fans here now, after I said about you to my friends and neighbours :) Please come :)  Your Czech fan, Filip H


Bethany, Finland

22 July 2008

We discovered you Andreas in 2000 and since then we have been your ardent fans for 8 years!!! We saw you in concert once and it was incredible! You touched our hearts and we know many of your songs off by heart. Would love to see you sing again. You are the best!


Dora Flor, Brazil

14 July 2008

Ola Andreas,
Wie gehts dir? Schon lang nix gehort!  Wir vermissen deine stimme... Adeus ,Dora Flor & familia.


Chris Lawrence

14 July 2008

Simpy the most beautiful singing I have ever heard. The sense of line and phrase, the musicality and beauty of sound all in service of the music is unforgettable. At the RFH recently the Wayfaring Stranger encore after the Handel gymnastics just took us to another place and my wife burst into tears at the emotional depth.  Wonderful - so many thanks for the blessing of your musicianship.


Mimi, Japan

3 July 2008

I accidentaly found his name at the You Tube one week ago. Since then I am sooooo excited! I am age of 59, and most of my music life was occupied by Alfred Deller and other countertenor singers. But now I found a new big shining star! No star, he is a really sun warms our hearts. Thank you very much and please forgive my poor English.


Andreas Fan, USA

1 July 2008

Andreas, when are you coming to Chicago? Please come to the center of the United States, not just the coasts! We love you here!!


Fabrice Cardon, Belgium

28 June 2008

Andreas quand vas-tu enregistrer l'opéra Admeto de G F Handel? J'ai écouté les airs du role titre est c'est vraiment pour toi surtout l'air "Ah, si moro" ...a mediter...
Fabrice, un grand fan belge


Wilma J Austin, UK

18 June 2009

It will now be a week since I had the enormous pleasure of seeing you sing at the Royal Festival Hall and I still feel completely elated,by the experience. It is always such a privilege to come and see you sing.Your voice is absolute perfection,exalting us to an altogether higher emotional plain.  Sound The Trumpet with James Bowman was an exhilarating finale to the concert and so affecting. To meet you at the post-recital signing,was wonderful.You have such a generosity of spirit,it is a pure delight. With great admiration and kindest regards from Wilma in Scotland. x


Ruth, UK

12 June 2008

I had the privilege of being present at the concert at the Royal Festival Hall last night, and you gave the best performance I have ever heard you give - which is saying something. You were TOP, I believe is the current fashionable phrase. Such purity of voice and control in the Nisi Dominus and Wayfaring Stranger, the audience stopped breathing en masse. It was thrilling when you performed Purcell's Sound the Trumpet with James Bowman - the height of elegance, and that duet alone made it worth travelling to London from the north of England. The audience went home happy.


Karolina, UK

12  June 2008

Andreas, I have been to your every single London concert for the past couple of years but I must say the concert you gave yesterday at the Royal Festival Hall was by far the best! I loved the duet with Mr Bowman at the end of it. Your voice is so amazing, it brings tears to my eyes. Your fan forever.


Fabrice Cardon, Belgium

11 June 2008

J'ai entendu la diffusion radiophonique du Jules César d'Andreas a Lausanne moi j'ai trouvé un Jules César juvenile magnifique dans l'aigu pur delice vocaux vraiment quel solidité et quelle equipe autour : Cencic; de la Merced ; Dumaux; Hellekant...top!


Ginger Reaves, USA

7 June 2008

I happened upon a TV show about Counter Tenors, and was blown away by Mr. Scholl's voice. I am sorry it took so long to find him, now I cant get enough of his voice! Bravo!


Thierry, France

4 June 2008

Cher Andreas,
J'ai assisté hier à votre concert du Théatre des Champs Elysés à Paris. Quelle merveilleux moment vous nous avez offert! Merci pour tout. Bien à vous.


Chris Sparks, USA

30 May 2008

I think you have a wonderful voice! I think my voice was more countertenor/leggiero tenor when I was younger but as a young adult in the US we were discouraged to use head voice. Now at 46 I only have part of that range but I am making strides to recaptured my lost voice. You give me inspiration and hope! Thanks!


Laura Jane Seagrave, UK

15 May 2008

The first time I heard you sing, I thought I had wandered into another dimension quite by chance, where no infernal sounds or sights could interrupt the intense pleasure of being bathed in a voice that stirred me to the depths of my soul. Your recordings of English Folk Songs and Haendel arias especially have, during some rather difficult times, eased a very sore heart that ached from some very 21st Century burdens. Thank you so so very much for providing comfort and sustenance - you have a great gift and somehow it seems to me so much the greater that you probably can have no idea what an amazing joy it is to be lifted up to the heights on hearing your voice soar. Somehow I know what to expect, but yet you still always manage to take me by surprise. I really hope that you continue to perform as long as possible, but as your performing schedule eases, you take every opportunity to teach and inspire a new generation of singers. I must also mention, that I had the opportunity to meet you following a concert at the Barbican in 2006; though you had given an exceptional performance and must have been exhausted, you spent at least an hour speaking to as many people as you could and answered all my very nosy questions with patience and humour and talking about your daughter. Take care. I do hope I get the chance to see you perform again. THANKS!


Philippe Jeannin, Belgium

12 May 2008

Just back from the concert in Salzburg where Andreas gave an amazingly good concert (but doesn't he always?) He's the best!


Bertrand, Switzerland

11 May 20080

Cher Andreas Scholl,
A deux reprises la même semaine, suis allé vous voir et vous entendre à Lausanne dans Giulio Cesare. Vous avez été ces deux soirs là celui que j'avais tant de fois entendu et vu sur des extraits sur Internet. Mais vous étiez en chair et en os avec votre voix qui tranche incroyablement sur votre physique. Le Va tacito et le Se in fiorito me trottent dans la tête. Vous campiez un Jules César crédible de conquérant amoureux. Merci et au plaisir de vous retrouver dans un nouveau Giulio Cesare...


Tom, UK

11 May 2008

You have a spellbinding and magical voice. Thank you for letting me know that such uplifting music could exist.


Inga Norden, USA

11 May 2008

I saw you on an educational channel on TV and was blown away by the beauty of your voice! Bless you and your great gift!


Fabrice Cardon, Belgium

14 April 2008

Sincèrement Andreas je te souhaite beaucoup de succès et d'inspiration pour ton Jules César a Lausanne ce mois ci!! Un grand fan Belge.


Lis Thomsen, Denmark

8 April 2008

Dear Andreas Scholl,
You have to be crazy to get up in the middle of the night to listen to a concert. I am so happy that I am such a crazy person. What a joy at 3 o’clock in the morning to listen to the broadcast of one of your Sydney concerts. In particular I was deeply moved by Va per le vene il sangue, and I hope one day to have the opportunity to hear your soul-stirring rendition of Marco Rosano’s wonderful Stabat Mater live in concert. Meanwhile I am looking forward to Giulio Cesare in Lausanne later this month.


Vala, France

22 March 2008

Juste un petit mot pour dire que votre voix pure image même de la perfection est un modèl pour tous les contre-ténors. j'ai 15 ans et je voulais savoir si ma voix avait encore le temp de chager.


Yeliz, France

17 March 2008

Sublime voice... I have chills... I love this music vraimant ... Bravo.


Lee Jiwon, Korea

6 March 2008

I was amazed to listen to the song, Arirang. I want you to come to Korea. Your voice is very beatiful. I bought your CD at Amazon's UK site because that album was sold out in Korea. I want to see your concert.


Sebastian, Australia

2 March 2008

It was a spiritual experience when I saw Andreas Scholl performed with Australian Brandenburg Orchestra last night (1st March 2008) in Sydney. I was completely mesmerized by his pure and angelic voice. I felt like a teenage boy, filled with excitement and disbelief, when he autographed a CD for me. He has such a down-to-earth personality, and great smiles.



29 February 2008

I found out about Andreas Scholl on You Tube and I thought his voice was and still is beautiful!


Inés de Erausquin, USA

28 February 2008

I discovered Andreas on youtube (ever useful!) and his incomparable performance of Where'er You Walk was my guideline when I learned it as a budding mezzo-soprano. Thank you, Andreas, and may you always sing so angelically - here and hereafter.


Sarah Kennemer, USA

21 February 2008

Ever since we performed the Chichester Psalms at my school, I've become more interested in countertenors. I saw the performance of Rodelinda on Ovation and I loved it. I'm a vocal performance/music ed major and it is so nice to see and learn more. I hope to see more of you on Ovation or in live performance some day. Thank you for sharing your beautiful gift.


Lulu Scott, USA

21 February 2008

Good morning from Texas from a new fan who just saw your performance in Rodelinda. My retired physician turned gentleman rancher husband (say that quickly!) was finishing his shower when I had turned on Rodelinda playing on Ovation instead of his morning news program. As he dried off, good ole Texas hubby started listening and said, "Who is THAT?" Thinking he wanted me to switch the program, and knowing he did not appreciate opera, I changed the channel. Dripping wet, he charges into the bedroom and says, "No -- change it back! That was beautiful!"  Well, that WAS a first. I look forward to purchasing your recordings and learning more about your work.


Valerie Le Maitre, Australia

20 February 2008

I love your folk songs, as I at first found Julius Caesar hard to handle as a countertenor. Have just heard your interview with Margaret Throsby. Many thanks for so much pleasure.


Julia, USA

31 January 2008

Eine gute Besserung wuensche ich Ihnen und viel Glück in Australien. Ich kann es kaum erwarten, bis sie nach NYC kommen... Herzliche Gruesse.


Sabine, Austria

25 January 2008

Dear Andreas - I wish you a speedy recovery! Get well soon and please look after yourself - not only for the audience!


Elvira, Netherlands

18 January 2008

Dear Andreas,
After many many years hearing you sing on my radio, I finally got the change to hear you sing in real-life! I was there yesterday in the Vredenburg, Utrecht. I really loved it! Can't say more about it, your performance is just perfect! A pity that you had a cold, but we couldn't notice it! Thank you for the most wonderful evening ever, and I'm sure I will see you again, even if it means I have to go out of the country! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!


Rosaura Alicea Fernandez, USA

8 January 2008

WOW...I am in love! I could listen to you over and over. I just saw/heard you for the first time on OvationTV in Rodelinda. And now I'm going to purchase the DVD and watch it over & over again!! Thank you for giving so much, you have knocked my socks offs and left me breathless, not something that just any voice can do. The first voice to do this to me is that of Andrea Bocelli... and now you! Who knew, you angels even share the same first name! Muah! Bravisimo!!


Rosalinda Ramos, Mexico

26 December 2007

Dear Andreas,
A bit late,but Happy Christmas! Mine was very nice, especially because we listened to your recordings: Schutz, the Christmas Oratorio,and of course we saw Giulio Cesare again.Thank you  or all the wonderful music of this year .I look forward to whatever your artistry and your imagination and your inspiration have in store for us. God bless you!


Julia, Lithuania

24 December 2007

Dear Andreas,
Merry Christmas and happy New Year to you! Let the warm light of Christmas candles always glow in your heart and bring you happiness and peace. Let all your dreams come true at this wonderful time and afterwards.


Rui Vieira, Portugal

13 December 2007

Thank you for giving me the opportunity of hearing you live at Casa da Musica on December... It was delightfull...


Ana Vaz Pinto, Portugal

12 December 2007

Breathtaking performance at "Casa da Música"... Please keep coming to Portugal!


Fabrice Cardon, Belgium

8 December 20078

Cher Andreas
J'espère que la vie est belle pour vous car depuis que je vous ai vu Samedi 1 Decembre en concert a UCCLE je sais que j'y ai rencontré un grand chanteur! Je rêve de vous entendre un jour dans l'Ode pour l'Anniversaire de la Reine Anne Eternal source light of divine de Haendel. Il avait écrit ce bel air pour Richard Elford, contre-tenor de son état, pour le remercier d'avoir charitablement chanté des anthems au Foundling Hospital de Londres... comme Rosano aurait fait pour vous avec son Stabat Mater!!


Ruben Ferreira, Portugal

6 December 2007

Looking forward to see Andreas on Saturday.  I'm sure it'll be a great evening!


Poly Barrios, Argentina

26 November 2007

Dear Andreas,
When I listen your voice and your interpretation I feel purity very close to me. Gracias


Maria Luisa Leiria, Portugal

10 November 2007

Happy Birthday Andreas, I hope you had a wonderful day. Looking forward to see you in Lisbon soon.


Wilma J Austin, UK

10 November 2007

Dear Andreas,
Many Happy Returns of the day,from Scotland,on the occasion of your 40th birthday! Wishing you all you wish for and thanking you for the immeasurable pleasure you give to people,by way of your singing and the exquisite music you bring us.


Julia, Lithuania

10 November 2007

Dear Andreas,
Happy birthday to you! I think it's a wonderful time when you are already experienced, famous and on top of your career and still young, incredibly good-looking and full of energy. Enjoy this life - every moment of it! Be happy! And hope to see you at concerts.


Lieselotte Waldhoer, Switzerland

10 November 2007

Sehr verehrter Herr Scholl! Herzlichen Glückwunsch zu Ihrem "grossen" Geburtstag in der Hoffnung,dass Sie Ihre spannenden Zukunftspläne in Ihrer Heimat verwirklichen können.


Fabrice Gonnet, France

10 November 2007

Ce message en forme d'hommage pour la voix d'Andreas scholl que j'aime beaucoup. Je l'ai découverte avec les cantates de Bach et elle me transporte toujours autant...Jusqu'à récemment je n'avais pour référence de voix contre ténor que James Bowman..... Au jourd'hui Andreas Scholl...
Continuez à nous faire rêver et apprécier le répertoire baroque qui trouve avec vous une de ses plus belles incarnations vocales, un de ses meilleur ambassadeur.


Linda, Germany

10 November 2007

Lieber Andreas Scholl, alles Liebe und Gute zum Geburtstag! Mögen all Ihre Wünsche in Erfüllung gehen und der Himmel seine Hand über Sie halten, daß Sie uns alle noch oft und lange mit Ihrer Kunst glücklich machen.
Gott segne Sie.


Hiroko Mori, Japan

10 November 2007

Cher Andreas
Toutes mes felicitations pour quarantieme anniversair!
Je vous souhaite bien du bonheur.


Claudia, Spain

10 November 2007

Muchas Felicidades, Sr Scholl! Los mejores deseos para El Mejor.


Rosalinda Ramos, Mexico

10 November 2007

Dearest Andreas,
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!And thank you for the great music you have given us this year. Thank you for 'Giulio Cesare' (amazing!); 'Membra Jesu Nostri'(sublime!); 'Il Duello Amoroso' (just love it); 'Scholl Goes Pop'(love it,too) I am a true fan and I am grateful for all the music I have discovered because of you. Keep on exploring and developing. Don't limit your amazing gifts. God bless you,dearest Angel!!!


Bruno Ribeiro Tavares, Portugal

5 November 2007

Best Regards from Lisbon, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I can't just wait to see you in Gulbenkian Foundation!


James F Garvey, Ireland

4 November 2007

Hy Andreas,
Thank you for the wonderful concert you sang Wednesday and for meeting us afterwards too. You've given me and my voice teacher lots to talk about and I'm currently working on some new voice drills to help me improve on my counter-tenor resonance. I'm hoping in time to come you'll return for another concert in Ireland. I'll look forward to hearing you perform again. Thanks once again for the experience.


Linda P, Germany

5 October 2007

Lieber Andreas Scholl,
Vielen Dank für die in jeder Richtung beeindruckende Aufführung von Händels Saul in Kloster Eberbach! Die Reise (in meine Heimat)hat sich gelohnt! Natürlich waren wir auch im Gottesdienst in Kiedrich! Schade,daß so wenig Nachwuchs bei den Chorbuben da ist.Bei einem solch großen Vorbild! Ich denke,es gäbe viel zu tun,um die Tradition zu bewahren. Herzliche Grüße und tiefe Verehrung,
Ihr größter Fan, Linda P


Stephanie, France

29 September 2007

Vespätet, ich danke Herm Andreas Scholl für die entgegengebrachte Freundlichkeit, meiner Einladung in Beaune am Sonntag den 29 Juli gefolgt zu haben und mir in diesem Zusammenhang die Kunst der Interpretation erklärt zu haben.


Hannah, UK

16 September 2007

I was introduced to your music 4 years ago by a language teacher (Paul) at a school I worked at. I was so amazed at your beautiful voice. I listen to you whenever I need to be in a world of my own, with your music I find solace. Thank you, always a privilege to listen to you.


Marit, Norway

11 September 2007

Dear Andreas Scholl,
I love your version of Bach Agnus Dei, I listen not with my ears but with my soul. Music made in heaven. Please don't stop singing.


Allison Davies, UK

5 September 2007

One of my greatest pleasures this summer has been to discover your exquisite voice. When browsing iTunes I found your recording of She moved through the fair, which led me to other recordings, all equally sublime.  Please keep singing and come and visit Newcastle, where you have many fans.


Adrien Beffa, Switzerland

3 September 2007

J'écoute Andreas depuis que je suis enfant et j'ai grandi avec cette musique. C'est fantastique. I listen to Andreas since I was only a child and I grow up with this music, It's wonderful... I like so much the Andreas's music, it's really the best music in the world. All is perfect, voice, meaning of the notes... so Andreas really sings like a angel!!! He doesn't play the music, he lives in the music and it's a wonderful thing for us, we can listen to him. I'm sorry for my english, I know, my level is horrible!!! But I only want to say thank you, Andreas. I wish you the best of the best. Merci mille fois pour ce que vous faites, votre musique est si belle. Vous nous aisez à vivre, n'arrêtez jamais ce que vous faîtes. Je vous souhaites tout le meilleur possible. Un de vos fans, qui tient beaucoup à pouvoir encore lontemps entendre cette si belle musique.


Pia & Jørn Vestergaard, Denmark

30 August 2007

Dear Andreas,

We have seen you in Copenhagen Julius Cesar and Pergolesi Stabat Mater in our Radiohause. And the best concert in my life, in Berlin 04 with you and Accademia Bizantina. I need words!!! Please come to Copenhagen!!! You have open for feelings I never know. We Wish You A Good Life!


Sally Gardner, UK

30 August 2007

I too was puzzled by the quote in Michael Bo's article that female middle aged audiences draw away from countertenors as they become older. It seems true that female opera singers have a very hard time with directors as they get older, and I guess anyone in the public eye has to watch their weight. But I didn't notice that James Bowman became any less popular in his 40s or 50s. When the voice starts to become restricted, or miss notes, ok, but that's nothing to do with appearance.  But it may be that the quote was taken out of a context that would have made more sense. Enjoy your 40s. It really IS a wonderful time, careerwise and personally. Everything still works fine and you know far more about how to use it!


Fabriçe Cardo, Belgium

27 August 2007

Il ya 20 ans que j'écoute de la musique dites "ancienne" disons de Machaut a Rossini et je peux dire que la voix d'Andreas Scholl est encore meilleure qu'avant pour l'opera...il as gagné en puissance il utilise son registre de poitrine et dieux si l'extension de la tessiture a l'extrême est importante pour l'opéra chez Handel, Hasse, Porpora, etc... des acents "angéliques" ont disparus est c'est normal... regardez Gerard Lesne il est pour moi maintenant a son age une parfaite haute-contre a la française! Bref les trilles de Bartoli; l'aplomb de Marylin Horne; les coloratures de Sutherland; l'angelisme de Deller et la beauté intrinsèque de la voix d'Andreas est on est pas loin de la vérité... a méditer!!!


Wilma J Austin, UK

26 August 2007

Dear Andreas,
It was such a great privilege and a pleasure to be at your Edinburgh Festival debut,in the Usher Hall,on Friday evening. The grief and anguish of the first cantata Cessate,omai cessate was acutely tangible and truly exquisite. Having listened to Vivaldi's Stabat Mater countless times and being familiar with its sorrowful text, to actually see you sing it was breathtaking and completely overwhelming. Thank you for coming to Scotland and for an intensly moving experience, to be cherished.
Haste ye back! 
With love and thanks. xxx


Lis Thomsen, Denmark

25 August 2007

Dear Andreas Scholl,
I have just read Michael Bo’s interview with you in the September 2007 edition of the Danish magazine Klassisk. It appears that you are a bit worried about turning 40, and that you feel that Quote: Sometimes I feel that some members of the audience – especially middle-aged women want to keep the counter tenor in the role of a boy with an angelic voice, and they punish you by withdrawing their love if you gain a little weight, get wrinkles or grey hair. Unquote. I am 64 years old, so maybe I do not belong in the category ‘middle-aged’ but rather in the category ‘old’. Anyway I do not agree with you on the quoted statement. A few wrinkles, grey hair or a few kilos overweight will never change the fact that you are my favourite singer. On the contrary, I love your mature voice and your ‘new’ interpretations. I am crazy about your interpretation of Cessate omai cessate from the concert in Salzburg, it is far more temperamental than the ‘old’ interpretation, and I love it when you use your baritone register. And dear Andreas Scholl rest assured that I share this opinion with my Danish middle-aged Scholler friends.
Kind regards
Lis Thomsen


Mercedes Bestue, Spain

23 August 2007

Recien acabo de descubrir la impresionante de voz de Andres Scholl, ojala pueda verlo en directo alguna vez!!!  Andreas te felicito!!!


Fabrice Cardon, Belgium

15 August 2007

Le Stabat Mater de Pergolèse est un chef d'oeuvre mais celui d'Alessandro Scarlatti en est un également... Je te verrais bien en duo avec Daniele de Niese! Enfin je te souhaite beaucoup de succès a l'opéra mais n'oublies jamais J S Bach.
Un grand fan Belge


Dunja Klemm, USA

1 August 2007

Hallo Andreas, es war nett dich in Kiedrich getroffen zu haben und etwas plaudern zu koennen.Es wuerde mich freuen wenn Du bei deinem naechsten USA Aufenthalt mal selber in mein Restaurant kommen koenntest.
Gruss und alles Gute,


Julia Byriel, USA

28 July 2007

Das Konzert in Wiesbaden war wunderschoen, gerne haette ich oefter die Moeglichkeit Ihre Konzerte zu besuchen. Die Nachricht, dass Sie naechstes Jahr wieder in NYC singen werden hat mich riesig gefreut!  Herzliche Gruesse und alles Gute!!!


Rosalinda Ramos, Mexico

25 July 2007

Dear Andreas,
Yes, indeed. There are not enough hours in the day to listen to your amazing voice. My current obssession is the Buxtehude DVD (and the CD,too). What absolutely superb ensemble singing on both versions!!!!! Please, do make room in your busy life for more recordings as sublime as these. I can never thank you enough for your art. God bless you.


Natalia, Russia

2 July 2007

Thanks sooooooo much for Il Duello Amoroso dear Andreas!  Handel's cantatas are beautiful especially with my beloved voice...  PS Sweeter than roses was very very beautiful too... :)


Monique Jarzyna, France

29 June 2007

Mr Scholl, your voice is simply and absolutely divine Thank you for embellishing my life.


Fabrice Cardon, Belgium

27 June 2007

Le Stabat Mater de Pergolesi avec Anna Netrebko!!!!... Andreas tu sais que je suis jaloux!!! On t'as déja vu avec Barbara bonney à Bruxelles; Hélène Guilmette; Camilla Tilling; Renée Fleming; A C Antoniaci, etc... Sympa la vie de contre -ténor... sympa aussi ton entretien avec P Jaroussky dans Musica... J'espère enfin te revoir sous la direction de René Jacob.
Fabriçe de Braine-Le-Comte - un grand fan Belge


Oliver, UK

23 June 2007

Hello Mr. Scholl,
I am a countertenor, 14 years old. I have been singing in the Chelmsford Cathedral Choir since I was ten, and my singing teacher and choir master is Peter Nardone. I just want to tell you how much I admire your voice. Actually, it was only a few months ago since I first heard you sing, but now, I absolutely love listening to your voice. There are just not enough hours in a day to listen to you! You are, without a shadow of a doubt, the best countertenor in the world!  I wish I could sing as well as you do. I am aware that I sing too loudly in the choir, and I do not think that my voice is very nice to listen to, but I do sing with my heart. Whatever range I develop in the end, I just hope that I have the same sensitive and truly musical approach that you have to all music.


Diego, Argentina

18 June 2007

Andreas Scholl is the best countertenor in the whole world! The magic and spirituality of his great voice takes me away to heavens, and I feel I am listening an angel singing!  You`re the best man!  Andreas, I love your performance of Buxtehude`s Jubilate Domino, and every other single song I`ve heard you singing!


Pedro, Spain

3 June 2007

I first listened to Andreas Scholl about five years ago. I bought his albums "Heroes" and "Ombra mai fu" and I just loved them. The first time I listened to him I just fell in love with his voice. It was love at first "hearing / listening". Nobody sings "ombra mai fu" as beautifully as he does.My dream now is to see him sing live in concert. Thank you Mr Scholl.


Vincent Ceulemans, Belgium

17 May 2007

I hoped to see and hear Mr Scholl next Sunday, but they called me to say he is ill... get better soon!


Russell, UK

15 May 2007

Hi Andreas,
I met you once about 10yrs ago in Rotterdam; you wanted my coat and bought it from me! You never said you were a megastar !!


Magdalena Grysinska, Poland

9 May 2007

However I'm a mezzosoprano I was tought by a counter-tenor and I learn a lot by listening to male voices. Andreas Scholl is my "idol", his understanding of the meaning of words and notes have always inspired me and his interpretation of early music wakes up my ambitions. Thanks a lot.


Catie McKinney, USA

9 May 2007

Hello Mr. Scholl,
I followed you over here from your MySpace page. I love the site. :)   I just have to tell you how happy I am that you are also doing pop - congratulations!   I love your voice....   God Bless You!   Your fan and friend,  Catie (14)


Benjamin Farrelly, UK

24 April 2007

Andreas, you are my singing role model. I'm performing Pergolesi's Stabat Mater with a great soprano in Oxford in a couple of weeks and your recording of it has been an inspiration to me. I saw you perform vergnügte Ruh at the Barbican last november, it was brilliant!! You are brilliant!!


Rodrigo Alcoreza Portillo, Bolivia

16 April 2007

You are a master. Thanks for give the world and me your voice, you are of another planet!!!  I am your fan forever.


Kei Miyakita UK

8 April 2007

The greatest singer I've ever known, Andreas! Thank you for making my life so much fun. You give a song life so that the piece lives for the first time, and it instantly becomes my favourie song.

Fabriçe, Belgium

6 April 2007

Un goût parfait,un hauboit dans la gorge,simplicité, naturel,du charme ...merci Andreas pour votre nouveau cd avec H.Guilmette.  Haendel et ses cantates arcadiennes vous vont comme un gant!


David Gonzalez, Chile

1 April 2007

You are the best! Plz plz come to Chile!!!


Youdon'tknowme, Hungary

29 March 2007

I have no words for what I'm going through but I can't resist trying to tell you. Listening to Andreas Scholl singing I don't know if I'm in Heaven or Hell. My heart aches and I'm desperate to stay enwrapped in his voice forever.


Stella Birch, Denmark

22 March 2007

Message: I was hoping to se you again in 2008 Royal Opera house in Copenaghen in the fantastik opera Julius Cesar but I cannot find it in the skeduled program of the house for 2007/8.  Hope you vill come again in Copenaghen - we miss you!


Wilfredo Cisneros, Venezuela

21 March 2007

Profundamente conmovido , por este artista , produce en mi un sentido de asombrada maravilla , y la pura alegria de precensiar un milagro


John & Becky Oehlers, USA

9 March 2007

We would REALLY like to see a re-issue of the Cantates Romaines II as soon as possible - Thanks!


Robert Schmidt, Netherlands

1 March 2007

Dear Mister Scholl,
Did you make a recording with Sylvia McNair?


Lisa Zhang, China

28 February 2007

I was only a secondary school student when I heard Mr Scholl's voice along with other two coutertenors on radio.It did make a deep impression on me.Among three of them,I thought his voice is the most beautiful one,with pure and honey timbre.I have been a fan of Mr Scholl since then.But I don't have any opportunity to attend his live concert because he is hardly likely to perform in Asia,a continent that has so little to do with European Traditional Music.I do wish that someday I would go abroad to watch his live performance.But still I wish that Mr Scholl would come to Shanghai and give a performance during Shanghai International Art Festival.Actually,it's not hard for a Chinese to understand the art of coutertenor as there is also a similar tradition in Chinese Opera.But their vocalism are completely different. I am now wondering if he makes an album of Asian folk songs,what will it be.It must be very funny and exotic or maybe it's only a foolish idea...


Geoffrey D Decker, USA

24 February 2007

I'm a HUGE fan! Do you know how I could get an autographed photograph?


Spencer, USA

24 February 2007

I am a student of German in Los Angeles, CA, USA. I am under much stress and often listen to you sing on cd. Your lovely voice unties all the knots in my stomach and takes my stress away. I hope someday to see you sing in person. Sie sind ein Schatz.


Sherry, USA

24 February 2007

I have been waiting a long time to see you, but you never seem to make it to Los Angeles. Perhaps in the future. I will be the first in line for tickets! Your lovely singing voice is like warm honey. Please come to southern California someday!


Bruce, USA

13 February 2007

I have not yet had the pleasure of hearing Mr. Scholl live either in concert or in opera. His appearance with The Metropolitian Opera in Handel's Rodelinda was truly a revelation. His first act aria Dove sei, amato bene? as sung during that broadcast was one of the most moving and beautiful single arias I have ever heard. Oh, what I would give now to have been in the house!! Of course my aircheck of that performance is something I treasure. Despite several fine countertenors on the scene today, I must say that none has come close to equalling what I hear in this voice. I don't say that to be critical of others. No one could play the piano like Horowitz, the cello like Casals, or the guitar like Segovia. Some artists are just in the league. There are very very few. Mr. Scholl is one of them.


Steve Olffers, Netherlands

11 February 2007

I love your voice from the beginning. Your voice is so unic. thank your for al the nice moments. I singing Indian music for a tempel, music is "God".


Laure, France

4 February 2007

Bravo et merci à vous, créateurs de ce site, pour cet hommage artistique, si élégant dans sa présentation ET dans son propos ! Quelle joie de constater que l'on peut rendre hommage à un artiste sans tomber dans la complaisance, l'idolâtrie ou le mauvais goût ! Monsieur Scholl doit être fier d'avoir suscité un tel travail, et vous lui faites honneur.  Moi qui ai été une "fan" de la toute première heure (j'avais 15 ans en 1995, à l'époque de ses débuts parisiens !), jamais je n'ai trouvé informations plus riches et surtout intéressantes à son sujet.  Alors que je trouve aujourd'hui sa voix moins touchante et moins "vraie" qu'avant..., vous m'avez donné envie de m'y intéresser à nouveau ! Merci, continuez !


Fabrice de Braine-Le-Comte, Belgium

1 February 2007

Quel plaisir réentendre Andreas dans ces cantates de Bach pour alto solo et Ottavio Dantone :"Maestro di cembalo" au Shubertiade!!! Parfait et Monsieur Scholl vous avez comme dirait Begnine de Baccily: "un Hauboit de chasse dans le gosier" kiss from Belgium.


Natalia, Russia

31 January 2007

Thanks to you I love John Dowland's music - sadness, desperation, unrequited Love and hope.. for a better future life. John Dowland is as a magnet for me... You are my best teacher, dear Andreas! Your new London programe is so beautiful... It is may be that I've been expecting from you as a performer most of all... I read these texts as a schoolgirl with a dictionary (excuse me for my English). I've understood: for last 400 years absolutely nothing changed - we need the beauty.  English Renaissance...   Thank you for your Vienna recital. I love your voice...
P.S. Unfortuanetly, "sold out" is a verdict of Wigmore Hall... It's a pity....


Thomas Green, UK

31 January 2007

I support your campaign to have Cantates Romaines II reissued.


Ulla, Switzerland

31 January 2007

In Wettingen wollte ich nicht in Deiner haut stecken, bewundernswert, wie Du eine groteske bühne und ein nicht sehr höfliches publikum gemeistert hast. danke für jeden ton, den ich von Dir hören darf. danke für jede cd, danke, dass Du so gut für Deine stimme sorgst und und so hoffentlich noch viele und von der stimmung her glücklichere konzerte bescheren wirst.


Jinny, South Korea

27 January 2007

Ich bin eine Koreanerin in Deutschland. Ich höre seit 2Stn Ihre musik... unglaublich schön... Ich wünsche Ihnen ein erfolgreiches.


Jinny, South Korea

27 January 2007

Hallo... Andreas..!!  Ich studiere Zahnmedizin in Heidelberg...wenn ich wegen dem Studium gestresst bin, höre ich Ihre Musik!!! Dann... geht alles gut!!!! ^^  Ihre Stimme ist wunderschön...!!  Ich wünsche ihnen... ein weiteres erfolgreiches Leben.!!!
PS das Lied... Arirang... haben Sie sehr gut gesungen.. Ihre Aussprache ist sehr gut!! ^^


Ingrid Schulze, Austria

13 January 2007

Lieber Andi!
Heute hab ich Dich zum ersten Mal singen gehört - hast mich voll umgehauen! Was gibt es schöneres im Nachtdienst, als Deine Stimme zu hören. Bin schon ganz entspannt. Bis auf ein baldiges Wiederhören.
Ingrid (in diesem Falle: leider verheiratete) Schulze
(Ach Herr, ach Herr - lass mich Dein liebes Engelein ...)


Amalia Prat, Andorra

5 January 2007

Voix spectaculaire, émouvante! Son interprétation de Cum dederit est simplement prodigieuse. Bravo, Andreas!


Natalia, Russia

1 January 2007

I'd like to wish You all the best in the next year. It is my hope that ALL your wishes will come true, ALL your dreams, dear Andreas... Happy New Year!


Linda, Germany

7 December 2006

Es war die reine Freude Andreas Scholl und die Accademia Bizantina in der Münchner Philharmonie zu erleben. Danke für dieses aussergewöhnliche Konzert. Bach ist das Grösste, aber von Andreas Scholl gesungen an Tiefe und Innigkeit nicht mehr zu übertreffen. Danke für diesen Abend!!


Natalia, Russia

28 November 2006

"Lute songs" + Mr Andreas Scholl + Vienna!!!!!!!!! Thank you very much, dear Andreas!!!!!!!!!!


David Moore, UK

27 November 2006

Heard this recording of Handel Cantates Romaines with Scholl from '93 this morning on BBC Radio 3 - can't believe it isn't any longer available. Pourqoi pas ?!


Wilma J Austin, UK

26 November 2006

A BIG thank you to you and Accademia Bizantina for the exquisite Bach recital, in the Barbican Hall, on Friday. This was the first time I had seen you sing Bach. It is amazing that such an austere text can be made to sound so stunningly beautiful. An almost indescribable and blissfully emotional experience, to nourish the soul and be carried in the heart, forever.  It is lovely that you are willing to meet and chat with people after the performance, in such a generous and kind way. I was ecstatic to learn from you of your intention for the June concert to be a lute song recital, as opposed to Purcell, as suggested on the Schollsoc concert calender. Dowland has to be the ultimate in melancholic beauty. I look forward to seeing you sing this wondrous music. Many thanks. x


José, Spain

18 November 2006

I was in the November 3rd concert at the Teatro Real, Madrid. It was simply the most perfect recital that I can imagine. Thank you Mr Scholl and please come back to Spain soon, le esperamos!


Natalia, Russia

12 November 2006

Herzliche Glueckwunsche zu deinem Geburtstag, lieber Andreas!  Thank you for "English Folksongs and Lute Songs". "Me, me and non but me" is one of your masterpieces.  ...I wish you to be loved and to be understood ...


Edith Naghiu, Germany

11 November 2006

...ein immer wieder erfreuliches Ereignis...Alles Gute


Patricia Relle, UK

10 November 2006

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday, Andreas!


Lieselotte Waldhoer, Switzerland

10 November 2006

Hallo Herr Scholl! Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag, Gesundheit, Erfolg und viel Freude im Beruf auf dass Ihnen alles gelingt, was Sie sich vom kommenden Lebensjahr erhoffen.


Christel Kollmann, Germany

10 November 2006

Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag, lieber Andreas Scholl! Danke für die Freude, die Sie mit Ihrer schönen Stimme und Gesangskunst mir - wie vielen anderen Menschen - bereiten. Ihr Programm "Händel, Haydn, Mozart" hat mir sehr gefallen. Ich habe mir die SWR-Sendung des vollen Programms von dem Schwetzinger Konzert aufgenommen und höre es oft mit großem Genuss. Insbesondere Ihre zweite Zugabe "Senti, di te, ben mio ..." begeistert mich jedes Mal, wenn ich es höre. Ich warte nun sehr auf Ihre angekündigten Einspielungen auf CD, besonders auch auf die Kantaten von Caldara. Ich wünsche Ihnen, dass Sie Ihre persönlichen künstlerischen Pläne weiterhin verwirklichen können.


Luisa, Portugal

10 November 2006

Muito Parabéns por mais este Aniversário. Espero que ano lhe traga muitas felicidaes artísticas e pessoais.


Lyn, UK

10 November 2006

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday -  have a wonderful day!


Claudia, Spain

10 November 2006

Muchas Felicidades Sr. Scholl o como decimos en mi país: Zorionak! Acabo de recibir seis discos de Ud. así que parece más mi cumpleaños.Gracias por todo.


Linda P, Germany

10 November 2006

Lieber Andreas Scholl, alles, alles Liebe und Gute zum Geburtstag! Danke für Ihre Musik, die mir jeden Tag verschönt! Ich freu mich schon sehr auf Ihr Konzert in München und grüße Sie ganz herzlich, Ihr größter Fan L.


Wilma J Austin, UK

10 November 2006

Dear Andreas,
Many Happy Returns of the day, from Scotland :)
Thank you for the great pleasure you give to people, through your wondrous voice and the beautiful music you bring us.
Wishing you continued success, with love and best wishes. x
Very much looking forward to your London Barbican concert :)


Nilnilx, China

9 November 2006

The first time I ran into Scholl's voice is in "King Henry" from English folks song. Then his voice's been accompanying me right through the most difficult time in life and study. I don't know much about classic music, but I'm sure he is UNIQUE to me...


Georgios, Greece

7 November 2006

Cher Andreas Scholl,
Dimanche dernier, j'ai traversais le bois qui mène au châteaux de Chambord en accompagnie de votre voix dans "Ombra mai fu" et "Va taccito nascosto" et l'émotion était inopinée.  Merci de nous faire parvenir une telle sensation!


Rosalinda Ramos, Mexico

6 November 2006

¡Feliz cumpleaños, lieber nachtigall!  God bless you for blessing with your voice and your art. Thank you for filling our lives with beauty and expanding our musical and emotional horizons. All the best on your birthday and always, beatus vir.
P.S.You're most admired and loved in Mexico


Jo Callick, Australia

6 November 2006

Dear Andreas,
Happy Birthday, you are absolutely beautiful, gorgeous, divine, clever, the face and voice of an angel!  I met you in Perth Western Australia and want to again, when are you returning? Your music is simply inspirational, amazing!  Please keep singing and touring. Danke. Lots of love from your number one fan, Jo.


Gari Safaryan, Georgia

2 November 2006

Cher M Scholl,
pour moi , vous etes Dieux du chant!!! Le foto avec vous - pour moi c'est le meilleur foto dans mon album!!! Et ecouter votre enregistrement - les grands moment!!! Merci pour votre "GIULIO CESARE" a Paris!!! Super!!! Merci.


Sandra Murphy, Ireland

1 November 2006

Well what can I say?! There are no words to describe Andreas Scholl... he is, without any shadow of a doubt, the most wonderful, passionate and amazing singer ever born - heaven sent.


Israel, Mexico

29 October 2006

The best of counter tenor voices in the world...


Natalia, Russia

28 October 2006

Dear Andreas,
Thank you for "Giulio Cesare" in Paris. I was happy to hear "Aure" twice. Your voice rang out so tenderly. It was delightful...


Antonio, Italy

27 October 2006

Congratulations to Andreas Scholl for his performance of Handel's "Giulio Cesare", yesterday in Rome. The sounding of his voice inside Santa Cecilia Hall was fantastic. Best moments: "Empio dirò tu sei", "Va tacito e nascosto" (act 1); "Al lampo dell'armi" (act 2); "Aure, deh, per pietà" (act 3) with a masterly prolonged emission of the letter "A". This opera will remain for Rome and the Auditorium Parco della Musica, one of the Handel's opera best interpretations of all times.


Ramón María Vázquez García, Spain

26 October 2006

I am RAMÓN MARÍA VÁZQUEZ GARCÍA, from Santiago de Compostela(Spain). I am countertenor since I was two years old. When I was 11 years old I am start to sing as countertenor in the Scola Cantorum of my Church. Actually I take lessons with MERCEDES HERNÁNDEZ and RICHARD LEVITT,and study also in PORTO(PORTUGAL)in the "ESMAE", with MAGNA FERREIRA and other teachers. RICHARD LEVITT told me in October 2006 in Salamanca (Spain) that I can to sing like Andreas Scholl, but I know I have to do a hard work every day. I know José Hernández and Carlos Mena. They are two great persons and great singers. I hope to see you someday. For my, you are the best countertenor all over the world. Pleased to write you. Simplicity, Love, Peace and my best wishes of happiness for you and your family. Bye,bye.


Gari Safaryan, Georgia

23 October 2006

Et bien sur mes felicitations pour GIULIO CESARE. comme toujour vous etez formidable et magnifique!!!!  Je pleure toujour quand je vous ecoute; je vous adore, andreas!!!


Javier Nuño, Mexico

19 October 2006

I really go mad when I hear you, congratulations to your Giulio Cesare yesterday at Theatre des Champs Elysees, Paris, you were absolutely wonderful we still hope to have us singing in Mexico. OK, thanks for your appreciation. Best wishes, you have a friend in Mexico. Javi


Angel Sanchez, Peru

18 October 2006

Sr. Andreas,
Soy un fanatico de la musica que interpreta y de su melodiosa voz, yo soy tenor y tengo un grupo de musica barroca del Cuzco aqui en Peru se llama Limatriumphante ya tuvimos una gira por USA y parece que saldra el de España, espero que algun dia lo tengamos aqui en Peru para intercambiar musica y tener la dicha de conocerlo, me despido con un fuerte abrazo y apreton de manos.


Jason Hoffart, Venezuela

11 October 2006

As a self-taught countertenor the beauty of Andreas Scholl's voice has helped me incredibly.


Daniel Elgersma, Netherlands

25 September 2006

I'm a countertenor myself. People say my voice sounds very like Andreas's. His voice is sooo beautifull, I hope I once will sing with him!! Haha. Keep up the GOOD work! :D


Sabine Degroote, France

17 September 2006

Andreas Scholl...un phrasé bouleversant de simplicité...j'adore.


Maria, Germany

29 August 2006

This site is just perfect, the best about Andreas Scholl I´ve found in the web. Thank you !! Andreas, you´re the most wonderful singer in the world! Never stop interpreting music! See you soon in Frankfurt (I hope so) :-)


Thomas J D Neal, UK

15 August 2006

Andreas Scholl has the most superb counter-tenor voice I have ever heard. I was first saw him at the BBC Proms in 2005 and ever since have longed to here him again. Last night I went to Borders to buy a copy of one of his CDs. I searched through and cought a glimpse of "SPECIAL OFFER: ONLY £2.99" My heart beating, I looked closer, only to find a Russel Watson CD had made its way into the Andreas School section. The disappointment was enormous! In comparison with Russell Watson (I dare say even a lot of truly classical artists) Scholl is utterly astounding. He is, without doubt, the finest counter-tenor of our age. Well done Scholl - you have captured a teenager's dreams!!!


Udo il Ludo, Australia

13 August 2006

Schoene gruesse von noel aus szdnez. Ihr habt euch mal in Deutschland getroffen. Er hat theologie studiert und als religionslehrer gearbeitet, bis ihn ABC radio angagiert hat, wo er jetzt die sendung spirituality und religionen leitet. Alles liebe.


Gonzalo, Chile

12 August 2006

Andreas, tan solo felicitarte por tu extraordinario talento, reflejado en cada grabación que he logrado conseguir. Sería fantástico poder contar con una visita a este lejano país del mundo.


Aanske A Oosterhoff, Netherlands

7 August 2006

Dear Andreas Scholl,
Last year, I heard you singing at the Last Night of the BBC Proms, and I started to cry. Mostly of happiness: Thank you Lord for the beautiful voice of Andreas Scholl!


Ricardo Carvalho, Portugal

3 August 2006

Andreas Scholl voice is like a time machine send us all back to an Éden. Congratulations to his extraordinary voice and talent.


Fabrice Cardon, Belgium

28 July 2006

Bonjour Andreas,
J'espère t'entendre en 2006 ou 2007 a Bruxelles. Tu es le rayon de soleil de ma vie. J 'ai une grave maladie très à la mode...mais ta voix me calme de mes tourments. Kiss from Belgium...


Aria Akifi, Germany

18 July 2006

ein traum...


Paulo Roberto, Brazil

16 July 2006

Dear Andreas, congratulations for your wonderful voice...it is so amazing....that its like angel voice......please...if you can send me some records of your songs....please....ah.....do u know if here in brasil there's some cd's of your???? God bless you and your voice....bye


Claudia, Spain

16 July 2006

Gracias por descubrirme sentimientos que no sabía que existían.


Joris, Belgium

7 July 2006

Als beginnend zanger (contra-tenor) zou ik dolgraag eens een concert van Scholl in België bijwonen en ook ev. eens met hem praten ... Wanneer en waar komt hij nog eens naar ons België ? Groetjes...


Natalia, Russia

28 June 2006

Dear Andreas! Unfortunately I don't understand German language. But I felt the beauty of your voice at Schubertiade concerts. Thank you very much! I will never forget your recital in Rostock.


Lis Thomsen, Denmark

21 June 2006

Dear Andreas
A week ago a dear friend of mine gave me a DVD from the broadcasting of yours and Marcus Märkel’s concert in Schwetzingen. Since then I have seen the DVD every day. I enjoy your excellent interpretation very much, it touches my heart and especially die Abendempfindung brings tears to my eyes. I have newer heard such a heart-rending interpretation of this piece and to see you sing it adds to my pleasure. I have only seen you live in Giulio Cesare in Copenhagen in 2005. In October I am going to Paris with my friend and we plan to see three of the Giulio Cesare performances there. I am also looking very much forward to your two concerts in Copenhagen in April next year. I love your Bach interpretations. In connection with the mention in the newspapers of the award to Lars Ulrik Mortensen of the Sonning Music Award it was revealed that you are going to sing at the Royal Theatre of Copenhagen in Partenope in the season 2008-2009, which I am also looking very much forward to.


Karolina, UK

19 June 2006

Andreas, beautiful performance in Queen Elizabeth's Hall in London on the 11th of June!!! I even had a chance to exchange couple of words with you while you were signing your CD - I could hardly believe it. I got already tickets for your November performance and I cannot wait!!! Your fan forever.


Karin, Sweden

9 June 2006

I miss a category on andreasschollsociety.org: Places we would like Andreas Scholl to perform. I, for one, would like him to perform in Stockholm.


Baptiste, France

8 June 2006

J'aimerais devenir un contre-ténor aussi impressionant que vous, sachez que je travaille pour cela et que j'espère rentrer au centre baroque de Versailles pour une formation complète. Je vous adore, votre voix est celle d'un ange, continuez à nous faire rêver, merci pour tout !!!!


Virginia Wilhelm, USA

4 June 2006

I was thrilled to see Rodelinda at the Met on the final performance. The production by Stephen Wadsworth was exquisite -- Mr. Scholl's singing and acting were remarkable. A great evening at the Met! I hope we will see Mr Scholl back at the Met in the future -- and also for more recitals in NYC.


Karolina, UK

27 May 2006

Believe it or not - in December 05 I bought THE LAST ticket to your concert on 11th June at the Queen Elizabeth Hall in London. I cannot wait to hear you, Andreas. I am sure it will be a very emotional evening for me, something I will never forget! All the best!


Opera Fanatic, USA

24 May 2006

Scholl ROCKS! Come back to the Met Andreas Scholl! Your NYC recital was awesome and your Met Opera Rodelinda performances were SUPERB! I saw it 4 times and I wanted MORE! We need you- don't leave us!!!! I have been totally distracted since closing night, I was in the 7th row when he came out for the final bows - BRAVO does not say enough - try, maybe... a precious gift to the world from above!!!! Why can't the Met offer more Handel/early music operas?? -drats!


Peter Pistner, Germany

21 May 2006

Hallo lieber Andreas Scholl!
Ich singe jetzt fast vier Jahre in einem Chor. Dies zählt zu meinem größten Hobby neben dem Hören von klassischer Musik. Als ich Sie beim Durchzappen im Fernsehen zum ersten Mal sah, es ging um Ihre Biographie mit zahlreichen Ausschnitten Ihrer Konzerte, war ich total von Ihrer Stimme begeistert. Ich kannte, muss ich zugeben den Begriff Kontratenor bis dahin noch nicht, und musste einfach mehr über diese Stimmlage erfahren, indem ich mir kurzum CDs von Ihnen kaufte. Ich kann einfach nur sagen, dass Ihre klare Stimme ein Traum ist. Ich möchte auch nachträglich zum Echo-Klassik Preis gratulieren, denn er gebührt dem Besten. Ich freue mich, dass Sie im Dezember nach Frankfurt in die Alte Oper kommen, dann kann ich Sie zum ersten Mal live singen hören. Alles Gute und viele Grüße.


Lynne Cullen, Scotland

20 May 2006

I think his latest cd is so inspiring to listen to. It always makes me feel good. I need to start a collection right away. Best wishes from Scotland.


Alexander, France

20 May 2006

There are only two countertenor voices that the world must remember: Alfred Deller and Andreas Scholl! It is a pleasure every time I listen to them!


Fabrice, Belgium

19 May 2006

Andréas je t'adore. N'oublies pas tes premières amours!!! Jean-Sebastien Bach... love from Braine-le-Comte.


Sherry Nagel, USA

17 May 2006
We had the privilege of hearing Andreas perform at the New York Met in Rodelinda. He was fabulous. We want to hear more of his singing.


Linda, Germany

15 May 2006

Lieber Andreas Scholl,
Ganz herzliche Glückwünsche zum Classical Brit Award!! Bei allem Respekt vor den anderen Künstlern: Wer hätte diesen Preis, sowie all die anderen Preise und Auszeichnungen, mehr verdient als Sie!! Weiterhin die allerbesten Wünsche, und kommen Sie bald wieder nach München, Linda P.


Javier Garbayo, Spain

14 May 2006

Thanks for your voice and for your Art. It´s one of better things in my life!


Sharon McBride, UK

7 May 2006

Wonderful to see an artist of substance being recognised at the Classical Brits. Still waiting impatiently for that concert in Belfast... Please, no pink frocks!


Orlando Aguirre, Colombia

28 April 2006

God has blessed you with that magnificent voice. I enjoy very much visiting your page and hearing that beatiful music. I knew about you just a couple months ago through a Catholic priest of our parish. He gave the Stabat Mater cd of Vivaldi and since that moment I hear a lot your music. I'm trying to get the cd of Handel 'Si, si...' I love that song. I live in Atlanta GA USA. Saint Blase keep your voice in shape.


Enrico, Italy

27 April 2006

Indeed, Mr Scholl, you are the only musician who makes me cry as a baby. Wonderful, inhuman, moving interpretations: this is real ART, in capital letters. Thank you, heartily.


Asli Kodan, Turkey

21 April 2006

The first time I heard that voice, I thought that, if angels have voices, this voice exactly could be. After that, I couldn't stand any other voices and still can't. I adore you precious.


Jonathan Monroy, Guatemala

20 April 2006

I just can say that you are great Mr Scholl, I'm from Guatemala, but right now I'm in Taiwan, I would like to be in one of your concerts. Your voice inspires art.


Edith Naghiu, Germany

14 April 2006

Die Vorstellung in Luzern war wunderschön. Herzlichen Dank.


Brian Hogan, USA

12 April 2006

I saw Mr Scholl at Zankel Hall in NYC last night (4-11-06) and it was great. Gorgeous singing...I wish him good luck in his Metropolitan Opera debut. Thank you.


Nicole, Germany

10 April 2006

Hallo Andreas,
ich war am 1.4. in HH im Michel dabei und konnte mein Glück nicht fassen. Ein Traum hat sich erfüllt! Wäre nicht Lüneburg auch mal ein Konzert wert? Für eine Unterkunft wäre gesorgt, wir habe eine nette Gästeliege im Keller...
Liebe Grüße, Nic


Aino Dahlgren, Sweden

10 April 2006

Just wondering when Andreas Scholl will be in Sweden next time, then in Stockholm?


Paloma Borondo, Spain

3 April 2006

I´m so glad that you´ll come to Madrid to sing at the Teatro Real, by the end of the year. I remember hearing your last performance here, at the Zarzuela, on 22 December 2003. I was deeply impressed. I think you´re the best countertenor around. So, I´ll be present at the Teatro Real on 3 November and I´ll applaud at you wildly, again. Thanks.


Donna Mark, USA

28 March 2006

I will be seeing him in Rodelinda at the MET on May 13th. and I CAN\'T WAIT!!! I am a HUGE fan of the countertenor voice, and attend musical events usually only with countertenor roles.


Linda,  Germany

21 March 2006

Die Lange Nacht in Nürnberg war noch nicht lang genug. Es war wunderbar! DANKE! Liebe Grüße und die allerbesten Wünsche aus Bad Aibling, L.P.


Barbara, Germany

19 March 2008

Vielen, vielen Dank für die 2 schönen Konzerte in Nürnberg!  Ich werde diese Lange Nacht der Alten Musik lange in Erinnerung behalten. Beste Grüße aus München.


Paul, UK

14 March 2006

I am currently training as a countertenor. Your voice is an inspiration. Please make more visits to London.


Cleves Baumgartner, France

6 March 2006

I thank all the powers of the universe for having come together and given us the privelege, in our generation, the voice of Andreas Scholl. Sitting at the Theatre de Chatelet for that one concert was worth more than the others I saw in Paris last year. His voice has haunted me since and will do so till that final day and I will smile with gladness that yes, I have heard this great musician and human being sing... Merci encore.


Zoli, Hungary

3 March 2006

Congratulations the Senesino Album! You've done tiptop! :) My fingers itch the in Budapest.


Berek, Japan

1 March 2006

I'm also from Japan and I\'m a big fan of yours. I hope you can visit Japan soon. I listen to one or other of your recordings almost every day. I sing with the Tokyo Oratorio Society and have switched a couple years ago from singing tenor to countertenor. You were one of the main inspirations for my wanting to sing countertenor. One of my wishes is to hear your voice live and meet you.


Dunja Klemm, USA

28 February 2006

Hallo Andreas,
Ich bin ganz begeistert das ich am 13.5. mit meinem Mann zusammen in der NY Met deine Stimme persoenlich hoeren kann.Zwei Kiedricher in der NY Met! Ich hoffe ich kann dir nach der Oper einmal die Haende schuetteln! Gruss.
Dunja Klemm geb. Bibo


Mario Gilio, Italy

22 February 2006

I would like one day to listen to him performing Couperin (Lecons de Tenebre). His voice and this masterpiece will drive me mad.


Yumie Takahashi, Japan

19 February 2006

The first time I listened/watched your beautiful and holy voice was at the TV show on BBC, with my best friend who is soprano singer late at night of Christmas day. We were so impressed and really wish you to visit Japan. Best wishes.


Wilma J Austin, UK

14 February 2006

I was intrigued to read of 'To the Dark Lady',  music written especially for Andreas by Frank Zabel. What an absolute dream combination: Andreas Scholl and Wm Shakespeare. One of the greatest writers of all time and unquestionably, the greatest singer of our time. Already able to captivate, with your most gorgeous interpretation of Burns songs. The idea of hearing songs written for you, based on Shakespearian poetry, is thrilling! Hopefully, you 'll feel this warrants a recording and perhaps further recitals of the work which would be a very exciting prospect. To quote the bard, 'If music be the food of love, play on'.  Andreas, do play on and on... as we will certainly be here to listen. Happy St Valentine's Day x


Hilde Simons, Belgium

6 February 2006

Thank God for such a wonderfull voice and the fact that you now it is a gift from Him! We awake and go to sleep with the arias of Heroes and Senesino and are looking out for new releases. God bless you and your family.


Sylvia The, Australia

1 February 2006

Hi Andreas,
Finally you're coming 'down under' again! I've got tickets for this Saturday... can't wait to experience your voice once more. Your Australian visits are too few and too far apart!


Edith Naghiu, Germany

29 January 2006

Eine einfach himmlische Stimme -- ich bin überwältigt -- alles Gute.


Cagri Carikci, Turkey

24 January 2006

Please one more time in Istanbul/Turkey... thanks.


Peter Lang, Germany

23 January 2006

Ich war im Konzert in Blieskastel anwesend und muss sagen ich war sehr begeistert von ihrer Stimme, Herr Scholl. Daneben von ihrer natürlichen Bühnenpräsenz, die nicht aufgesetzt oder künstlich wirkte sondern ganz wunderbar unaufdringlich normal. Was die Ausflüge ins Pop-Genre angeht so denke ich, wieso sollte man ab und zu nicht experimentierfreudig sein. Das verleiht dem Ganzen etwas Würze. Ich würde sogar soweit gehen, dass ich es sagen würde interessant wäre etwas von den Stylistics aus ihrem Munde zu hören. Mit Russell Thomkins hatten die eine aussergewöhnliche Falsett-Stimme. Die Motown-Orchestrierungen waren zum Teil richtig aufwendig und nicht mit heutigen Chart-Hits zu vergleichen. Beispielsweise "Can't give you anything but love" oder "You make me feel brandnew".Nun denn...alles gute weiterhin für die Zukunft und immer ausreichend Luft...Gruß


Alejandro Ramos, Mexico

20 January 2006

I love your voice, and I have many of your records. I would like to hear you in person, here in México.
My Best Regards.


Brigitte Riff, France

20 January 2006

Cher Maître,
Je ne puis vous appeler autrement que "Maître" car j'ai eu l'occasion de "savourer" votre talent et toute l'émotion que vous mettez dans votre interprétation même quand il s'agit d'un concert pop-rock comme ce fut le cas hier soir dans la Katholische Kirche de Lautzkirchen. Pour moi vous êtes et resterez le plus grand et le meilleur, celui qui touche autant l'oreille et le coeur que l'âme. Le seul qualificatif qui puisse s'appliquer à vous: sublime! Et restez aussi simple que vous l'êtes; que le succès ne vous monte pas à la tête. Bravo !


James Hall, UK

5 January 2005

I would just like to say a huge thank you to Andreas Scholl for being such a hero. I'm 17 and have spent the last 5 years trying to hide my falsetto ability. But Andreas has inspired me to bring it out and sing as much as I can which I have done with great professional success. You rock!


Antares Skorpion, Germany

5 January 2005

Wenn mich Ihre kristallklare Stimme berührt, dann habe ich meine glücklichsten Momente...
Wenn ich mich freue, dann bewirkt Ihre Stimme, dass diese Freude nicht entfliehen kann...
Wenn ich traurig bin, umarmt sie mich sanft und tröstend...
Wenn ich in mich versunken und nachdenklich bin, holen Sie mich aus dem tiefsten Inneren meines Herzens zurück ins Leben.
So wie die Jahre kommen und gehen, gibt mir die Klangfarbe ihrer Stimme Mut und Hoffnung - so lange ich lebe.

Ich hätte Ihnen dies so gerne in meiner Muttersprache gesagt...


Madeleine Longhurst, UK

31 December 2005

Just to say what a treat it was to hear Andreas on the Radio 3 repeat of the Last Night of the Proms tonight. At uni, I did loads of research on Handel opera and got completely blown away by Andreas's interpretation of castrato arias.


Sabine, Austria

30 December 2005

Lieber Herr Scholl,
Ein wunderbares neues Jahr fuer Sie und alle Ihre Lieben. Ich bin gespannt, was 2006 Neues bringen wird und freue mich besonders auf Blieskastel und Amor&Psyche!


Anne, Denmark

30 December 2005

Hi Andreas !
It has been a great year - musically - for you and us, with the success in Giulio Cesare (and the DVD finally coming out - soon?) the masterclasses in Snape and the Senesino tour. It has been a great pleasure to be there for most of it. Thank you for giving us so many unforgettable moments :-)  We are right behind you on your musical path. Happy New Year Andreas!!! Take care. All best wishes. Anne.


Georga Starcz, Hungary

25 December 2005

Dear Andreas,
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We are looking forward to seeing you in J.S.B. Mass in B in September in Hungary. Best regards, Georga and Esther.


Lyn, UK

24 December 2005

Dear Andreas,
I want to tnank you so much for the dedication that you bring to your music. I have great pleasure listening to you on CD and at the Last Night at the Proms. Looking forward to seeing you 'live' in London next year. Hope you and your family have a Blessed Christmas and a Happy and Peaceful New Year.


Luisa Leiria, Portugal

24 December 2005

Frohe Weihnachten und Alles Gute zum neuen Jahr! (I hope it's OK). Thank you for all the good moments. Go your own way, there will be always those who don't like changes no matter how good they are.


Ayesha Foot, UK

24 December 2005

Frohe Weihnachten!  That's the limit of my German. Thank you for all the joy you give to so many people. Ayesha


Glynnis, USA

24 December 2005

Merry Christmas to you and your entire family. I hope that the New Year brings you as much joy as you have brought to all of your listeners.


Sabine, Austria

22 December 2005

Lieber Herr Scholl,
Ich durfte heute Ihr Konzert in Wiesbaden miterleben und danke Ihnen und dem Ensemble Parnassi Musici fuer einen denkwuerdigen Abend, der mich Weihnachtsmuffel nun doch nachhaltig auf das Fest eingestimmt hat. Leider hatte ich nicht die Courage, Ihnen persoenlich "Frohe Weihnachten" zu wuenschen, als Sie nach der Auffuehrung noch in der Kirche verweilten. Ich hoffe, Sie lesen diese Zeilen! Herzlichst, Sabine.


Helen, USA

22 December 2005

Merry Christmas (or whatever you celebrate) and happy New year, Andreas! One of the best gifts I've received this year was the gift of your marvelous music. Best wishes for you in 2006. ^_^


Tracee Alvord, USA

22 December 2005

Happy Holidays to Andreas and the Andreas Scholl Society.  May your new year be filled with many new adventures. Cheers.


Sarah McEvoy, UK

22 December 2005

Herr Scholl -
a very merry Christmas to you and your family, and I'm sorry I am not able to say it in German as I should like. Thank you for so much of the most sublime listening pleasure I have had this year. I am very much looking forward to hearing you live for the first time in the summer!


Zoli, Hungary

22 December 2005

Merry Christmas and happy New year!!


PinPin Chen, Taiwan

21 December 2005

Best wishes to Andreas and everyone here! Merry Christmas and happy New year!!


Sheila, UK

20 December 2005

Merry Christmas, Andreas! And all best wishes for 2006 – may it hold much happiness and success for you. I’m really looking forward to seeing you in Rodelinda in May. Thank you for your music.


Sheryl Haley, UK

20 December 2005

Love the music, love the voice, long may both continue.


Wilma J Austin, UK

19 December 2005

Dear Andreas,
Hoping you and your loved ones have a wonderful Christmas and wishing you all you wish for yourself, in 2006. As we say in Scotland "Lang may yer lum reek!" In other words "A long and happy life to you!" With much love and thanks for the endless pleasure you bring into the lives of others. xxx


Liz Aylett, UK 

8 December 2005

I fell under Andreas Scholl's spell in Salzburg and have been a fan of his voice and his human, committed and enthusiastic approach to music ever since.


Rana Tekcan, Turkey

8 December 2005

Last night Andreas Scholl sang in Istanbul. It was the most enchanting concert I have been in my life. His voice was more amazing than it sounded on any of his records. He touched everyone's soul in that crowded hall. His presence was so unassuming and easily confident, his artistry impeccable... Bless him for making so many people happy with his singing.


Mark Bennett, UK

7 December 2005

I wish to know the secret of your voice Andreas! I have trying to sing countertenor for about 3 years now and if i ever become half as good as you, i will be the happiest man alive.


Lou, Belgium

2 December 2005

Vous etes merveilleux.


Karolina, Poland

30 November 2005

Hello Mr Scholl,
You have the most beautiful voice ever. Sadly the first time I heard your voice was this year at the BBC Proms in London, which is quite bad providing the length of time you have been already singing for. But I have completely fallen in love with your voice and I am going to be your fan forever! You are the best soprano, mezzosoprano, contratenor, you are the best of all !!!!!!!  I hope I will have the opportunity to hear you live - any plans for concerts in the UK? All the best and luv! XXXXX


Rachel Anastasia, USA

29 November 2005

Hello, Mr. Scholl!
I have only heard a few samples of your music, but I love it! Your voice is wonderful, and, what is even more rare, so is your taste in music!  I hope you continue to sing and interpret the wonderful works of the great Baroque composers! God bless!
Rachel, 16 yrs. old.


Barbara, Germany

26 November 2005

Sehr geehrter Herr Scholl,
Vielen, vielen Dank für das wunderschöne Konzert am 23.11.05 im Münchner Herkulessaal und ich freue mich jetzt schon auf Ihren Auftritt in Nürnberg, wo ich selbstverständlich auch anwesend sein werde :-)


Ief, Belgium

25 November 2005

Last Saturday we did listen to a great performance by Andreas. Performing the music of his last record was just superb. Keeping on performing more then 2 bis numbers... the audience did not release the performers applause was going on to the end, end the orchestra was requested to leave the stage. Only then, the audience was willing to leave the hall. Superb!!! Only the greatest word are valid for this kind of performances.


Luis Francisco Romero, USA

21 November 2005

I just purchased your recording "The Voice" and I will never be the same. I can't thank Mr Scholl enough for his great artistry and his generosity of spirit. Will Mr. Scholl ever record "Cantate Romane" by Antonio Vivaldi. I have been trying to locate these gems for years. They were once (a long time ago on LP) recorded by Rene Jacob.


Nadia Dominguez, Mexico

17 November 2005

Is there any chance that you perform your art in Mexico?  Please take it in consideration, many of us are not able to travel so far to be at the concerts abroad.


Helen, USA

16 November 2005

Great site! Being a new Andreas Scholl fan, I had no idea where to start exploring! But this site was VERY helpful, comprehensive, and interesting. Keep up the good work. And Andreas, if you are reading this, your voice is truly phenomenal. Astounding. Gorgeous. Words fail.


Christel Kollmann, Germany

10 November 2005

Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag, lieber Andreas Scholl. Ich bin eine (alte) Verehrerin Ihrer Gesangskunst und Ihrer Gabe, die Herzen Ihrer Zuhörer zu berühren. Möge diese ganz besondere Fähigkeit vor allen Bemühungen um Perfektion Ihr Anliegen weiterhin sein! Alles Gute für Ihre weitere Sängerkarriere,und Dank für die Freude, die Sie durch Ihren Gesang bereiten! God Bless You.


Lieselotte Waldhoer, Switzerland

10 November 2005

Hallo, Herr Scholl!
Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag und ein reiches neues Lebensjahr vielleicht mit dem Motto "Nihil sine deo".


Ian Yanson, United Kingdom

10 November 2005

The concert in Manchester was awesome. Whenever I listen to Andreas's voice, it always gives me joy.

Happy Birthday Andreas! May you have many wonderful surprises this year.


Natalia, Russian Federation

10 November 2005

The World is so beautiful when You sing!

Happy Birthday, dear Andreas! Thank You!


Jill, United Kingdom

10 November 2005

Happy birthday, Andreas.


Susanne Seemann, Denmark

10 November 2005

HAPPY BIRTHDAY today to Andreas Scholl.  Yesterday Lars Ulrik Mortensen from The Danish Cesare turned 50.


Fernando, Mexico

10 November 2005

Dear Andreas,
Congratulations for another year more!  Keep up with the wonderful music you make and take care of yourself! Many many more years are still to come for
you! From Mexico, our heart and our best wishes for you always!


Anne Dean, United Kingdom

10 November 2005

Wishing you a very happy birthday and many, many happy returns - it was terrific to have the opportunity to sit in on the masterclasses you gave in Aldeburgh in August, and to meet you, too.  Here's to the next 38 years!


Seran You, Republic of Korea

10 November 2005

Dear Mr. Andreas Scholl
Your gorgeous singings always bring me great joys. Your sacred songs make me peaceful. And among your recent Senesino CD,  I and my daughter Haebin like Cara Sposa and Dove Sei. We (Haebin and I) often sing togetner with your Cara Sposa of it. She knew that song very well since she was very young. Also I hope Clara is always healthy and happy too. I'd like to thank God for my life with your songs in the same generation. Please always keep your health well and present us many beautiful songs!

Happy Birthday!


Andrew, David, and Fay,  USA

10 November 2005

Happy Birthday, Andreas!  All the Best to You! Looking forward to seeing you next May in NYC!


Taeko Sugiyama, Japan

10 November 2005

A very happy birthday to you :-D  I found many treasures in your Arias for Senesino. JUDO Spirit, I felt it in your Giulio Cesare. Japanese old fortunetelling tells that your 2006 will get a big change.I hope it brings you more success. Best wishes.


Eva Eder, Austria

10 November 2005

Lieber Andreas,
Zum Geburtstag wünsche ich Dir alles Liebe und Gute, Gesundheit, Erfolg, Spass und was man im Leben sonst noch gut brauchen kann.Ich freue mich schon sehr auf mein Geburtstagsgeschenk am 21. November in Wie !-)  Alles Gute.


Kazuko Yanagida, Japan

10 November 2005

Dear Andreas!!
Congratulations on the birthday of 38 years old. Your voice is a treasure. I love Senesino. I always pray for your happiness and health. A-RI-GA-TOU.


Naomi, United Kingdom

10 November 2005

I hope that you enjoy your birthday, Andreas, and that you have a healthy and happy year. With best wishes.


Eva Maria Fürste, Germany

10 November 2005

Lieber Andreas Scholl,
Herzliche Grüße zum Geburtstag. Möge das neue Lebensjahr ebenso erfolgreich sein wie das laufende. Glückwunsch zum Auftritt bei der "Last Night" (Fairest Isle war Gänsehaut pur!) und zum Klassik Echo-Award .(Al lampo dell'armi war großartig für dad deutsche Fernsehpublikum!) leiben Sie gesund


Flavio, Spain

10 November 2005

Buon compleanno e tanti auguri... zum Geburtstag viel Glück! Lots of best wishes from a young countertenor at the Scholl Society.


Sally, United Kingdom

9 November 2005

Happy birthday, and thank you and Accademia Bizantina for a superb Senesino concert in London. Handel wrote so much for Senesino that there are plenty, plenty more gorgeous arias, buried in 4 hour operas, where they will never be found by the mainstream audiences without the help of singers like yourself. Can we hope for a Senesino II? ;-)  I bet it would go straight to the top of the classical charts, as Arias for Senesino has done. Many thanks!


Barbara, United Kingdom

7 November 2005

Just to say what a wonderful performance you gave on your return visit to Manchester's Bridgewater Hall last night. Fantastic! Even the problems with the harpsichord were amusing (for the audience at least!).

Happy birthday for the 10th.
Regards, Barbara.


Rafael, United Kingdom

7 November 2005

Dear Andreas,
You are God's (or Nature's, if you prefer) greatest gift to mankind during our times. I hope you have a very long, healthy, and happy life: you trully deserve that as a compensation for all the joy you bring to music lovers all around the world.

With best wishes for your birthday, Rafael.


Seran & Haebin,  Republic of Korea

7 November 2005

Mr Scholl's Arirang is very beautiful. Recently we enjoy Mr Scholl's Cara Sposa very much. 

Happy Birthday to you!


Wilma J Austin, United Kingdom

7 November 2005

On Nov. 4th I had the enormous privilege to attend the wondrous Andreas Scholl's "Senesino - Handel's Muse" at Birmingham Symphony Hall. The heartfelt way in which the stories in the arias were unravelled before the audience, was truly exquisite. Cara Sposa in all its melancholic beauty, was particularly and wonderfully overwhelming. The whole evening was a most acutely amazing emotional experience,never to be forgotten. I was also overjoyed when I had the totally unexpected pleasure of meeting the great man, himself. Andreas, you are completely enchanting, giving your time with great warmth and kindness. I am honoured and humbled to count myself amongst your many adoring fans.

Happy Birthday for the 10th, you deserve every good thing, for the sheer joy you bring to others. Many, many thanks and much love. x
P.S The new "Perth Concert Hall" in Scotland is nice and centrally located, if perhaps, you might consider a future visit - hint, hint!


Lis Thomsen, Denmark

3 November 2005

Since I heard you as Julius Cesar at the Royal Danish Theatre in March 2005 I have been an Andreas Scholl addict. I have bought several of your CD’s, Heroes, Arias for Senesino, Nisi Dominus, Pergolesi’s Stabat Mater, and Händel’s Messias and I have ordered the Bach Cantatas for Solo Alto, which I look very much forward to receiving. I listen to at least one of these CD’s every day and even my husband who is not as keen as I am on classical music and opera enjoys listening to your angelic voice and your wonderful interpretation of the music. Also my 4-year old grandson and my 6-year old granddaughter like the Nisi Dominus, to which I was listening when they visited me a few days ago. I have video-taped the televised recording of Julius Cesar and have already seen the whole opera several times. I sincerely hope that you will sing at the Royal Danish Theatre again in the near future, so that I can take my husband to the theatre to see you and listen to you. I would like to see and hear you in the role of Orpheus in Gluck’s opera Orpheus and Eurydike. My husband very much like the aria Que fera sensa Eurydike.


Floor Toot, Netherlands

3 November 2005

Yesterday night at the concerthall of Amsterdam. Scholl was fantastic as ever! Thank you, Andreas!


Gisela Hellemeier, Germany

1 November 2005

We've been to a great concert yesterday in Essen/Germany. Andreas Scholl and the Accademia Bizantina. The "Senesi-Tour" (Händel, Vivaldi,Albinoni). The simplicity of the interpretation - the lovely voice and the Accademia Bizantina and Ottavio Dantone - we simply loved it.


Cleves Baumgartner, France

29 October 2005

Looking forward to his recital at Châtelet on the 17th November. Places still available so hurry before they get snatched up!!! Viva Andreas Scholl!!


Zoltán, Hungary

27 October 2005

Dear Andreas!
Congrats up to this point. Affectionately to await Hungary in 2006. Yours sincerely: Zoltán in Budapest.
Kedves Andreas! Szívbúl gratulálok eddig elért eredményeihez, sok szeretettel várom Budapesti Pergolesi koncertjét a Zeneakadémián!


Teasle, United States

27 October 2005

Scholl's voice is a paradise.


Sharon McBride, United Kingdom

21 October 2001

Any chance of him ever coming to Belfast...Sob! Feeling deprived and left out over here.


Fredy, Switzerland

19 October 2005

It was a great evening. A consert at Kaufleuten in Zurich. With an intervew, with so mutch good informations about musik.


Benard, China

18 October 2005

I know Mr Scholl through his album Ombra mai fu, and very enjoy his wonderful voice. Wish to see him in Beijing, China.  This is a perfect site! Thanks for your work.


Evgeniya, Russian Federation

16 October 2005

Hello! Yesterday I have both my first your CD and I find that I never heard something like this before. This is a miracle. I really hope to hear you one day in Moscow, Russia.


Amblard, France

12 October 2005

Bonjour Andreas Scholl,
Je ne vous est encore jamais entendu durant un concert. J'appréci beaucoup votre travail et j'èspere que vous pourrez revenir à Beaune pour l'année 2006


Harpsichordist, Poland

2 October 2005

I wanted to write, that Your voice is just heavenly, but You already know it, so I won't do that :)


Ahmet Rustem Ekici, Turkey

2 October 2005

Hope to listen this GREAT voice in Turkey !


Richard Loeb, United States

28 September 2005
A wonderful singer!!!!! So looking forward to his Rodelinda at the MET this spring. Best of luck always to Andreas!!!!


Mark Bennett, United Kingdom

27 September 2005

I LOVE HIM!!! he is the most amazing singer in the world!!!


Harpsichordist, Poland

26 September 2005

Poor Andreas...You should take a rest sometimes.


Lynn Sharkey, United Kingdom

26 September 2005

Having first heard Andreas Scholl singing in The Last Night of the Proms I was immediately captivated. And now having listened to an aria from Saul on this site, I am definitely going to buy the cd. Thankyou to the BBC for introducing me to some of the most beautiful music ever written and sung by one of the most angelic voices ever to leave Paradise.


Valerie Jarvis, United Kingdom

21 September 2005

(Please record) a compilation with John Williams please following the superb Last Night of the Proms - two amazing musicians.


Alexandra van de Pol, Netherlands

13 September 2005

Though Andreas sings his Heroes... he's definitely mine. Celestial!


Elger, Netherlands

13 September 2005

Lovely website about an Amazing artist.


Jane Gould, United States Minor Outlying Islands

12 September 2005

Andreas' performance at the Last Night of the Proms was the high point. Heartbreaking interpretation. For a singer to be physically shaken by the performance of another singer is unusual to say the least. Will be attending Andreas' next UK concert. Ganz ausgezeichnet and erstaunlich. Vielen dank.


Sarah Ellen Smith, United Kingdom

12 September 2005

Andreas was simply sublime at The Last Night of the Proms 2005. Thank you.


Luisa, Portugal

11 September 2005

Good Morning,
Congratulations on the Brilliant Last Night of the Proms. I could not see it on TV from Portugal, but the Radio broadcast was enough to understand that it was a BIG success. The "Fairest Isle" was absolutely Magic. I'm proud of you. You are part of the Proms History now. First CT to perform on the Last Night. UAU!!!


Tjitte Muizelaar, Netherlands

11 September 2005

A perfect balance between "heart and soul" and pure professionality... The world needs such artists!


Pauline Middleton, United Kingdom

11 September 2005

A sublime voice - I could listen to him sing for eternity.


Patrick Donoghue, United Kingdom

11 September 2005

Andreas, you have the most beautiful & the most incredible voice I have ever heard. I heard you on BBC Last Night At The Proms this evening, at the Royal Albert Hall, London, and I was totally drawn into your beautiful singing. I didn't want you to finish the performance. I would have listened to you all night. God has truly blessed you immeasurably with this incredible gift. Come to London again please, as I would love to hear you sing once again live. You are by far the very best, the voice of an angel from Heaven itself. God continue to Bless you richly my friend.


Stephen Harris, United Kingdom

10 September 2005

Bean counter: chartered accountant watching counter tenor on "Last Night of the Proms".


Hildegard Horn, Germany

10 September 2005
 Die besten Wünsche für Andreas von seiner Tante (DA)


Jane E Donato, United States

9 September 2005

God has gifted you with a truly amazing voice! So different from Michael Chance who is also truly great!


Angela Brito, Portugal

7 September 2005

Through my friend Luisa I have made the acquaintance of your spectacular voice, which has influenced me to hear the Music you sing I thought I didn't like, as well as opera. Thank you and carry on your good work.


Rea Salvatore, Italy

25 August 2005
Una bellissima voce e un bravissimo cantante. Grazie.


Mette Sinding, Denmark

23 August 2005

Dear Andreas Scholl,
This Saturday I saw the televised recording of Julius Ceasar from your perfomance in Copenhagen in March 2005. I loved it! Please come back to Copenhagen anytime! You have rolled in yet another great fan in Denmark. All the best.


Ramon Mendez, Mexico

15 August 2005

Que hermosa musica tienen.


Wenlin Y, China

12 August 2005

Your wonderful voice is the most beautiful I've ever heard! I've enjoyed the ConterTenors' voice all the while, and you're absolutely the best one of our time.


Jongho Kim, Republic of Korea

12 August 2005

Arirang is my country's traditional song. But dictation of Scholl is much better than other Korean singer. It's wonderful.


Emmanuel Sasuman, Philippines

11 August 2005

Nice site.


Stephanie Burli, France

10 August 2005

Merci de nous avoir enchanté, et donné des émotions musicales si douces à nos oreilles, lors du concert du 29 juillet 2005 à Beaune. J'ai particulièrement apprécié la disponibilité dont vous faites preuve à l'égart de votre public après votre prestation. Merci encore pour l'autographe et les photos. Habitant Arles, j'aimerais savoir si votre participation au festival d'Aix en Provence se confirmera un jour. À bientot!


Didier Collin, Belgium

3 August 2005

Cher Andreas,
J'ai eu le plaisir de vous écouter ce 29/07/05 à Beaune, dans cette église où comme d'habitude, à votre écoute, l'émotion dominait.Merci pour tout ce que vous nous donnez. J'étais également très heureux de vous avoir rencontré peu après dans ce restaurant de Beaune où le plaisir de vous voir m'a quelque peu empêché de vous faire savoir à quel point mon admiration pour vous est grande et surtout qu'il n'est pratiquement pas un jour où je n'écoute pas ne fut-ce qu'un extrait de ce magnifique Stabat Mater de Pergolese que vous interprêtez avec tant de talent aux côtés de Barbara Bonney. Au plaisir de vous écouter en novembre à Bruxelles. Et encore merci pour votre talent et votre simplicité.


Christine Vuagniaux, Switzerland

2 August 2005

Cher Andreas,
La découverte des "airs de Senesino" vendredi soir 29 juillet 2005 à Beaune me laissera un souvenir inoubliable. Merci de votre talent, de votre générosité et de votre simplicité. J'ai hâte de retrouver ces moments de grâce sur CD.


Roberto Avitabile, Italy

20 July 2005

Complimenti Andreas, sei veramente bravo. Ho pubblicato il link al tuo sito nel mio
PORTALE di Roma - Colle Salario.  Saluti da Roma


Michael Abrokwa, Ghana

19 July 2005

This is my second comment posted on your site. I really love your site and I am glad to be associated with it.


María Inés, Uruguay

19 July 2005 

Hace (lamentablemente) poco tiempo que conozco tu trabajo, y tu voz es verdaderamente maravillosa, ¡única!. Amo la música y es adorable lo que logras con la dulzura de tu voz. ¡Tienes una nueva fan! Felicitaciones y te deseo toda la suerte del mundo.


Barbara Lawton, United Kingdom

17 July 2005

Great website! I know the Proms have only just started but I can't wait to hear you on the Last Night so that you can get an even wider audience. Best wishes for that concert.  I will also be able to see and hear you again when you make a return visit to the Bridgewater Hall, Manchester in November. I was in the audience the last time you sang there - memorable!! The Giulio Cesare DVD sounds interesting too.


María García López, Spain

13 July 2005

Estimado Señor Scholl,
Tuve el gran plazer de asisitir a uno de sus conciertos en el centro cultural "Alt -Frankfurt" de Sachsenhausen. Gracias por este regalo en mi vida; necesitamos todos un poquito de luz en nuestras almas - ya que vivo en un sótano asqueroso en Offenbach!


Maria Milan_trazom, Spain

11 July 2005

hello andreas,
I´m 14 years old, you are the best, I love your voice, really, are the best. Sorry for my english. Congratulation.


Tony Lancaster, Canada

8 July 2005

My name is Tony Lancaster and I am a counter-tenor student living in Vancouver, B.C., studying with David Meek at the Vancouver Academy of Music. I have never sung in my life and just discovered my voice at the age of 39. I am told that I have a promising future ahead of me. I am absolutely insipired by you Andreas and I would love to have the opportunity to be taught by you some day. Thank you so much for sharing with all of us your life experience as a simply beautiful instrument with a beautiful soul.


Przemyslaw Rudz, Poland

8 July 2005

You are genius Andreas!!! Please try to arrive Poland and sing here!!! Please!!!


Dasrty, Germany

7 July 2005

Good job. Congratulations!


Annette, Germany

7 July 2005

Hallo Herr Scholl, 
Auch ich hatte das große Glück Ihr „Heimspiel“ im Theatersaal (Bad Ems) miterleben zu dürfen. Vielen herzlichen Dank, dass Sie diesen Abend zu einen der unvergesslichen in meinem Leben gemacht haben. Mit Ihrer einfach außergewöhnlichen Stimme, Ihrer einzigartigen Interpretation und erfrischend-natürlichen Ausstrahlung ist es Ihnen mühelos gelungen, mich mitzunehmen auf eine (Klang)Reise in vergangene Zeiten. Vielen vielen Dank für diese verzauberten Momente! An diesem 3. Juli ist für mich ein großer Wunsch in Erfüllung gegangen: Andreas Scholl (den größten Countertenor unserer Tage) live zu erleben! Ich danke Ihnen auch für das Autogramm und hoffe auf ein Wiedersehen/-hören – vielleicht tatsächlich einmal in Bayreuth. Bis dahin wünsche ich Ihnen weiterhin viel Erfolg, stets gute Gesundheit und jede Menge Inspiration für Ihre eigenen Projekte.


Lutz, Germany

3 July 2005

Lieber Herr Scholl,
Heute abend habe ich Ihr Konzert in Bad Ems gehört und war sehr begeistert - trotz Husten. Es war wunderschön, wie Sie die Lieder interpretiert haben. Hoffentlich sind Sie bald wieder in unserer Gegend. Danke!


Michael Sammons, United States

2 July 2005

I love this website. I was not familiar with Andreas Scholl but I will definitely be getting some of his CD's now. I also have to say that I really like your web site design as well. Thank you very much. He is really awesome.


Grzegorz, Poland

23 June 2005

When you sing Verdi Prati from Alcina the Earth stops...


Harald & Christine, Austria

17 June 2005

Gerade vom Konzert "entsprungen"(17.06.05). GRANDIOS!!! Wie immer. Freuen uns schon auf ein Wiedersehen und hören. Danke auch für das Autogramm. Hals und Stimmbruch für die Zukunft.


Eduardo, Peru

8 June 2005

Andreas para mi es el contratenor de no igualar jamas, por que nadie va a poder hacerlo . El es único.


Lieselotte Waldhoer, Switzerland

4 June 2005

Hallo, Herr Scholl!
Seit einer Woche höre ich mit grossem Vergnügen Ihre CD von der Nachtigall und dem Kaiser.Sie hat eine so beruhigende, beglückende Wirkung und ich glaube, dass sie meinen CD-player ununterbrochen noch eine Weile besetzen wird. Danke für die reizende Komposition.


Omvlee, Netherlands

15 May 2005

It`s beauty-full to hear the voice of Mister Scholl. Wen er viellicht eine absache hat dann muchte ich im gerne horen in unser choir Caprice from Holland. Then please contact us. (.. 0341 554019)  Es ist ein rose entsprungen, viel gluck!!


Sophie-Marie, Germany

29 April 2005

Das Konzert in Fürth war einfach Super!!!  Bitte mehr davon!!!


Tiago de sá, Portugal

17 April 2005

Hello Andreas Scholl!
I'm a great fam of you! I hope to see you, at Casa da Música ! You will be at my home town Porto! See you on 28th May!


Jhon Roa, Colombia

13 March 2005

Hi all,
Somebody can help me. I heard a song from A Scholl, Vuestras ojos tienen d'Amor which is from J Dowland or anonymous. I'm sad that I can not find the sheet for this nice song. Can somebody help me? Thanks and hello to everybody.


Marcos, Canada

11 March 2005

Est-il déjà venu au Canada? Were he ever to Canada? If he is, I hope to listen to him live in Montreal one day... Simply the best countertenor voice I've ever heard.


René Andersen, Denmark
9 March 2005

I just went to see Giulio Cesare in Copenhagen on March 7. It was a wonderful performance. Come back soon. All the best.


Abner, El Salvador

7 March 2005

I saw you in Los Angeles California USA, on December for the performance of the Messiah with the LA Philharmonic and the master Chorale, and I think you sing marvellous. I'm a countertenor too.


Jesus Garcia, Spain

5 March 2005

I sing every day thinking to you. I´m singing now Vivaldi´s Stabat Mater and you are my teacher. Sorry for my English but it´s not very well. Thank you so much for your voice.


Guy Bex, Belgium

20 February 2005

"... since beauty is the only comfort... " (Ivor Gurney)


John Lawrence, Anguilla

11 February 2005

Dear Andreas,
I am currently listening to your singing Dove sei from Handel's Rodelinda. It is drippingly beautiful.


Els Oppewal-Westra, Netherlands

10 February 2005

Beste meneer Scholl,
Nog steeds ben ik diep onder de indruk van uw optreden in Amsterdam in februari 2004. Ik hoop van harte dat u gauw weer in Nederland bent. Hartelijke groeten, Els.


Julia Steele, United States

8 February 2005

"Renaissance Muse" was the most delightful evening I've ever had in a theater. The blending of poetry and song highlighted the emotions and words of each. Andreas Scholl's singing and acting were amazing and his interaction with Laila Robins added to the whole effect and brought out the yearning, pathos and sexiness inherent in these works. I hope Scholl does this again! Knowing how good it is I would have gone all three nights!


Martin, USA

30 January 2005

I am so glad to have found this website devoted to the wonderful Andreas Scholl. I own three of his CDs and just bought another. Having heard him a number of times here in New York, I was delighted to hear him in "The Renaissance Muse" last night. I look forward to Rodelinda at the MET in Spring 2006.


Aldo Miranda, Mexico

9 January 2005

Es impresionante, simplemente celestial, gracias por compartir este regalo de tu voz, espero puedas ser aun mas difundido en paises latinos, para que podamos deleitarnos de escucharte.


Dianna Vosburg, United States

28 December 2004

Dear Mr Scholl, 
Your beautiful voice is full of thoughtful warmth, graceful purity, effortless clarity, and perfect artistic control. Please, please come to Boston!  Best regards, Dianna


Luisa Leiria, Portugal

25 December 2004

I wish you a Merry Christmas full of love and friendship. I hope 2005 will bring you many more great successes. I'll do my best to be present and support you. I hope to see you in Portugal too.


Sheila, England

24 December 2004

Merry Christmas, Andreas! I also wish you a happy 2005. I'm looking forward to the concerts I already have tickets for - and of course, the opera in Copenhagen. Thank you for your music.


Eva Maria Fürste, Germany

14 December 2004

Lieber Andreas Scholl,
Es war mir eine große Freude zu lesen, daß Sie Weihnachten im ZDF zu sehen sein werden. Endlich wieder ein  Glanzpunkt im deutschen Fernsehen an Weihnachten! Leider konnte ich mich aus technischen Gründen nicht den Geburtstagswünschen anschließen. Wäre ich Alcina würde ich eine unsichtbare Haube zaubern, die Sie vor allen Keimen und Allergenen schützt. Leider bin ich nicht Alcina und kann nur alles Gute wünschen. Bleiben Sie gesund!


Eva, Czech Republic

10 December 2004

Mr Scholl´s voice totally took my heart. I have to listen to him constantly. My only wish is to see his performance, best in the Czech republic...  I recommend his work to all my friends and even those who like punk rock are enchanted and fascinated. Merry Christmas to everyone.


Ahmet R Ekici, Turkey

6 December 2004

I really feel relieved when I hear his unique voice.


Lynn, United Kingdom

1 December 2004

Great voice, great site. I love the Korean song on this page and only wish the CD were available - what a waste that it is limited in that way.


Murielle, France

24 November 2004

I will never forget Rodelinda in the Châtelet theater, your voice is the most beautiful sound I have ever heard. Thank you.


Sam Penkett

11 November 2004

Happy Birthday for yesterday, Andreas! Hope you had a fabulous day! (Should have sent this yesterday, but didn't get a chance.)


Luisa Leiria, Portugal

10 November 2004

Happy Birthday to you! I know that this year will be full of success, especially in Mars and I wish that it would bring you happiness too.


Lieselotte Waldhoer , Switzerland

10 November 2004

Hallo, Herr Scholl!
Alles Gute zum Geburtstag, Glück und Erfolg in Ihren Unternehmungen sowie viel Freude und Harmonie für das neue Lebensjahr.  Gott schütze Sie.  Herzlichen Gruss.


Frédéric, France

5 November 2004

Cher Andréas! 
Plaisir à l'état pur , merci beaucoup pour votre incroyable performance du 2 Novembre 2004 au Théatre des Champs-Elysées Paris, nous avons tous ce soir là effleurés grace à votre voix les portes du paradis.Merci encore.  C'est avec une grande impatience que nous attendons les prochains enregistrements des cd solo "senesino arias" ainsi que le dvd du Giulio Cesare.  A trés bientôt , en attendant je file au Louvre découvrir le tableau de Poussin tout en écoutant Arcadia sur mon CD portable.


Maria, Germany

7 October 2004

Wahnsinns Stimme, toller Mann !!!


Mark Carter, United States

29 September 2004

Thank you for this site and the audio clip. Amazon has 30 second samples of Andreas' recordings, but they are mostly introduction! At this site, I could hear his magnificant voice very well. I'll be purchasing complete albums very soon!


Wendy Hughes, Australia

27 June 2004

Yesterday I came upon a very interesting programme on TV about countertenors. One of my family had been singing as a countertenor in one of the big cathedrals here, in Australia, but apart from that had never taken much interest, even though I am a pianist. I was totally enthralled by the marvellous voice of Andreas Scholl and henceforth will follow his career with much interest, and buy all the CD's I can!!


Allyson Schofield, Australia

11 June 2004

I still remember the first time I heard Andreas Scholl's voice. I was taking my two young daughters to the swimming pool, they were very excited and chattering loudly. Then this voice came out of the car radio speakers, singing 'King Henry'. We all fell completely silent and just listened to the beauty of his voice. Not many singers could silence a four year old and a two year old!  Thank you, Andreas, for your wonderful singing. Thank you for coming to sing for us in Australia, and for your wonderful concert in Vienna, Jan 23rd 2004, which I was lucky enough to hear.


Margaret Marton and her friends, Hungary

21 May 2004

It is two months since we have found Andreas website. Unfortunately he has never been to Hungary yet, but through videoclips, studio recordings and his concert recordings we are enjoying his perfect voice. Not only his artistical performance style, but also his lovely personality makes him so attractive. We are more and more who are not only listening to his music but also searching for it. We hope that he'll become more famous in Hungary soon. Thank you for giving this opportunity of this came true through your work.


Sally, United Kingdom

18 May 2004

Hoping that in your forthcoming "Senesino" CD, you may include one or more of the brilliant coloratura arias from Rinaldo: Or la Tromba, Venti, turbini. They are a showcase for your power and laser-clean flexibility. Horses for courses, and yours is the most heroic of countertenor voices. After this CD we will surely see you in more opera roles. I look forward to your Cesare in Copenhagen!


Mariateresa, Italy

3 May 2004

Celestiale - What else!


L Fraser, Australia

2 May 2004

I really enjoy listening to Arcadia. I like the subtle scansion in the Scarlatti aria.  Cheers!  L.


Leif Kristoffer Westermark, USA

30 April, 2004

You give inspiration to all musicians...


Anna-Maria, Western Australia

19 April 2004

I still treasure the memories of the concert in Perth a few months ago...


Joseph Wan, Republic of China/Taiwan

17 April 2004

Marvellous and remarkable voice on earth appeals any one but those with no souls. It is just unforgettable and fortunate to enjoy this clear and purely gorgeous voice.  I sincerely hope my city, Taipei, could have such an honor to invite Mr Scholl to held a concert. May God bless this outstanding and charming countertenor.


Barbara, Germany

9 April 2004

Lieber Andreas Scholl,
Ich zähle schon die Tage bis zu Ihrem Konzert am 28.04.2004 ... für mich ein trauriges wie auch schönes Datum. Jedesmal, wenn ich Ihrer Stimme lausche, liegt ein ganz besonderer Zauber in der Luft und dafür möchte ich Ihnen vom ganzen Herzen danken. Vielleicht ist es Ihnen auch möglich, sich bei Harmonia Mundi France für die Wiederveröffentlichung von Cantates Romaines II einzusetzen...sie würden einer Vielzahl von Bewunderern ein einzigartiges Geschenk machen. Vielen Dank! 


Virginia, America

9 April 2004

I have searched in vain for a review of Mr. Scholl's concet in NYC on April 4 in the NY Times -- hard to believe they would ignore him.


Virginia, USA

6 April 2004

I just saw Mr. Scholl in person for the first time, in his recital at Alice Tully Hall. I have seldom heard such elegant, unforced singing -- and what a great stage presence. I look forward to seeing him again in NYC.


Mili Portugal, Spain
22 March 2004
Desde que escuché la interpretación de Andreas Scholl de Euridice descubrí la pureza de una voz expresiva y un cantante único a quien admirar. Lo autenticamente difícil de la música es tranformarla en arte y es precisamente lo que este maravilloso hombre demuestra en cada frase. Es sin duda alguna uno de los mejores cantantes que nos ha dado este tiempo y espero que su voz nos siga tocando el alma profundamente por mucho tiempo más.


Margaret, Hungary
20 March 2004
Andreas Scholl's extraordinary and charming voice opened a new and unknown world for me: the empire of the Baroque music. This 'journey' means an exciting discovery, on the land of old music. Thanks the performer for this experience.


Hugo Fernando Santos Terças, Portugal
5 March 2004
I'm happy for listening such a voice!!!!  I wish I could, one day, sing an half part of what Andreas sings. Congratulations.


Helen, UK 
29 February 2004 
Saw your Arcadia concert at the Barbican on 25 / 2. A most enjoyable evening. My husband, who is not a classical music fan, loved it too!


Pia Jørn Vestergaard, Denmark 
15 February 2004 
Dear Andreas Scholl,
You are my light, now I can fell. You are for me like a bell in Buddhism.  Pure healing, powerful. I wish you luck. See you in Copenhagen 2005 in Julius Caesar. Will you please give a concert for peace in the world!!  With respect.


Klaas Bronsema, Holland 
5 February 2004 
Last Sunday 5 February '04 I was fortunate to hear Andreas performing in Amsterdam at the Concertgebouw. It was quite an experience to hear such a voice!! Together with the great performing Accademia Bizantina this night is one to remember a long time. Afterwards getting a signature on his latest album made me go home happy. The only three ladies of the ensemble are also proudly present on the Cd-booklet. Yolly!!


S Hixon, USA 
25 January 2004 
I first saw Andreas on a special about countertenors. He was phenomenal, and I stayed up until 2am one night to record the program. His voice is incredible, and I am starting my Andreas Scholl collection. (As if I didn't own enough Baroque music already...) Thanks so much for sharing your gift.


Mariano Borda, Argentina 
19 January 2004 
Hola Andreas,
Hasta hace mas o menos un año tenia sopranos y mezzos favoritas pero a pesar de la gran cantidad de hombres cantantes ninguno me terminaba de satisfacer hasta que de casualidad te encontre en un CD de musica clasica, y hoy sos junto a Renée Fleming mi cantante de opera favorito soy contratenor y espero algun dia escucharte aqui en el colon de Buenos Aires. Te admiri muchisimo.  Gracias a dios por haber te creado.


Marc Innes, USA 
19 January 2004 
With fond memories of the voice.  www.marcinnes.com


Rosie Kett, UK 
17 January 2004 
An inspirational voice which is always a joy to listen to.


Gabriela Pereyra, Argentina 
14 January 2004 
Felicitaciones y muchas gracias por toda la información que nos dan sobre Andreas. Estoy de acuerdo con Marcela, de México, su voz es celestial. Les cuento que por el canal de TV Film & Arts el sábado 17 darán Rodelinda. Los horarios para Buenos Aires y Santiago son: 05.00, 14:00 y 22:00 hs. y para México: 02:00, 11:00 y 19:00 hs. Muchos saludos desde Buenos Aires!


Marcela Gonzalez, México 
14 January 2004 
Es extraordinaria la voz de Andreas. Es lo más celestial que he escuchado. Cuidala y sigue brindandonos el gusto de escucharte. Esta Navidad me regalaron el disco Arcadia y lo estoy disfrutando muchisimo. Gracias.


Myriam Michel, France 
13 January 2004 
Je n'ai malheureusement pas une connaissance très étendue de la musique classique (du moins pas encore), mais je dois dire que l'un de mes plaisirs favoris en ce moment est d'écouter le superbe enregistrement du Stabat Mater de Vivaldi par Andreas Scholl et l'ensemble 415.  C'est tout simplement un enregistrement magique, qui pousserait presque à croire en l'existence du divin (je ne suis pourtant pas croyante à la base!).  Merci infiniment, Mr Scholl, pour cet immense cadeau au monde de la musique...


Claude Anzieu, France 
9 January 2004 
Ce site est un un véritable enchantement (les photos sont un peu trop!).  Et pourvu que les Cantates Romaines soient reéditées!


Sarah Lee, South Korea 
6 January 2004 
I love your voice!! I envy you... your voice and your music... God bless you!


Karolina, Poland 
31 December 2003 
I just love that voice ever since I heard it! This unique articulation and tone.You could just listen to it forever!


Pablo Fernández Juárez, Spain 
29 December 2003 
I discovered Andreas Scholl as a singer in 1999. I was studying the last year before university and a friend recorded for me a cassette with the recording Cessate, omai cessate . I realized I had discovered "the music".


Mar, Spain 
24 December 2003 
I am a fan from Spain. Last Monday Andreas sang in Madrid. The hall was full and Andreas sang Baroque Lieder and English Folksongs. It was a complete success. When the concert finished, Andreas signed me some cds. He is a really nice guy. Andreas, thank you for your wonderful voice.


Mr or Mrs Lutz, Germany 
11 December 2003 
Tausend Dank für diese wunderbare Musik! Ich bin selber Musiker, doch gerade unter Berufsmusikern felht mir diese Beseeltheit und Freude an der Musik doch sehr. Man kann immer ein Lächeln mithören... Die japanische Zugabe auf im Gästebuch ist übrigens besonders schön! Ich freue mich auf weitere Konzerte!!


Su Goral, Canada 
7 December 2003 
When Andreas starts singing, time stops flowing, the world stops spinning. This is truly the most beautiful voice known to us. I am eagerly waiting for Marco Rosano's new Stabat Mater to be recorded & released. Congratulations on this website, I enjoyed every bit.


Magdalena Grysinska, Poland 
1 December 2003 
Music of Stabat Mater is easy to foresee (my computer is "slowthinking" so the music interrupted very often and I had to guess which note will be next) but its very beautiful. I mean: I had hard weekend but now I see it wasn't so bad. That is what I want to hear in music!


Sheila Jackson, UK 
10 November 2003 
I would like to send my heart felt condolences to the family, friends and colleagues of Charlie. A wonderful man and a wonderful musician. Thank you for your music – it will be much missed.


Jill Gunsell, UK 
10 November 2003 
I am very sad to learn of the sudden death of lutenist Karl-Ernst Schröder .  He was a wonderfully sensitive musician and a delightful man. My sincere condolences to those who knew and loved him and especially to Andreas Scholl, his long-time duet partner.  'Charlie Schröder has left the theatre.'  Thank you for the music, Charlie.  Rest in peace.


Ricardo Morales, Bogotá, Colombia 
9 November 2003 
Hola Andreas,
Ud. es en mi presente mi cantante favorito, he cambiado a Billie Holiday a Nina Simone por sus únicas e inigualables interpretaciones de Vivaldi, de la música inglesa, una nota suya en mi oído es como si entrara a un templo, gracias por su vos, por los momentos esplendidos que su música brinda y enriquece mi vida.


Simone Eismann, Germany 
5 November 2003 
Hi, ohne mir Gedanken zu machen, was ich eigentlich schreiben will, schreib ich einfach: Deine Musik ist der absolute Wahnsinn, einfühlsam, ernst, tieftraurig und doch von einer nie versiegenden Freude. Tausendmal Danke dafür! Ich kann es nicht erwarten, Dich live zu erleben!


Mike, USA 
6 October 2003 
I checked your site.  I loved it.


Zoë Patricia, USA 
2 October 2003 
 I saw Andreas Scholl in the Bravo channel's documentary last night and I am now in love! Wunderbar! Sehr schön! Kuß!


Ji hwan Kwak, Republic of Korea 
28 September 2003 
Hi - I'm Ji Hwan. How have you been ever?  I'm sorry for not send a mail to you. Because I'm doing Millitary service. Remain 26 days. I will quit at November 9. So I can send mail to you. Anyway, I'm so surprise. In Visitors book, I heard the music, Arirang. Cause I knew you didn't forget me. So I'm really happy. And I visited fora long time ago. Then your site is unbelieveable. It's wonderful! You are a very wonderful webmaster, designer. Um... I have to go to army. So next time I'll send a mail to you. Bye.


Andreas Martin, Spain 
19 September 2003 
Also, des muss isch jetzt einfach mal so sache... der Bub singt ja wunder schön, un' die Laute... des ma da so polyphon spiele kann, ei, des hätt isch nie gedacht...


Matthew C. Lambirth, USA 
17 September 2003 
Music really is the Heart of learning for today's youth! But more funding is needed for it to be grand!


Lorna Jordan, Scotland 
3 September 2003 
Can I congratulate you on one of the best websites I have come across in a long time! I became aware of Andreas Scholl only recently and your website will give me considerable help in getting to know him and his music even better. Oh, and thanks for including one of Robert Burns' beautiful songs!


Sheila, UK
3 September 2003 
I was at the Proms performance of Saul . Wonderful experience – went way beyond entertainment. So moving. Thank you for your music.


Linda Skilbeck, UK 
26 August 2003 
Just heard Andreas as David in Saul at the Albert Hall - he is unsurpassable. Can't wait for the recording. Really enjoyed the clips on this site.


Michael D Abrokwa, Ghana 
3 August 2003 
He who sings, prays twice.


Dr. Dario Loda, USA 
28 July 2003 
I have sent an e-mail to Accord, requesting to consider re-issuing Handel's Cantates Romaines II


Eiki Usami, Japan 
25 July 2003 
Thank you very much. I have enjoyed a great deal listening to the music.


Kazuko, Japan 
10 July 2003 
Cantates Romaines 2 was borrowed from the friend before and heard.  It is not possible to buy it easily though it looks for in the used CD shop.  When it is put on the market again, I want to buy it. We will recommend it to the friend.  Andreas Scholl and Kiehr are combinations who look like the vocal quality well and are wonderful.  I want to hear new CD by all means in two combinations.  Please.


Maria Luisa Leiria, Portugal 
7 July 2003 
Being still one of the best, if not the best CD of early Handel Cantatas ever recorded, but not available for a long time now, I'm asking Decca:  Please re-issue the Accord CD Cantates Romaines 2 by Maria Cristina Kiehr and Andreas Scholl.  It would be a great hit, now that both artists are such big stars. Thank you.


Sheila Jackson, UK 
7 July 2003 
Please could Cantatas Romaines II (G F Handel,  © Decca, originally on Accord ) be re-issued?  This is a wonderful CD that many Schollers are missing from their collection - myself included. I'm sure it would sell well. I personally have been hunting for it for three years!


G F Symont, UK 
27 June 2003 
I think the cult around his person serves him well.  May get his leg pulled by his colleagues, but it sells more recordings and concert tickets. So half the audience fancies him - so what? You're not going to stop that unless he performs inside a paper bag.  Human nature.


Kerstin Hederer, Austria 
26 June, 2003 
Es ist unumstritten, dass Andreas Scholl ein Künstler der besonderen Art ist. Aber wäre ihm nicht besser gedient, wenn man den Kult um seine Person abstellen könnte?


Eva Maria Fuerste, Germany 
18 June 2003 
Having visited this site so many times I want to say how wonderful it is and how much I enjoy it every time I look at it. There is always something new.  Thanks for all the informations.


Karl-Konrad Huber, Germany 
15 June 2003 
Ich hatte das große Glück, Andreas Scholl im Mai 2003 live in Luzern hören zu können. Leider war es mir allerdings nicht möglich, den Konzertmitschnitt, den das Schweizer Radio DRS 2 am 05.06.03 ausstrahlte, zu meiner privaten Erinnerung aufnehmen zu können.  Ich wäre sehr glücklich, falls ich doch noch eventuell sogar zu einer Digital-Aufnahme dieses wundervollen Konzerts kommen könnte.  Falls jemand die Radiosendung aufgezeichnet hat, bitte ich um freundliche Nachricht an meine e-mail Adresse: kk.huber@web.de .  Thanks a lot.


Jacek, Poland 
13 June 2003 
You asked for the opinion of the ( Stabat Mater ) demo mp3 - it is just more than beautiful.


Jean-Pierre Allély, France 
13 June 2003 
J'aime la voix des contre-tenors. Celle d'Andréas est pure, très pure. Merci à lui pour sa gentillesse et pour l'émotion qu'il fait passer sur scène mais aussi sur cd.... L'an dernier, Beaune, cette année pas de concerts ou de scènes en France? Il me semble que la maison Decca ne fait pas beaucoup enregistrer Andréas Scholl!  A quand le prochain cd??


Carlos Ramirez, Puerto Rico (living in Philadelphia, USA) 
4 June 2003 
I am a student of Harpsichord and early music in Temple University in Philadelphia. One day I was at a local music store and in the background heard the best interpretation of Ombra mai fu, and instantly knew it was a counter tenor. I went to the counter and asked who was singing.  I was told it was Andreas Scholl. Immediately I bought my first cd and have not stopped buying since then. That was my first experience with, what is to me, the most perfectly trained voice I have ever heard. Un gran saludo a todos los hispano hablantes amantes del gran arte de Scholl, es cuspide del arte vocal. Ciao!! Abrazos.


Ariodante79, Italy 
2 June 2003 
Je suis un garçon Italien mais j'écris en français,l'on parle plus français qu'Italien. La voix d'Andreas est merveilleuse, éblouissante et époustouflante! :-) klk'un de vous sait comment ecrire à lui directement?  R.


Sam Penkett, UK 
31 May 2003 
There is no doubt about it, Andreas Scholl has a gift in performance that is truly magical! His art is one to be regarded with wonder. Being a student countertenor, he is a great role model for me.


Grete Løn, Denmark 
29 May 2003 
Your voice is beautiful.  I will come to Salzburg to hear you.


Heehyun Kim, South Korea 
14 May 2003 
So.... beautiful... Arirang from your voice, you sing like real Korean !!!


Simon, the Netherlands 
13 May 2003 
I heard that Andreas was about to make a new cd with only his own songs.  I do only have one message to you, Andreas: Don't hesitate about making that cd, it will just be fantastic!  And maybe the best of your cd's!


Alessandro Giangrande, Italy 
2 May 2003 
Sono anch'io un fan di Andreas. Volevo solamente sapere quando potrò vedere Andreas in Italia durante un concerto, magari con arie d'opera in Italiano. CIAO A TUTTI!!


Yamamoto Takako, Japan
30 April 2003 
C'est mon premiere visite a votre site, et je suis absolument émue!  Je vous remercie de me faire écouter des nouveaux enregistrements magnifiques. À 1999 (peut-être) sa Rodelinda était diffussée au japon, et la voix de M Scholl m'a choquée. Elle était si belle et si naturelle et c'était incroyable qu'elle était celle d'homme faucette. De ce jour la j'écoute ses CDs présque chaques jours. Sa voix me console et me charme. Je me souviens que au concert à Tokyo (avec Bach Collegium Japan, décembre 2000) M.Scholl chanta des cantatas de Bach et j'ai voulu pleurer comme Magdalena!  Sa voix était trop belle, tres gentille et dévotée. J'était étonnée parce que je n'avait jamais eu tel experience.  Quand il viendra au japon? Il faut visiter souvent votre site pour rensignement!


Maria Jose Almeida, Portugal 
25 April 2003 
Tthe greatest voice!


Adam Trojak, Poland 
24 April 2003 
Andreas Scholl have the most beautiful contratenor voice ever!  He sings with great sensibility of text and dramaturgy. Every phrase is perfect, full of calm or energy, of dramatic expression or silent cry.  My favourite records are Vivaldi Stabat Mater and Nisi Dominus . Of course, do not forget about all Haendel's and Bach's recordings.  He is magnificent!


Rudi Romeri, Netherlands (living in Istanbul) 
21 April 2003 
Dear Andreas Scholl,
I just read your biography, and saw that you started singing at a very young age. I started singing at 19 and went from bas/bariton to counter-tenor at about 30, having lessons on and off.  Only this year (now I'm 40 years old) I started making money as a singer. Finally doing what I wanted most. I also heard many times: you can not make any money as a musician.  I hope I can prove them different even at my age. I hope one of these days you want to listen to a demo I will send you and tell me what to do next.  Thank you so much for your music and personal story! With love, Rudi Romeri.


Silvia Nadela, Spain 
12 April 2003 
Me llamo Silvia y estudio 1º de grado medio de canto. Me ha tocado interpretar el Stabat Mater de Pergolesi y he tenido la suerte de compara su disco del cual me siento muy satisfecha, me parece un gran trabajo.


Michael Somers, UK 
12 April 2003 
Your music takes me away from all the every day stresses of work.


Ma. Teresa Vázquez S., México, 
9 April 2003 
Extraordinario Andreas Scholl,
Te descubrí accidentalmente al escuchar un cd. de música clásica y desde entonces me he propuesto conseguir aquí en mi país todos tus discos. Yo ignoro todo lo referente a registros de voz, coloraturas, técnicas y demás aspectos musicales de un cantante.  Yo sólo sé que cuando te escucho me olvidó de todo y sólo existo para admirar tu bellísima e inigualable voz.  Eres único.  Eres el Rey.  Agradezco a Dios por haberte creado y le pido que te conserve mil años más.  God bless you always!


Joseph Stoddart, USA 
8 April 2003 
So happy to learn Mr Scholl has many fans such as me who believe he is at the top of the countertenor heap.


Rudi Spermon, Netherlands 
4 April 2003 
I'm a amateur counter-tenor myself and Andreas Scholl is absolute my favorite. His voice is so warm and you can hear the love for his music and the warmth of his personality.  I'm living since one year in Istanbul, Turkey, and am singing in a restaurant. Sometimes before singing I listen to Andreas Scholl to get into the right feeling.  Andreas, thank you so much!!


David Everett, UK 
2 April 2003 
Just got home from Barbican concert (Pergolesi Stabat Mater with Camilla Tilling & Scharoun Ensemble) - stunning performance, although a couple of movements seemed a bit slow compared with the recording with Barbara Bonney/Les Talens Lyriques. Hated the first half of the concert - some modern rubbish by a Russian composer and to judge by the response of the audience (heads buried in programmes, polite unenthusiastic applause) I wasn't alone... we came for the second half of the concert!  Why do concert promoters couple totally unrelated works in a concert? So that they can say they had a packed house for a performance?  Well most of this audience came to hear Andreas sing in the second half and we merely tolerated the bit before the interval!


Lucia Sahlmann, Germany 
2 April 2003 
Hallo Andreas,
Schöne Seite, das!  Das Klassentreffen letzten Samstag war toll, was? Es war schön, so viele Gesichter von früher mal wieder zu sehen - und noch eine Berühmtheit dabei zu haben ;-))  Deine Stimme ist echt "atemberaubend"...   "aber ihre Frau singt so schön!!" Haha!! 

Viele Grüße, Lucia, die ehem. "Bibo"


Jesus Omar Marquez Solis, Mexico 
1 April 2003 
I just want to say that I hope once to see Andreas in person performing.


Gesine, Germany 
31 March 2003 
Andreas should urgently record the (popmusic-like) song/songs of Oswald von Wolkenstein, that he presented in the documentation which was shown on ARTE-TV in February.  It was just a tiny bit that could be heard from one song, but it was so wonderful and it would be really great to have it on CD to enjoy the synthesis of the computer sounds and Andreas' wonderful voice.


Malcolm S Millington, UK 
31 March 2003 
An amazing voice that takes me somewhere new each time I hear it.  I really hope to make the June Thomaskirche concert I found out about here - thank you for putting together this site. Bis den nächsten mal - Bach auf Sachsiche? Bitte!


Daniela, Austria 
30 March 2003 
Ich freue mich schon auf das Konzert in Salzburg.  Deutsche Barockmusik habe ich noch fast gar nicht gehört. (Sehr interressiert!)  Die Stimme vom Andreas Scholl ist eine der wenigen Stimmen, die mich wirklich berühren.  Ich vergesse alles um mich herum und bin in einer anderen Welt.  Wenn er singt spürt man, daß er alles fühlt was er singt. Danke für den gesanglichen Genuss.


Henrik Bäärnhielm, Sweden 
29 March 2003 
I am a countertenor trainee, and Andreas Scholl is my personal idol. Not only is he the best countertenor, but having read his quotes, I must say that I share his views, except that I am not religious at all.


Joolz Gale, UK 
26 March 2003 
As an aspiring countertenor, I can surely say that Andreas Scholl is the greatest countertenor this world has seen...  If I can be as famous as him, I'll be a very happy chappy...  Oh, and since William P has been rather cheeky, I thought I would also take this opportunity to offer my services as the world's next Andreas Scholl...  Feel free to email me julian.gale@chch.ox.ac.uk if you can't book Andreas or William!!! Wicked!


Doro, Germany 
24 March 2003 
Wunderwunderschöne Stimme!!! Wahnsinn!!!


Helena Baptista, Portugal 
23 March 2003 
I dont like (know too) very much classic music but... Andreas Scholl... ok!  I have the 5 CD and your voice complete every days when I go and back to my work.  Thank you AS.  You are the best "cantor"!


Simon Cijsouw, Netherlands 
19 March 2003 
First I want to say I admire you. Your voice is such a nice sound to listen at and your technic is so great. Myself I am a "countertenor" too, but I'm only 14 years old and my voice has been broken only a year ago, so...  I also want to thank you for your lovely solos on the Saint John Passion conducted by Phillipe Herreweghe.  Andreas, I only want to say that you're mine Popidol of 2003 and beyond.


David Nardella, Australia 
15 March 2003 
Thank you for the opportunity of experiencing something absolutely extraordinary.  It has been for me a highlight of my life.  With gratitude, your admirer, David.


Lili & Val Bellamy, Australia 
14 March 2003 
We just "floated" home from the concert with the Brandenburg.  What a glorious, wonderful, moving, magical experience.


Kathleen Sharry, USA 
11 March 2003 
Please record Sheep may safely graze by J S Bach.  Loved Wayfaring Stranger (track 1).  Where can I get the arrangement by C. Leon?


Prof. Dr. Bruno Bianco, Italy 
1 March 2003 
Vielen Dank für die Lieferung des Librettos on-line von Caldaras Maddalena ai Piedi di Cristo , die eine Lücke der Aufnahme von HMU erfüllt!


Ray Aquilina, Malta 
25 February 2003 
As usual your interpretation is awesome. Please do keep up the good work, and provide us with more and more recordings. Good Luck.

Judith Ross, USA 
8 February 2003 
I am very impressed with your musical composition of the new Stabat Mater . Where can I purchase a copy of it?  (Webmaster's note: It's not recorded yet.) Thank you for sharing this special gift of inspiration with us.  Sincerely,


Marcel Arroues, France 
17 January 2003 
Extraordinaire la réunion de deux talents Mario Rosano et Andreas Scholl.


joni_djuanda@... UK 
9  January 2003 
For everyone that not a big fan of countertenor, this one can really change your mind. The first time that I ever heard a golden and beautiful singing voice with crystal clear tone. I enjoy very much his performance in Wigmore Hall 5/01. A wonderful concert in the beginning of 2003. Thanks Andreas. Cheers.


Gabriel, Uruguay 
8 January 2003 
I'm a Uruguayan baritone, and I like to sing like a countertenor sometimes, but I play your Wayfaring Stranger, and I could die after hear your "bellissima voce", and nothing else matters, and this new Stabat Mater is very good, it fits on your voice extraordinarily, but is not as good as you!  I sing in the "De Profundis Vocal & Instrumental Ensemble", and we'll play J S Bach's Johannis-Passion in this June, with the "Orquesta Barroca del Mercosur", both conducted by organist Cristina Garcia Banegas, and I really wish you can contact us. How can I do it? Best wishes for you.


Gabriel, Uruguay 
8 January 2003 
Andreas: You are awesome!


Rosie Kett, UK 
8 January 2003 
I fell in love with Andreas' voice several years ago. I would love to hear him live, but have so far not managed it, a must do for the future.


iryt@... Poland 
4 January 2003 
Thank you for this site and that's all!


edumar1@...  Argentina 
4 January 2003 
Mr Scholl is simply unique: spellbinding voice, superb artistry, charming personality. What else can you ask for?


Jonesmo@... UK 
3 January 2003 
What a wonderful site. I can't wait to see Saul at the proms. I will be in the Wigmore Hall on Sunday afternoon. Good Luck to Andreas on his tour.


Dante Artadi, USA 
30 December 2002 
Andreas, I saw the Counter-Tenor show on the Ovation channel and was amazed.  I hope to see more male singers apply their talents to the challenging art of the counter-tenor. In the mean time, I'm going to buy a copy of one of your recordings. Regards...


Adolfo, Spain 
28 November 2002 
Andreas, Your voice is pure magic, a miracle, only the best artists can make this kind of things, and I'm feel very fortunate for live in your time and enjoy your divine gift.  Thanks.


andreasotoveres@... Belgium 
28 November 2002 
My most sincere congratulations to the composer, as this Stabat Mater is one of the most beautiful ones I have ever heard.  I consider it as a second skin for Andreas voice as it suits him so fantastically well.  Once again: congratulations!!


K R Thorne, USA 
11 November 2002 

I love the new Stabat Mater !  It suits Andreas' voice so well; even the demo recording's accompaniment was lovely. I can hardly wait for the official recording!  And a very Happy Birthday to you, Andreas...from the writer with whom you spoke several times long distance from Basel in 1996, regarding the countertenor book (which, sadly, had to be abandoned due to prolonged illness).


Vera & Frank, UK 
10 November 2002 

Happy birthday to Andreas!


Anonymous, USA 
8 November 2002 
I only discovered Andreas Scholl last night while watching the program Countertenors on Ovation , so I cannot pretend to be an expert.  I just bought two of his recordings which I plan to play this evening.  I would mostly like to belong to your group so that I can find out when he will be appearing in New York City where I live.  I know I have already missed seeing him a few times.  I love Baroque music -- I am fond of countertenors.  Mr. Scholl's voice is very beautiful.


Kirsty Harris, Argentina 
3 November 2002 
My regards to all lovers Scholl !  He so good!  Bye, Guys!  Un saludo a todos los amantes sonoros de A.Scholl !!  Chau, Chicos!


Bernadette Kazuko, Japan 
19 October 2002 
I want more information on Andreas Scholl.  It is Vivaldi on which I have heard Andreas for the first time. The charm of a wonderful voice and very excellent singing.  I do not get tired of hearing it even if I hear it every day.  After that, I heard all CDs which can be bought in Japan this year. I am impatient for the next CD.


Lucy Albers-Power, Netherlands 
9 October 2002 
I first heard and saw Andreas Scholl singing at a performance of the Matthew's Passion in Holland. He had been flown in to stand in for another countertenor. The performance was moving and I frequently listen to it - Bach being my favourite composer. However, years, several concerts and many CDs later, I am still amazed by the beauty of his voice. I was lucky enough to see Handel's Saul in the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam 2 days ago. The whole performance was splendid. Everybody performed exceptionally well, but Andreas (as David) was tremendous. His arias were breathtaking - he had the audience eating out of his hands. I hope to visit many more concerts and will enjoy his music on CDs for many years to come. Andreas, keep up the good work! I'm so glad that you have shared your talent with others. Greetings...


Gonda Pranger, Netherlands 
19 September 2002 
I admire Andreas Scholl for many years. I think he is the greatest countertenor of our time. His voice has been a great comfort to me in hard 
times. When he sings the Stabat Mater from Pergolesi and Erbarme dich from the Mattheus Passion from Bach I can never keep my eyes dry. I am very happy that he visits Holland in May next year and I am glad that I have tickets for his performance. I visit your site often to see if there is any news.


Ellen Mizell 
9 September 2002 
I really enjoyed Wayfaring Stranger and the surprise unveiling of Scholl's baritone voice in a couple of the pieces.  His use of different voices to create a dramatic dialogue reminded me of some of the Appalachian folksongs collected by John Jacob Niles.  I heard a lecture/performance by Niles in Lexington KY -- Niles was a musicologist and not a musician, unfortunately.  But I think there would be marvelous material for dulcimer and countertenor if somehow Scholl could unearth a collection by Niles.


Douglas Laing (Classmate from the Schola) 
29 August 2002 
We all knew that Andreas would make it big.  Your love of the music is taking you a long way from that Hi-Fi Pro-Fi commercial and The Name of the Rose !  When are you performing in Portland, Oregon?


Minou Matute, Venezuela 
25 August 2002 
Es un verdadero privilegio el poder disfrutar una voz como la Andreas Scholl.  Desde que lo descubrí no he parado de escucharlo. La impresionante voz del Sr. Scholl es a mi modo de ver lo mas parecido a la voz de un ángel.  Ojalá algún día incluya en su itinerario de  conciertos a Venezuela, sería un verdadero honor tenerlo en mi país.


Olivia, UK 
9 August 2002 
Mr Scholl has not released a Baroque music CD for more than a year. I  hope there will be a new recording soon.


Kim Yenay, Korea 
1 August 2002 
I really love Andreas Scholl and his music.  I hope to see him at a concert sometime.  With special thanks for the songs just prepared for Korean music lovers ( Arirang, Never again , etc.).  I have never heard such an artistic Arirang full of music fragrance.


Yvonne, UK 
29 July 2002 
Wow - the voice of an angel. Never before have I heard such exquisite purity and phrasing. This is breathtaking.


Oliver Riehl, Germany 
28 July 2002 
Andreas Scholl, mit seiner fantastischen Stimme berührt er mein Herz. Ich freue mich auf ein baldiges Wiedersehen in Schierstein.


Paulo Berndt, Brazil 
17 June 2002 
Andreas Scholl é um espetacular artista handeliano, sua técnica é incomparável, sua inteligência e sensibilidade realmente emocionam todos aqueles que o ouvem. Particularmente confesso que sou um aficcionado por sua gravações, e espero que muito em breve possa me deleitar com gravações completas das óperas de Handel, com Sholl no papel-título, é claro!


Machiko Sullivan, UK 
21 May 2002 
I am Japanese. I moved London from LA about 3 months ago. I was not so crazy about Opera. But I found Andreas Scholl!  Now I am in the heaven.  A-RI-GA-TOU! Andreas!


Robert, USA 
27 April 2002 
I have seen Wayfaring Stranger in the choral section - for sometime it kept calling me. I had no idea who or what this was. But like a siren it kept calling. So I bought it tonight and I feel like I have been cored. I know a lot of bliss awaits as I discover the treasure. I can only say he reaches me on a more simplistic or prime way in which Liz Fraser did in a subconscious way.  I am giddy.


Anne, France 
11 April 2002 
Je suis tombée en amour de la voix d'Andreas, si pure, si prenante, sans égale.  Elle est pour moi lumière, refuge, exaltation. Il est l'Unique! Je l'ai fait connaitre tout autour de moi, mais je garde l'impression que cette sublime voix m'appartient un peu...


Brandy Gibson 
8 April 2002 
Great page, if one would have looked for a web page about a counter tenor only a few years ago they would have came up with almost nothing!  It's great to see a way for people who are curious, or just fans to appreciate a great singer like Mr Scholl. Please send my regards and respect to Mr. Scholl.


Andreas Kopp, Germany 
1 March 2002 
Dear Member(s) of the Andreas Scholl Society, on your Links page I found your complaint about the fact that there is no website for Joerg Waschinski. I am happy to inform you that he has just released his official website, the address is: http://www.joerg-waschinski.de    Some parts are, however, still under construction. I also found a broken link for Aris Christofellis. If you like, you could add a link to my male soprano page (already on the Links page),  All the best...


William Purefoy, UK 
1 March 2002 
May I congratulate you on a very nice site!  I wonder if I might offer an alternative link, most particularly since my agents' site currently seems to be suffering!  It is http://freespace.virgin.net/william.purefoy/index/    Yours sincerely...


Xavier Francois Hussenet, USA 
29 December 2001 
Please ask Mr. Scholl to come and sing for us here in West Hollywood, there are many celebrities who live here and would like to hear him.  He is truly extraordinary and marvelous.


Rogerio Augusto, Brazil 
10 December 2001 
Actually Andreas Scholl is my favorite countertenor. I discovered him just a few months ago by listening to a cd of a friend of mine. His voice is indescribable, for sounding as an angel voice, or it would be better to say an archangel voice. Currently I have most of his cd's and recordings. However, I still dream of hearing Scholl in the main role of Handel's opera Giulio Cesare on recording. Who knows, what if someday it will happen? I really hope so.  Bravo, bravissimo!


John Boyer, USA 
19 November 2001 
Dear Scholl Society,
Many of Mr. Scholl's recordings have been reviewed by American Record Guide. You may wish to check their annual indexes (published with each January/February issue) for lists of reviews.  Sincerely,


Marie-Line Périllat-Mercerot, France 
6 November 2001 
I already had three different versions of St. Matthew Passion when I listened to Herreweghe's with Andreas Scholl... now I have four versions. And I am moved every time I listen to it. And this means very often. Thank you.


Ivan Goedert 
1 August 2001 
Também sou contra-tenor e sempre que quero estudar alguma musica, ouso seus compactos par que possa cantar tao bem quanto você.  Meu cd favorito é Stabat Mater Vivaldi.


Paul Davies, UK 
31 July 2001 
We were on holiday near Beaune in early July this year and were introduced to the Beaune 2001 festival by a fellow camper, Joop Schilperoord - a great enthusiast. We were fortunate enough to get some tickets for Mr Scholl's concert on 8 July (Vivaldi Stabat Mater and Nisi Dominus ). It was a breathtaking experience in the Basilica at Beaune – and after the concert we met Mr Scholl in the cloisters - what a talented linguist he is, forever changing between German, Dutch, French and English! Previously we had booked tickets for the London Proms concert (including Mr Scholl's concert with the Australian ensemble on 31 August). I look forward to experiencing again Mr Scholl's performance of Nisi Dominus.


Gerald Carter 
25 July 2001 
Excellent! Perhaps a few musical snippets would enhance a superb website.


Damian Gallardo Valverde, Spain 
26 June 2001 
I have seen that Mr Scholl will sing next September in San Sebastian and probably I'll go to listen him. I have a lot of Scholl records and it will be a great experience to listen him in person. Thanks for your web!!!


César, Mexico 
16 May 2001 
I'm a Mexican guy (23) and I love Andreas' voice. It's so clear and pure as water could be.  I'd love Andreas would come to Mexico some day... I would love to hear you sing Handel's Cara Sposa .  Congratulations to the site owners.


Mr & Mrs Sugiyama, Japan 
6 May 2001 
Everytime we enjoy your site. It is so much interesting for us. Last year on 20th December, we had a marvelous time at Mr. Scholl's concert with BACH COLLEGIUM JAPAN and after the concert, there a time to the autograph of Mr Scholl and Mr Suzuki (the director of BCJ) for their many admirers.  And after that, Mr Scholl, the members of BCJ and some friends (we're one of them) went to Yakitori restaurant near The Opera City Hall where the concert held. Mr. Scholl was so nice and so friendly.  We spent very very joyful time. Now we will send you 2 photographs of that night. The first time when we listen to Mr Scholl's voice was 3 Countertenors almost 6 years ago. We confirm that his voice is clearly different from another countertenors. Thank you very much for reading. We hope you and ASS good luck.


Vera Barrington, UK 
29 April 2001 
I love Andreas as being the first singer to break through my tinnitus and actually relieve me of my symptoms when he sings.  I think Andreas has the most beautiful voice that I have ever heard, and a personality to match. Thank you so much for the lovely pleasure that you have given us with your wonderful voice. God bless you always.


Guy Ho 
13 April 2001 
Hi! I just requested my subscription to the society.  Andreas Scholl is a precious gift. I am very pleased to discover this society and be able to share my passion of his voice and his impeccable singing.  Have a great Easter everyone!


'fairwilde', China 
13 April 2001 
If I am a dreamer, how can I forget his voice? The beautiful things will never change. The perfect feeling will never leave.


Nadine, Germany 
10 April 2001 
Hallo Andreas, ich bin mir sicher, irgendwann liest Du das bestimmt.  Ich möchte Dir einfach sagen, welch starke Gefühle der Freude, des Leids, der Hoffnung, der Furcht, der Glückseeligkeit Dein Gesang in meinem Herzen auslöst. Die Tiefe und Ausdruckskraft Deiner Interprätationen ist für mich ein wundervolles Mysterium. Seit ich Dir vor 6 Jahren zum ersten mal lauschen durfte, existiert für mich eine neue Form von Musikempfinden. Sie geht über das bloße Genießen Deiner Stimme um Dimensionen hinaus. Danke, für alles, was Du mir und all Deinen Hörern schenkst!!!


Javier, Spain 
8 April 2001 
Andreas eres el MEJOR contratenor del mundo.Tengo casi todos tus discos en solitario y en los que intervienes como Alto en las misas. Tienes una voz preciosa, delicada,....la mejor voz del mundo. Cuando compré el primer disco tu yo me enamoré de tu voz y a partir de ese momento compré muchísimos de tus exitos. Yo soy un Español que estudia canto en la Escuela Superior de Canto de Madrid. Canto de contratenor, recibiendo clases de Ana Higueras, pero acá saben muy poco sobre esta voz. Yo quería irme a Suiza a la Scholla Cantorum Basiliensis, pero he llagado tarde con la fecha de inscripción. Me gustaría saber las condiciones que pueda tener, me gustaría que me informaras de los pros y los contras de cantar de esta manera. Muchísimas gracias.


Alexandra, USA 
20 February 2001 
I discovered Andreas Scholl by accident one day at Tower Records NY. I stopped by a listening station and heard a bit of the Barocklieder and was left speechless by the extraordinary voice and the complete honesty and simplicity of the interpretation. I have since bought all Scholl discs that I can obtain. I came across the society website today and want to compliment you. The site is beautiful, well organized, informative and an overall joy to visit. Many thanks.


Isabelle, Germany 
12 February 2001 
Dear Mrs...,
I'm afraid that I don't know your name. We just spoke over your handy. Thank you for the tip with the Wigmore Hall. I called the Wigmore Hall, but they are sold out ...  Such a damage. Probably you have another idea to get some tickets for this concert. I would love to go there because I'm only a few days in London.

Esther, Korea 
6 December 2000 
I was well pleased to have had the opportunity to get to know about this site. The last Saturday I had the opportunity to go to Andreas Scholl concert.  "Movere et docere" to move people and to teach them.That's whats exactly he did. We do not sing just because that's our job - we must be able to give the people the true message of life, the reason of our creation. I would like to say that I'm very pleased of your work in this site and grateful too.


Hiroyuki, Bach Collegium Japan 
30 November 2000 
BCJ also has a website.  Do you mind if we extend a link from our site to your very interesting site?


Name of sender not known 
8 November 2000 
Andreas should have a piece with orchestra and didjeridou composed for him. His voice combined with the haunting sound of the Australian indigenous instrument could create an intriguing sound merging European and Asian cultures; an idea that came to me when I attended his concert in Basingstoke UK last October.


Wiltraud, Switzerland 
11 October 2000 
Wir möchten gerne wissen, wann und wo Herr Scholl in Zürich auftritt. Könnten Sie uns bitte benachrichtigen ? Besten Dank. Und könnten Sie Herrn Scholl ausrichten, dass wir ganz und gar begeistert von seiner Stimme sind? Das wäre sehr nett. Wir möchten alles daran setzen, ihn live zu hören.


Madeleine, UK 
26 September 2000 
I am a research student at the University of (...), currently working on heroism and masculinity in Handel's castrati roles. Would like to know if Andreas has any thoughts on the subject. Particularly re the Royal Academy operas, and the interesting phenomenon of the high-voice-as-hero.


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