Sheila Jackson, 1957-2006

Requiescat in pace.

Sheila Jackson was a much-loved moderator of the Andreas Scholl Society. She was known to her musical friends as 'She-she-and-only-she', from the song Say, Love, if ever thou didst find by John Dowland. It plays on this page.

Sheila was a mother, grandmother and music lover. She had known ups and downs in her life, ill-health and
pain of one sort and another. She was a brave, affectionate, self-effacing, kind and funny woman who did not know how lovable she was. She will be missed by far more people than she would ever have dreamed possible.

May Mr Bach himself greet you in Heaven, Sheila. With the Brandenburg concertos and angel trumpets.
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One year has passed and I miss you so much. Every time I listen to music I want to share the experience with you. Your loving sister, Julia.
- Julia Lee, USA , 4 July 2007

As the first anniversary comes close I still wonder why you my mum was taken from us and hope that you are in a better place. I missed you so much on my wedding day but know you were there in spirit. I still miss you with every day that passes. All my love, Alice.
- Alice Jackson, England, 3 July 2007

Sheila was my friend. I can't believe she's gone. Only three weeks ago she was at the Schubertiade with us, joking over the Käsesuppe, gazing at the high mountains, awed to silence once more by a Bach cantata. The memories come tumbling. Hearing a nightingale sing in Paris, at midnight, after Rodelinda. In England, a small group of us talking until dawn, surrounded by candles, the B Minor Mass playing in the background. Another group of us laughing until it hurt, on the lake at Luzern. Later that day, in the Jesuit church, sharing tears at that unforgettable Erbarme dich. Discussing our favourite 'happy music'. For Sheila, it was always the Brandenburg concertos. 'Bach and trumpets. What more could anyone want?'  It was a joy to have known you, Sheila. It won't be the same.
- Jill Gunsell, England, 4 July 2006

A Hug from you Sheila was one of the Best things in life. Be in peace where you are now. I hope the music is good there (could it be better than....?)
   - Luisa Leiria, Portugal, 5 July 2006

I had not long known Sheila but we had a long talk in Wiesbaden and she was a great comfort to me. Dear Sheila - I shall miss you so much!
   - Patricia Relle, England, 5 July 2006

Thank you Sheila for always finding us reviews of Andreas' concert. I've never met you but I really like to see you on the pictures after his concert. You were always there! I really miss you.
   - Taeko Sugiyama, Japan, 5 July 2006

Dear Sheila,
You left this world for Heaven before I buy a drink for you, Oh my! I believe you'll be happy with heavenly music without any sufferings. I'll remember you in my heart. Thank you, Sheila.
  - Seran Y, South Korea, 5 July 2006

Sheila was a true spirit to the Scholl Society and music world. She will be deeply missed.
 - Tracee Alvord, USA, 5 July 2006

Dear Sheila,
I feel so lucky that I got to meet you. You were so kind, warm, generous, and funny. Your wonderful, genuine smile and enthusiasm were infectious. You will be very much missed by everyone who had the good fortune to know you.
 - Glynnis Rambaud, USA, 5 July 2006

I will never forget our unexpected meeting in the hall of Sanders Theatre at Harvard University. How your laugh filled the hall. How we enjoyed the concert sitting next to each other right at the front and middle of the auditorium with the best audio effect and view. How we smiled at each other after each song. Your love of music, your generosity and big warm heart were so affectionate, and I felt we were friends for a long time. I will miss you, Sheila!
- Fay Salmon, USA, 5 July 2006

I am broken hearted by the loss of my dear sister and feel the love of all the Schollers for her. Thank you. Julia.
- Julia Lee, USA, 5 July 2006

Requiem aeternam dona ei, Domine, et lux perpetua luceat ei.
 - Mole, England, 6 July 2006

Sheila was my pal, we worked together for many years, I cannot believe she is gone. She was full of life and a lovely, lovely person, so glad she had her trip to America recently, she loved it, I feel privileged to have known her, to hear her wonderful stories of her love of music. I will miss her so much.
 - Lillian Meegan, England, 6 July 2006

I would like to thank everyone for their kind words about my mum. My mum would have been happy in the knowledge that she saw Andreas and her friends one last time. My mum has lived her life to the full since she met you all and for that we will be forever grateful for making my mum's last 6 years so happy and eventful, especially Andreas. My mum had 4 children - Lee, Nick, Hannah and Alice, and seven grandchildren - Shauna, Cerys, Callum, Georgi, Anya, Pearce and Ellie. She was the best mum and grandmother you could find. For all of you that knew my mum, I on behalf of my brothers and sister, would like to thank you all for making my mum's life so happy. She will always be missed. We love and miss you, mum.
Alice, Hannah, Nick and Lee, your loving children.
 - Alice Jackson, England, 6 July 2006

Dearest She,
Although we both have met not too long ago, it was in Lucerne with the most memorable performance of Erbarme Dich ever, we have shared so much wonderful time together. We´ve mainly communicated via E-mail but when we´ve met it was always a real treat. We´ve laughted till it hurt, we´ve cried till our eyes were swollen. You always calmed me down when I was nervous after a concert, even though you were more nervous than me! I miss you already my dear celt but I hope that Mr Bach and Charlie Schröder threw you a music loving worthy welcome party. In a way I feel relieved for when my time is up you will be there to welcome me. You will always have a place in my heart Sheila.
- Eva Eder, Austria, 6 July 2006

Today I received the pictures from Schwarzenberg, and there was Sheila, who was sitting next to me during the lovely meeting after the concert in the restaurant, and as I was watching the pictures I was thinking that I never talked much to this funny, friendly person who enjoyed so much the music, often moved to tears, and that fortunately this time was different and could know her, now, a little better and that we had so much fun and laugh a lot. And with a big smile in my face I wanted to leave my apartment but then I had suddenly the idea to look my private post and find then the message telling me what happened. I had such a shock, since minutes before I was looking at the pictures, and now I am so, so sad about the terrible reality that I will never again meet a new friend! Tears come all the time as I am writing this, but I know that in the last years she was very happy. And she looked like this! May, dear Sheila, your soul be also happy where you are now and I am sure you will somehow be present in your favourite concerts of your favourite singer!  But I will miss you. Although Sheila wished not to have funeral flowers, with Sheila's permission, in my imagination I will send a spiritual, beautiful colour for her: I love the idea of the ancient Egyptians that flowers give their aroma and colours to make the way to the new life more beautiful and comfortable, as I wish it for her. All my condolence and love to the family of Sheila and to all her friends.
 - Alexandra Fabrega, Germany, 7 July 2006

Dear Sheila,
I can’t believe you’ve left us so soon.
Everyone who worked with you at Manchester Libraries knew of your passion for Andreas Scholl’s music, his wonderful voice, and the lengths you went to, to see him perform.
We all enjoyed working with you, for your efficiency, enthusiasm and brilliant laugh and humour. You were always firm and fair with everyone you met.
You couldn’t believe you found yourself working in libraries; you enjoyed visiting and using them so much. It was so easy to be your supervisor; you enjoyed your work so much.
We were also friends. We talked on the phone for hours – about EVERYTHING. Less so recently – I always knew you would be nearby at work – not anymore.
You came to my wedding where we played Andreas Scholl; how could I not - your enthusiasm for his music was so catching.
I finally saw Andreas Scholl perform in Manchester last year. Of course you went, and I went with you and your friends, sister and father. It was a fantastic evening. I hoped to do this again sometime soon, but this is not to be. You will be in all our thoughts at his every performance.
When I listen to his music now I will always think of you.
I miss you so much Sheila.
Rest in peace
 - Helen Lowe, England, 7 July 2006

Thank you, Sheila, for your friendship in the years I've known you, for cheering me up when I've been down, for help when we've travelled, for the laughter we've shared, so much of that, for the music we enjoyed together, really, just for being you. I shall remember you always.
 - Gillian Feltis, England, 7 July 2006

Dear Sheila,
I was so shocked by your sudden death. I'm so glad you went to see your sister and you managed to see Andreas one last time. I will miss our football banter re City and United and I will certainly miss you at work in the Networks Centre. We had a good laugh on a Saturday didn't we? RIP my friend.
 - Lisa Griffiths, England, 7 Juy 2006

Dear Sheila,
I'll miss you so much, I'll miss our chats and hearing your laugh on Saturday mornings at work. The time I spent working with you would always make being at work enjoyable. I can't believe that you won't be here again. You'll aways be loved and never be forgotten. x
 - Dom Watson, England, 8 July 2006

I remember first meeting Sheila for the "Nisi Dominus" Prom in 2001. The northern Schollers had arrived early in the restaurant and were already rocking with laughter. Sheila was passionate, intelligent, unassuming and very very funny, with the wisdom of someone who has taken some knocks in life She felt that Schollsoc had changed her life: she sometimes said she couldn't believe that this was really her,  travelling with friends to hear beautiful music, walking back to the hotel, laughing, through late night streets after another wonderful concert in yet another city. Sheila said once that she sometimes dreamed that she was running, free, like a child, as she had not been able to do for years. Whatever the limitations of her physical health, in spirit Sheila did indeed run, and jump, and throw herself into life, always following her heart.  And we will miss her.
 - Sally and Mike, England, 8 July 2006

I am stunned and sad; words elude me. I did not know Sheila very well but I liked her instantenously and instinctively when I had the privilege to spend some time with her at the Schubertiade. I cannot
believe I only just exchanged e-mails with her. In Schwarzenberg we shared our passion for the Brandenburg concertos. I am listening to them now as I am typing. My thoughts and heart go out to the family - my sincerest condolences, warmest regards, Sabine.
 - Sabine Erdler, Austria, 9 July 2006

Sheila was our dear friend for thirty years, we shared many laughs and a few tears and enjoyed seeing her photos of her trips with you all. She truly was a great friend and I cannot put into words how much we will miss her and her wonderul sense of humour. Our thoughts are with her lovely family, Sheila you would be so proud of them and how they are coping. With love forever,
 - Linda and Jimmy, England, 10 July 2006

To Sheila,
It is like a dream, and we cannot believe you are no longer here. May you rest in peace, and sing like a bird to your heart's content wherever you have journeyed to now! Thank you for being a true friend over the decades. We will miss you at our Monday get-togethers, the little birthday parties and Xmas celebrations (yummy curries!), and naughty little treats. MISS YOU,
Love from your close friends, Elaine, Lil and Pat XXXXXX RIP
 - Elaine Moffat, England, 11 July 2006

Dear Sheila,
You will be greatly missed by everyone who has ever met you. You had the gift of friendship and your warm hearted, open and friendly manner made everyone feel at ease. I had so much respect for the way you always made light of your troubles, and your determination to enjoy life. How can we help feel shocked and saddened by your leaving us so suddenly? Yet we know that you would not want us to feel sad, but to remember all the fun we had, your love of music and above all your wonderful smile.
With much love,
 - Naomi Powell, England, 11 July 2006

I'm not a very active member of the Schollers, I always prefered the quite and decent way. But I was and I'm still always thankful and full of joy and pride to those who had the courage and the bravery to stand in the first rope, who visit the concerts and doing travels to see what connect all of us. Andreas. You were one of the most active members in this group, shared your heart and your love for music and for Andreas with us and I was very happy about that. It was always a pleasure to read your sensitive reports, your view on music and concerts. I will surely miss that. I hope you have peace now and my best wishes and regards go to your family and friends.
 - Simone, Germany, 14 July 2006

It is hard to believe that our woman in Manchester won't be calling anymore.
 - Susanne Woodhouse, England, 17 July 2006

Hearing the sad news of Sheila's death whilst on holiday we would like to add our sincere condolences to her family who we have known for many years. Sheila was a good friend who will be greatly missed by myself and Dave, especially our trips to the Christmas markets in Manchester and all our other regular get togethers. Finding it hard to believe she is no longer with us but she will always be in our thoughts. Rest in peace, Sheila .Love from Lil and Dave xx
 - Lil Crompton, England, 17 July 2006

On behalf of all the family, I would like to thank everyone who attended the funeral on Wednesday, as well as those who tried to attend but for varying reasons couldn't. I was amazed the lengths people went to in their attempts to come from overseas and cannot thank them enough for making their journeys. With around 100 people there, it showed how much our Mum had made the most of her life as a whole with friends from home, music and work all in attendance, as well as our own family travelling from around the country and also America. Much appreciated, and will live long in the memories of us all.
 - Lee Jackson, England, 20 July 2006

My friend for over 25 years, you brought laughter and warmth to many people's lives and for this you must be proud. Though I moved away and spent less time with you, your friendship to me meant as much as it did all those years ago and I will truly miss you. I hope your music keeps playing as we will keep listening. Much love,
 - Sue Haidari, England, 20 July 2006

Couldn't belief Sheila has gone - used work in the same library. Use to talk about Andreas Scholl, I used say you can also enjoy Andreas Staier, who's interpretation is beautiful for Schubert, William Byrd, Mozart etc. But her regards to Andreas Scholl is great. I missed the chance we had talking about music.
 - Alamgeer Haqq, England, 20 July 2006

You were my sister Lil's friend but we met on many occasions and I'll always remember our Christmas shopping sprees in Bury and Altrincham.Thoughts now with your family. Love Diane x
 - Diane Stewart, England, 28 July 2006

I met Sheila at the May 25th concert in San Francisco. It was my first time going to an Andreas Scholl concert and I was feeling quite lost. When I saw her sitting not far from me, I recognized her brilliant smile from the snapshots on this site, and I immediately felt at home and among friends, even though I had never met her face to face before. After the concert, we talked, and she was so friendly and kind. She was the one who led me backstage so I could meet Andreas. I don't think I can ever thank her enough for that. She helped so many people in SchollSoc just by being such a steadfast presence and such a friendly, dedicated lover of Andreas' music. Her messages on the mailing list were always a pleasure to read. I'm grateful to have met you, Sheila, and you will be missed.
 - Helen Shang, USA, 28 July 2006

Today is the first day I have ever read the memorial page, not through not wanting to, but to me it has been easier to pretend that my mother hasn't passed on. Recently, every day had become harder and the realisation that I shall never see her again is unbearable. I, like us all, miss her so much and know that our lives will never be the same. I want to thank all of you for bringing my mother so much happiness.
Miss you, Maud.
- Hannah Higgins, England, 20 November 2006